NBA Training Camp Watch: Atlantic Division

NBA Training Camp Watch: Atlantic Division
Oct 05, 2006, 01:05 am
A look at the training camp rosters of all five Atlantic Division teams, with an eye on open spots on each roster, and the potential favorites we might see emerge.

Boston Celtics

Guaranteed Contracts

Tony Allen
Ryan Gomes
Brian Grant
Gerald Green
Al Jefferson
Dwayne Jones
Kendrick Perkins
Paul Pierce
Leon Powe
Theo Ratliff
Rajon Rondo
Brian Scalabrine
Wally Szczerbiak
Sebastian Telfair
Delonte West

Partially Guaranteed Contracts:

Allan Ray ($100,000)
Kevin Pittsnogle ($50,000)


Michael Olowokandi

Analysis: The Celtics have 15 fully guaranteed contracts on their roster and therefore will have some decisions to make over the next month. Brian Grant is owed 1.8 million dollars, plus the 15% trade kicker his agent wisely put in his contract last summer when he signed with the Suns—but appears to be a prime candidate to be let go if he isn’t 100% healthy. Dwyane Jones has one year left on his fully guaranteed $664,209, but he can’t be feeling 100% safe either. Allan Ray (guaranteed $100,000, contract becomes fully guaranteed if he’s on the roster past December 1st) and Kevin Pittsnogle (guaranteed $50,000) will be breathing down their backs, as will surprise invite Michael Olowokandi.

New Jersey Nets

Guaranteed Contracts

Josh Boone
Vince Carter
Jason Collins
Eddie House
Mile Ilic
Richard Jefferson
Jason Kidd
Nenad Krstic
Jeff McInnis
Mikki Moore
Bostjan Nachbar
Clifford Robinson
Marcus Williams
Antoine Wright

Partially Guaranteed:

Hassan Adams (?)


Brandon Bowman
Darvin Ham
Awvee Storey
Matt Walsh
Jay Williams

Analysis: On paper, the Nets have 15 guaranteed contracts, but it’s considered a formality that they’ll either waive or buyout Jeff McInnis sooner rather than later, as he was told not to report to camp. The only leverage the Nets have is to threaten to hold off on cutting him until October 30th, which hurts McInnis’ chances of finding a good situation with a different NBA team in the interim. The player most likely to take McInnis’ spot on the roster is local product Jay Williams. If healthy, he’d provide the Nets with a terrific option as the backup or 3rd point guard alongside Jason Kidd and summer workout buddy Marcus Williams.

New York Knicks

Guaranteed Contracts

Renaldo Balkman
Mardy Collins
Jamal Crawford
Eddy Curry
Steve Francis
Channing Frye
Jerome James
Jared Jeffries
David Lee
Stephon Marbury
Quentin Richardson
Nate Robinson
Jalen Rose
Malik Rose


Elton Brown
Milone Clark
Paul Miller
Nikoloz Tskitishvili

Analysis: The Knicks made training camp at least somewhat interesting by buying out the 15th guaranteed player on their roster this past week, Maurice Taylor. None of their invites are considered shoo-ins to make it past November 1st, but it would seem that Elton Brown (#1 rebounder in Greece last year) and Tskitishvili have the best chance.

Philadelphia 76’ers

Guaranteed Contracts

Rodney Carney
Samuel Dalembert
Willie Green
Steven Hunter
Andre Iguodala
Allen Iverson
Bobby Jones
Kyle Korver
Kevin Ollie
Shavlik Randolph
Chris Webber
Louis Williams


Rick Brunson
Alan Henderson
Ivan McFarlin
Steven Smith

Analysis: With only 12 guaranteed contracts on their roster, Philadelphia definitely seems like the place to be for a undrafted free agent trying to make a team. Although he certainly looked washed up last year, Philadelphia’s lack of depth at the point and his local ties could be the way Rick Brunson hangs on for another year. Ivan McFarlin had an excellent season (16.5 points, 10 rebounds per game) last year in ProB France, and could be ready to play a Reggie Evans type role for a coach in Mo Cheeks who is infatuated with hustle and toughness. Steven Smith was excellent in both the Las Vegas and Rocky Mountain Revue Summer leagues and brings local ties from growing up in the area and having a standout 4-year career at La Salle. If you had to pick an early favorite, it would probably be him. Alan Henderson comes with 650 games of NBA experience under his belt, but will turn 34 in December.

Toronto Raptors

Fully Guaranteed Contracts

Andrea Bargnani
Chris Bosh
Jose Calderon
T.J. Ford
Jorge Garbajosa
Joey Graham
Kris Humphries
Fred Jones
Rasho Nesterovic
Anthony Parker
Morris Peterson
Uros Slokar
Pape Sow
P.J. Tucker


Darrick Martin
Cezary Trybanski

Analysis: The Raptors seem pretty set with 14 guaranteed contracts and Darrick Martin returning to the team to provide veteran leadership and a solid work ethic in practices. Andrea Bargnani surprisingly only received 80% of the potential 120% he could have gotten on the rookie sliding scale, meaning instead of being paid 4.5 million dollars in the first year of his contract, he will instead receive “only” 3 million. The 1.5 million dollars he passed on (1st round draft picks almost always get the maximum allowed) will almost certainly go towards paying a buyout to Benetton Treviso.

edit: We've learned that Bargnani's precise salary for this year is $3,567,192. Next year's salary is for $3,904,872, and he has team options for the next two years for $5,176,440 and $6,527,491 respectively. His contract also specifically states a buyout that was paid to his foreign team.

In case you were wondering, the exact rookie scale amounts can be found here:

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