McDonalds All-American Game Interviews

McDonalds All-American Game Interviews
Mar 30, 2005, 06:10 pm
The following are three interviews with Andrew Bynum, Louis Williams, and Richard Hendrix

Andrew Bynum
Size: 7', 293 pounds
Position: C
Committed to Connecticut

DraftExpress: What are your thoughts on the possible 20 year old age requirement that the NBA is considering imposing?

Bynum: I think it's a good rule. I'm actually trying to go to college. People get in there and they're real young and immature. They can't really hang out with the fellas in a way. It's a pretty tough life because if they go out to a club after a victory, you have to stay in the hotel by yourself, so I think that everyone needs to college and become more developed before going to the league.

: What are your current height and weight?

Bynum: I'm 7'0 and I weigh 293 lbs.

: Do you know what your vertical jump and wingspan are?

Bynum: My vertical jump was 31 inches the last time I got it measured and my wingspan is 7'4 or 7'5.

: What made you decide to choose UCONN as opposed to other skills?

Bynum: I compared all of the schools. I liked the distance because I didn't want to go hours away from home. I like Coach Calhoun in what he did with Okafor, Josh Boone, and Charlie. I just felt like that was the best place for me because they use their big men a little more then most other schools. Its more of a half court set. We do try to break out and run, but its nothing like Tech or North Carolina where they're just running constantly up and down the floor.

: How long are you planning on staying at UCONN?

Bynum: Well if they put the rule in, I'll be there for at least three years, or until I'm 20. I'll be 17 when I get there, so I'll be there for 3 years. Whatever happens, happens. If I do real good when I get there next year and I see opportunities open up, then who knows.

: So if the age limit does go into effect, you will definitely have to stay for three years due to the fact that you're only 17?

Bynum: Yes.

: How do you think the Connecticut job has done such a good job of developing post players such as Emeka Okafor, Charlie Villanueva, and Josh Boone over the years?

Bynum: Well we always do individuals before every practice. [UCONN Assistant] Coach George Blaney has us do individuals with him. We just work out against each other and practice the moves over and over again until we get sharp at them.

: How is Charlie Villanueva's departure going to affect the team for next year?

Bynum: It's definitely going to hurt because Charlie is a great player, but we have myself, Jeff Adrien, and Marcus Johnson coming in, so we should be alright.

: What do you think your role is going to be next year at UCONN?

Bynum: I'm going to play a lot of great defense, be the first one up and down the court, and get any points whenever I can.

: Thank you very much Andrew. Best of luck tonight and in the Jordan game.

Bynum: Thank you.

Louis Williams
Size: 6'1", 185 pounds
Position: PG/SG
Committed to Georgia

: What are your thoughts on the NBA's possible 20 year old age requirement they're considering putting in?

Louis: I'm hoping to put myself in a position to where it won't affect me.

: So if you don't enter the NBA draft and the age limit was put in, you would have to go to Georgia for two years?

Louis: Oh yeah, absolutely. That's a factor in my whole decision pattern and my whole thought process in regards to the whole NBA thing that is going on right now, but there's no pressure.

: If you were to go to Georgia, what do you think your role would be there?

Louis: Probably a two guard. They brought Mike Mercer in as a point guard and they have Billy Humphries there as a two guard, but I'd be more of a two guard then a point guard.

: And your role if you go to the NBA?

Louis: Probably more of a point guard role.

: What do you say to your critics who say that you can't play point guard and you're just a scorer?

Louis: Talk is cheap. I just have to show myself and represent myself as a point guard. I have to represent myself as a basketball player period, and adjust to any situation. Whatever I need to work on my game and needs to be done will take place.

: What is your current height and weight?

Louis: I'm 6'1, 185 lbs.

: Do you have any clue on your vertical leap or wingspan?

Louis: My vertical is 42 inches, but I don't know my wingspan.

: Are there any players whom you would compare yourself to or that you have patterned your game after?

Louis: At this point, I'm probably in an Allen Iverson mode. I'm really trying to set out to create my own style, my own name so to speak. But if anybody, it would be Allen Iverson.

: Do you know when you're going to make your decision as to if you're going to enter the NBA draft?

Louis: Probably after the two all star games I play in and the international event.

: Are you planning on waiting until the deadline or are you going to make your decisions shortly after the all star games?

Louis: I'm probably not going to wait until the deadline. Whenever I get enough feedback to feel comfortable enough to make a great decision.

: Where would you have to be picked in order for you to stay in the draft?

Louis: First round.

: So if you were projected as a second round pick, you would pull out and attend Georgia?

Louis: That's right.

: Ok Louis, thanks a lot. Best of luck in tonight's game, the Hoop Summit, and the Jordan game.

Louis: Ok, thank you sir.

Richard Hendrix
Size: 6'9", 255 pounds
Position: PF
Committed to Alabama

: What are your thoughts on the NBA's possible 20 year old age requirement that they are considering imposing?

Hendrix: I think that it might be a good idea for the league to try to get a little more maturity in the league. I think that if a player is mature enough to go and has the talent before the age of 20, I think they should also be allowed to go. I have mixed feelings on it.

: Are you still considering entering the NBA draft?

Hendrix: Yes, I am still considering it. After all of this is over, I'm going to look at all of the facts, but I'm still considering going.

: Do you know when you're going to be making a decision?

Hendrix: No I don't. I'll make sure I let everyone know though.

: Do you know what your height and weight are now?

Hendrix: I'm 6'9 and 255 lbs.

: Do you have any clue on your vertical jump or your wingspan?

Hendrix: My wingspan is 7'3, but I don't have any clue on my vertical.

: If you were to go to Alabama next year, what do you think your role would be?

Hendrix: Hopefully it would be to be a rebounder and scorer. Kind of be an enforcer in the paint. I also have the ability to step out, knock down jump shots, and knock down the 15 footer with consistency.

: What do you think your role would be if you chose to go to the NBA?

Hendrix: I would be an enforcer down low pulling rebounds and really working hard and being active under the goal. They have a lot of people who have the ability to score and shoot the deep ball, but I know my role in the NBA would be to be active on the glass, score down low, and be the workhorse.

: So do you think that you would be more of a role player in the NBA to start your career if you were to enter this year?

Hendrix: Yes, to start off. With a little time and devlopment, I have the ability to be something to be reckoned with.

: Do you think the learning curve is going to be tough for you as an 18 year old stepping right into the NBA?

Hendrix: I think it would be good. I feel that learning for the best only makes you better. So they learning curve may be a little different going to college, but if you learn from the best, it only makes you better.

: Where would you have to be picked in order for you to stay in the draft?

Hendrix: I think anywhere in the first round. If I can get in the end of the first round, top 20, I'd stay in.

: Would you have to have a team guarantee that they were going to pick you in order for you to stay in the draft?

Hendrix: Probably so.

: If you weren't being projected as a first round pick, you'd withdraw and attend Alabama?

Hendrix: Most likely.

: Do you know when you're planning on making your decision?

Hendrix: Probably after all of these all star games and camps are over with.

: So would you be waiting until close to the deadline to declare?

Hendrix: Pretty much.

: If you are being projected as a borderline first round pick or second round pick, would you consider playing in the Chicago Pre-Draft camp to possibly boost your stock?

Hendrix: I might. I would consider it. I'd like to get my stock up high enough though to where I wouldn't even have to play there though.

: Thank you for your time Richard. Best of luck tonight and in your other all star games.

Hendrix: Thank you.

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