NBA Draft Podcast with Jonathan Givony

NBA Draft Podcast with Jonathan Givony
Apr 19, 2010, 12:48 pm
A radio interview with Jonathan Givony on Northside Statewide Sportsline discussing many of the hottest topics surrounding the NBA Draft.

Listen to the podcast here.

Topics discussed include:

-How busy is this time of the year?
-The strength/depth of the 2010 NBA draft.
-The impending NBA lockout in 2011 and how that affects this year's draft.
-Mistakes being made by NBA early-entrant candidates?
-Which player will surprise people by how high he's drafted?
-The hypocrisy of the NCAA's self-imposed May 8th early-entry deadline.
-Devin Ebanks
-Da'Sean Butler's draft stock, injury and professional future
-The affect of injuries on players' draft stock
-The most overhyped player in this draft?
-The most underhyped player in this draft?

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