Euroleague Fantasy Challenge (Week 6)

Euroleague Fantasy Challenge (Week 6)
Nov 27, 2006, 11:14 am
Focusing on Credits Only

It may be even less stable than the Euroleague itself, but it can easily be considered one of the least predictable and most fascinating online games. And now it’s becoming even more competitive. With 25% of the fantasy season already gone, the players’ prices are almost “frozen” to the expected levels for the rest of the season, becoming less and less changeable and forcing the users to start rebuilding their teams with a new mentality; credit.

Up until now, most of the users were mainly looking to purchase the players who were going to give them more value than credit, as the value is helping in the long-term and then, with the prices more or less stabilized, they can purchase the main (expensive) players they want for the rest of the season. However, the long-term is approaching and – besides Jordi Trias – there can’t be many expensive guys who can give you a max vale rise for more than a week and thus, the building process depending on value has to be over as soon possible. Some of the users are already seeing their teams being left too far behind 1st place and, although everything is unstable and unpredictable in this game, they should corect the mistakes of the past. So, from now on, it is wise to start utilizing your value and depend on credits for the rest of the season, Buy the players you believe in the most and start building for the long-term.

Point Guards

Last week reminded most players of the harsh truth; there is no stable player in the Euroleague, not to mention the point guards, who are the most unfavored ones in this specific fantasy system. With most expensive point guards falling, it was Dimitris Diamantidis – who played without injured teammate Tony Delk – that was exceptional and leads the category in credit per game with 18.5. Diamantidis seems like the safest pick for this week too, as Panathinaikos goes to Beograd to play with Partizan, a tough team at home, while the opposing point guard, Vonteego Cummings is unstable and not as trustworthy. Teemu Ranikko of Olimpija had a career game last week and isn’t expected to repeat it anytime soon, especially after Ender Arslan’s return. Last week’s most expensive point guard, Tau’s Zoran Planinic was limited to low levels in Day 4, as were Davor Kus of Cibona and Carlos Cabezas of Unicaja, on the contrary to Nikos Zisis of Benetton and Marko Popovic of Zalgiris, who both seem stable. Theo Papaloukas of CSKA, Scoonie Penn of Olympiakos, Terell Castle of Aris, and Bojan Popovic of Dynamo can be very good at times, while their early underperforming has turned them into cheap steals, depending on their teams’ opponent. Injured Will Solomon will be out for the second straight week, while the return of Tyus Edney brings hopes to Climamio for their first win this season.

Swing Men

Once again, the category of the poor… Nobody is stable here, take out only the extremely expensive Juan Carlos Navarro and the guy that everybody has on their teams, Alex Acker. With Acker needing only 21 credits to reach a season-high 6 straight max value in a row and Olympiakos playing at home once again, it is obvious that this player is a “must” for every team. Ricky Greer’s splendid weekend game versus LeMans makes him one of the best swingmen right now, even in the long-term, when we know his stability last season. Dejan Bodiroga is almost the same story, an important piece for a poor team so far. Trajan Langdon, Marcus Faison, Kenny Gregory and Spencer Nelson, all need over 30 credits to reach max next week. Apocalypse-youngster Luka Bogdanovic of Partizan always plays well at home, but his team now hosts Panathinaikos and he may not be good enough to reach a further rise this week. Drew Nicholas, Nikos Hatzivretas and Aleksandar Nadjifeji have been on fire lately, needing less than 20 to reach a new max. Unstable, yet capable of providing users with many credits are scoring stars Simas Jasaitis, Igor Rakocevic and recent returnees from injury Marcus Brown and Rudy Fernandez. Sergey Monya and Travis Hansen might be extremely untrustworthy, but were both fantastic this weekend in the Russian league. Lubos Barton, David Hawkins, Ramunas Siskauskas and Savvas Iliadis have been added to a rising number of injured wings, while it’s worthy to mention that t he fantasy starting value of Eddie Basden who signed with Fenerbahce is yet to be announced.

Big Men

If the Swing Men category is the league of the poor, here we have the league of the best and it’s very interesting to notice the way that some teams play. First of all, Jordi Trias’ surprising season which made him the best player in this fantasy league isn’t even close to ending anytime soon. Keep this guy until he reaches mid-60s, maybe even 70s, he can do it and he doesn’t need a lot of credit over the following weeks. The problem is that, besides the value, you also need credit and there are many guys that can provide you with it. Mike Batiste, Peja Drobnjak, Nikola Vujcic, Eric Campbell, Brent Wright and Tanoka Beard, all the best Big Men so far need less than 23 credits this week to remain stable and then whatever more they score, this means value rise for the user. Besides them, superstars Luis Scola and David Andersen who had started in low numbers due to injury can still be purchased in low levels, while fundamentally sound youngsters Kosta Perovic, Lior Eliyahu and Paulius Jankunas are still fine picks to taste. Mirsad Turkcan and Kaspars Kambala of Fenerbahce have been losing in both credit and value, as youngster Savas Oguz takes some of their playing time. Andrija Zizic may see a lot of playing time again, as Sofoklis Schortsanitis is doubtful for Olympiakos’ game against Dynamo. Check on Angelo Gigli, who will play more minutes, with Marcus Goree out due to injury. Antonis Fotsis has been unstable, while Lazaros Papadopoulos and Miroslav Rajcevic remain injured. James Thomas may benefit from David Bluthental's recent injury and have a great game, bringing over both credits and points. Ronnie Burrel, Sandro Nicevic, Mike Wilkinson and Kerem Gonlum were overrated in the beginning, despite their stability and could be losing in value for one more week at least.

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