2011 D-League Dunk Contest

2011 D-League Dunk Contest
Feb 20, 2011, 09:51 am
Once again DraftExpress was on hand at the 2011 NBA D-League Dunk Contest with our exclusive DX-Mo slow-motion video technology in tow in hopes of catching some of the best young dunkers at any level of professional basketball.

Dar Tucker of the New Mexico Thunderbirds successfully defended his title with his final dunk receiving a total of 50 points from the judges as he leapt over teammate Shane Edwards and threw down an alley-oop from Jeremy Wise.

Dar Tucker Dunk 4

Tucker was challenged by former LSU Tiger Chris Johnson, whose best dunk was his first dunk of the final round. Johnson received a perfect 50 on a dunk where he started behind the baseline, passed it to himself and then went between his legs before throwing down a one handed reverse.

Chris Johnson Dunk 3

There was one other perfect 50 which went to Dar Tucker in the first round. Tucker throws the rock off the backboard to himself and goes between his legs for the big slam.

Dar Tucker Dunk 1

Marqus Blakely of the Iowa Energy and Derrick Byars rounded out the field. Byars led off the contest with a double clutch, reverse, two-handed slam dunk.

Derrick Byars Dunk 1

Blakely's first dunk was only given a score of 40 by the judges, but deserved better. Blakely did a backwards, 360 degree, Statue Of Liberty throw down.

Marqus Blakely Dunk 1

Dar Tucker Dunks 2 and 3

Chris Johnson Dunks 1, 2, and 4

Marqus Blakely Dunk 2

Derrick Byars Dunk 2

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