Podcast with adidas Eurocamp Director and NBA Scout Pete Philo

Podcast with adidas Eurocamp Director and NBA Scout Pete Philo
Apr 22, 2010, 05:26 pm
Jonathan Givony conducts an in-depth conversation with adidas Treviso EuroCamp Director and Minnesota Timberwolves International scout Pete Philo, discussing this year's camp and international basketball in general.

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Listen to the Podcast here.

Topics include:

-The origins of the Treviso EuroCamp

-The emphasis the camp puts on skill-work, fundamentals and team-oriented basketball.

-The success enjoyed by Reebok EuroCamp alumni in this year's NBA, such as Goran Dragic, Jonas Jerebko, Serge Ibaka, Nicolas Batum, Danilo Gallinari, Andrea Bargnani.

-The learning curve of international basketball players in the NBA.

-Why and how seeing NBA prospects such as Donatas Motiejunas and Jan Vesely at the Reebok EuroCamp at a very early age was extremely helpful when evaluating them today.

-The level of today's European basketball. "Barcelona can play in our League [the NBA]."

-The value of drafting and stashing young international players, such as Philo's Minnesota team did with Nikola Pekovic.

-The value of drafting international players such as Marc Gasol, Jonas Jerebko, Goran Dragic, Pekovic and others in the 2nd round in general.

-The complexity of navigating contract situations and negotiating buyouts with European teams. "Information is crucial, trust is crucial"

-The development of the adidas Eurocamp in Treviso as a gathering point for the European basketball community as well as NBA teams. "We invite the General Managers, the coaches. We open the door to media, agents. Its a cozy environment, a beautiful town and a great scouting event."

-The effect that the NCAA's new early-entry deadline might have on NBA teams and International draft prospects attending the camp.

-Why the EuroCamp has become a place for a variety of different types of NBA draft prospects to show themselves in the absence of the NBA pre-draft camp, such as Patrick Mills, Daniel Hackett, David Huertas, Patrick Beverley and others. Will this year's event be the same way?

-How well is this year's list of EuroCamp attendees coming together so far? "We have several commitments already that are very very interesting. We get deeper and deeper each year."

-Will this year's draft class have a mostly NCAA-oriented theme to it, pushing the number of international players down this year? "If you've done your work, the players are there. Jonas Jerebko, Marc Gasol, Serge Ibaka weren't talked about much. There's value each year, you just need to go out and find them."

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