NBA Team Report: The Golden State Warriors

NBA Team Report: The Golden State Warriors
Dec 02, 2006, 12:28 am
Alchemy is defined as any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value. This magical process is in effect Western conference style formulated by Head Coach Don Nelson who has transmuted the recent NBA commoners Golden State Warriors from scant league-wide value in the win column to considerable legitimacy and substantive worth.

The Warriors enter this weekend with an overall record of 9-7, showcased by an up-tempo offensive flair that is 2nd best league wide at 106.7 per game. Golden State’s aggressive offensive attack--Nelson’s signature--has not only filled the stands at heralded Oracle Arena, it has brought out the best in a plethora of younger players and journeymen. The Warriors victories are punctuated by wins over the Western Conference defending champion Dallas Mavericks and 2 home wins in 3 days against the Utah Jazz and San Antonio Spurs. Furthermore, the Jazz were handed defeat after winning their previous 8 games and the Spurs loss at Oracle ended their 8 game road-winning streak. The aforementioned W’s were attained without leading scorer and mercurial point guard Baron Davis, punctuating the significance.

Despite this early season success, hoop pundits exist who utter the Warriors early season start is more fool’s gold than real nugget, undervaluing Don Nelson’s capacity for elevating the market value of moribund franchises. Nelson, commonly known as “Nellie,” enters the weekend 1 win away from 1,200 coaching victories and is 2nd all-time in that prestigious category. Nelson’s Midas touch is reflected in the output of the Golden triangle, which makes up 60% of the Warrior’s starting lineup. This triangle, formulated by unique global demographics, features 24 year old Frenchman swingman Mickael Pietrus and the personages of two 21 year olds, center Andris Biedrins from Latvia and Mississippian guard Monta Ellis. This gilded group coupled with starters Baron Davis and Jason Richardson account for a 67% winning capacity when blended together. Though Pietrus is having a fine season in his first stint as a Warrior starter, the concentration from this point on will be the play of Biedrins and Ellis who have exponentially exceeded expectations.

Andris Biedrins has been playing at the level of an All Star pivot-man. Biedrins is currently second in the NBA in field goal percentage at .649%, 12th in the league in rebounding, and 4th NBA wide in Blocked Shots with a 2.8 average. No other Western Conference starting center ranks as highly as Biedrins in the aforementioned statistical categories. All this production from a player who averaged under 15 minutes a game a season ago under former Warriors Coach Mike Montgomery. Biedrins’ excellence has been most timely since first round picks from 2005 and 2006 power forward/center Ike Diogu and 7-footer Patrick O’Bryant have been bolted down with injuries. Biedrins’ performance and Nelson’s arrival spells doom for the Warrior future of center Adonal Foyle. Nelson has deemed “Tin” Foyle as not having the mettle to be featured in Golden State’s ”cardiovascular massacre” offensive system. Yet, there may be an alchemical formula at hand unbeknownst to laymen. Let’s take a look. On the periodical chart of elements Gold’s atomic number is 79. The atomic number for tin, that is, Foyle’s calibration per Nelson, is 50. Gold’s atomic number of 79 less tin’s atomic number of 50 is 29. Alas, 29 the amount of millions left on Adonal’s contract that the Warrior brass is considering buying out. Whoa Nellie!

If Biedrins has been solid as bullion in the low post, 2nd year player guard Monta Ellis has brought the highlight glitter from the perimeter. The Warriors selected the 2005 Parade magazine prep national co-Player of the Year with the 40th overall selection in 2005. Ellis, who averaged 38.4 points as a senior, was projected as a top-20 pick until concerns surfaced about his surgically repaired left knee, as well as potential off the court red flags. Ellis is currently the leading scorer in the 2005 NBA draft class!

Ellis is averaging 18.1 points, 4.4 assists, and 1.2 steals, and has scored a career high 31 points twice this season. The athletic, speedy combo guard is also the leading scorer of the 10 high school players selected in the final year they were draft eligible. The Warriors have found riches in the halls of MONTA-Zuma!!!

Finally, the Warriors have excellent young talent and have mined well with their draft picks that have plated a sound future for Oakland, California’s NBA representative. The successful panning fits the Warrior credo of days of yore…Can you dig it!!!!

Warrior Trivia: The Warriors are the only major professional sports franchise (NBA, NFL, and MLB) named after a State nickname, Golden State, and not city or state designation.

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