Interview with Tulsa 66ers Cheyne Gadson

Interview with Tulsa 66ers Cheyne Gadson
Dec 09, 2006, 03:51 am
Cheyne Gadson is currently leading the Tulsa 66ers in scoring with 18 points per game.

The Oklahoma State alum played with the Denver Nuggets in the 2006 Toshiba Vegas Summer League where he averaged six points and four assists per game. He also played with the New York Knicks in the 2005 Toshiba Vegas Summer League and was a training camp invitee of the Washington Wizards in 2004.

I had a chance to talk with Cheyne at Staples Center after he scored a team high 19 points, grabbed 4 rebounds and added 7 assists in his game against the Los Angeles D-Fenders.

Jim Hlavac: You’ve been out of school for three years, where have you been playing? In the U.S. or overseas?

Cheyne Gadson: CBA, USBL, ABA, pretty much all the leagues. I’ve had a number of opportunities overseas, but my main objective is to get to the league (NBA).

Jim Hlavac: Any opportunities that you would like to mention?

Cheyne Gadson: It’s been 4 years since Oklahoma State and I’ve had a chance to make a boat load of money. This year I had a chance to go to Israel.

Jim Hlavac: What have you personally been working on to get to the NBA?

Cheyne Gadson: I’m -- just trying to get better everyday. I’ve been out for four years struggling through the minor leagues and my whole objective is to get to the league

Jim Hlavac: What specific skills have scouts advised you to work on?

Cheyne Gadson: I’m just specifically trying to play the point guard role. My objective is to let scouts know I can bring up the ball, get guys in position to score, score as well, assist as well and just try and be an all-around player.

Jim Hlavac: Isn’t it difficult to showcase your point guard skills when Will Conroy is playing the point for your team?

Cheyne Gadson: Well, I’m on the off guard role right now -- playing the two guard. Simply, my role is just to make plays and get stops as best as I can.

Jim Hlavac: How did you wind up playing for the Tulsa 66ers?

Cheyne Gadson: I played at Oklahoma State, so I was the allocated player. I performed well in training camp and the coaches decided to keep me.

(Note on “Allocated Players”: Each D-League team can be assigned players with regional significance to bolster local interest. This normally includes players who grew up in the area or played college ball nearby.)

Jim Hlavac: Have you noticed any players in the D-League so far that you would consider early favorites for a call up to the NBA?

Cheyne Gadson: Well it’s early. You don’t really know. Whoever is at the top of their (scout’s) radar I guess. That’s who gets called up.

The interview ended there as Lakers guard and fellow New York native, Smush Parker came by to say hi. Smush wanted to know how many triple-doubles Cheyne has tallied in the D-League. Cheyne claims two. Smush also claims two during his time in the D-League, but feels that it should be four saying, “Two of the times I got kicked out.”

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