DX Statistical Top 25s/Scouting Reports Upgraded

DX Statistical Top 25s/Scouting Reports Upgraded
May 12, 2008, 10:56 pm
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Statistical Top 25s

In addition to our NCAA Stats section, easily the most powerful statistical database found anywhere on the internet, and now featuring stats from the NBA, Euroleague, ULEB Cup, Spanish ACB League, Italian first division, and D-League, we’ve added some new tweaks into our database to further assist you in researching all the top basketball players in the world.

When you click on any player from any league in our database, you’ll not only see their stats from this season, but you’ll also see a box outlining the five most important stats in which that players ranks in the Top 25 in his own league. You’ll also have the possibility to click and further see ALL the categories in which that player ranks in the top 25.

This is not only restricted to NCAA draft prospects. Check out LeBron_James' profile and scouting report for example, to see where he stacks up in some of the most important statistical categories in the NBA. Click on the “full list” link and see where he ranks not just this season, but since joining the league. Once you’re in there, you can click on any stat you like to see who else is present on that particular ranking.

Keep in mind that you can use our statistical database in many, many different ways. Using the pull-down menus on the top, rankings can be sorted by position, by class, restricting by minimum minutes, looking at strictly projected 2008 first round picks, first and second round picks, all NCAA players, using per-40 minute or per-40 minute pace adjusted stats, and much much more.

Interested in Team stats instead of individual players? We have that too, for all the different leagues as well. Which NBA team averages the most possessions per game?, which NCAA team scores the most points?, which Euroleague team has the best true shooting percentage?, which ULEB Cup team has the best assist to turnover ratio?, which Italian league team grabs the most rebounds, pace adjusted? The possibilities are endless. All you need to do is dig.

DraftExpress Scouting Reports Completed

Virtually every player in our top-40 now has an “at a glance” section as well as a full in-depth scouting report. Many of the profiles have been updated with fresh information gleaned from talking with NBA personnel, as well as watching large quantities of film. Amongst those recently updated: Russell Westbrook, DeAndre Jordan, Kosta Koufos, Alexis Ajinca, Javale McGee, Joe Alexander, Jason Thompson, J.J. Hickson, Mario Chalmers, Davon Jefferson, Omri Casspi, D.J. White and others. Every player in the first round has an at a glance section, in addition to numerous scouting report articles, NBA comparisons, and a comprehensive statistics section. We’ll likely be adding more after the NBA pre-draft camp.

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