NBA Rookie Report Season Review: Part Two

NBA Rookie Report Season Review: Part Two
May 05, 2006, 02:10 am
With the season finally at its conclusion, and the NBA All-Rookie team released, let’s take a look back at the rookie class from this year and see how they faired. The parts written in italics were written before the season began in our Rookie Preview. Below each preseason rookie analysis will be an evaluation of how accurate our assessment was of each player’s role and anticipated success. At the end of the review we’ll do a tally to see how close we were in each category to predicting all the players’ respective impacts.

For the sake of analysis, we will take the season totals of every player for the games in which they played 24 minutes or more to get a better sense of what his potential may be. Per 48 minute stats are often skewed by limited playing time, so looking at the games in which a player actually logged significant playing time seems like a more accurate indicator of his ability to impact a game when given the chance. Obviously the less games a player got to play big minutes the less reliable the averages are, but since all of these players have only a single year of experience it should serve as a decent enough indicator for our purposes as it can serve as a baseline for improvement next season.

Part One: First Year/Fast Track

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