Rocky Mountain Revue: Day Three

Rocky Mountain Revue: Day Three
Jul 18, 2006, 01:35 am
Louis Williams scores 20 in the first half as the 76ers roll to a 90-59 over the Mavericks.

The Hawks prevail in a hard fought game 84-74 behind Marvin William's 22 and Salim Stoudamire's 19 despite 16 points from Ian Mahinmi and 13 from Jamar Smith.

Saer Sene takes two giant steps towards playing in the NBA tonight with his best game in an overtime thriller. He stayed on floor for 28 minutes and out of foul trouble, at least a little. He also showed a rough but effective scoring touch around the basket. He scores 13 points, blocks 5 shots, tallies 6 rebounds and saves 3 balls by diving out of bounds. The Sonics win 76-75 in overtime despite Ronnie Brewers great game with 19 points, 4 rebounds, 3 steal and 1 block.

All the box-scores and recaps can be found at the official website of the Rocky Mountain Revue

Dallas Mavericks

Jose Juan Barea- had a great 1st quarter using his speed to score and the threat of the drive to create openings for his teammates. In the 2nd, Philly adjusted their help defense to close down the lane and forced Barea has to take some jumpers. His shooting stroke is lighting quicky and herky-jerky but goes in a good rate. Like everyone else he couldn't stay in front of Louis Williams in the 1st half.

Maurice Ager- played a little out of control tonight, driving into charges and throwing up wild shots all night long. He does have a nice stroke from 3 point line and finishes with powerful dunks when he gets to the hoop. Lowers his shoulder with reckless abandon on drives. Goes up strong at the basket when he gets there.

DJ Mbenga- showed a nice stroke on a jumper from the free throw line and was in foul trouble all night long.

Rawle Marshall- showed his quickness and a decent handle in the half court. He continued to shoot well from deep, hitting a couple of deep jumpers. In the open court his struggled a little turning the ball over by traveling and losing the ball to the Philly defense.

Kevin Pittsnogle-Rebounded well tonight, shot didn't go in. Not an effective defender. Considering his undrafted status and poor performances in two summer league so far, he might be looking at the NBDL or Europe.

Philadelphia 76ers

Rodney Carney DNP but was on the bench.
Bobby Jones DNP but was on the bench.

Louis Williams- a little wild with his dribble at times but was a very effective scorer in the first half. He used his speed and ball-handling to get easy layups all night. He used his speed and played a smart game to contain Barea after the first quarter. Louis can made some nice passes off the dribble, but looks to score first. He had a great 1st half with 20 points and ended with 22 points and 7 assists. In the 2nd he deferred to his teammate with a 20 point plus lead for the most the half.

Steven Smith- had had some trouble with the size and strength of Dallas’ front line. He ended up with 14 points and 3 rebounds. He scored by hustling and using his speed for open court dunks and by fighting around the hoop for rebounds and getting fouls.

Atlanta Hawks

Salim Stoudamire-started off hot hitting a 3 from the left corner, making a tough layup plus the free throw. Which he missed but got his own long rebound and buried the short jumper. After that explosion he had trouble with CJ Watson's full court defense. Salim is a little more polished ball-handler and passer and he shined on the offensive end as he always has.

Marvin Williams-wasn't able to drive the ball like every other game in the Revue but he has displayed his off the ball game-running off screens and burying 18 foot jump shots. He also made some nice flashes into the post receiving the ball on-time and finishing. In the 2nd half Marvin was able to get into paint using a series of jabs steps. Marvin has been the best player in the revue to this point.

Anthony Grundy- played exceptional defense in the 1st quarter but struggled with it was his turn to break the full-court press.

Shelden Williams-played a little better tonight which is to say that he should be able to make a developmental league squad. For the 5th pick in the draft Shelden has looked terrible. He still pulls some rebounds but seems to block shots more by luck then anything else. He isn't bigger and stronger then his competition anymore and it turns out he is slower then almost everyone else on top of that.

San Antonio Spurs

Ian Mahinmi-Showed a nice stroke from the free line and from about 15 feet out. His release is high and his shot is soft and often rolls in. He has obviously been well coached with solid footwork and fundamentals. He uses his good quickness and leaping ability to get to rebounds and tip-ins. He still needs to gain more strength play his natural position of power forward but Spurs fans have something to get excited about. In the 2nd half Mahinmi was limited by foul trouble to just a few minutes.

Donta Smith-played a good 1st half with great pressure defense and setting up his teammate for easy buckets. For some reason Donta didn't get more time tonight with Saunders having a poor game. He played within him abilities, passed up shooting opportunities to setup his teammates and played great defense.

Jamar Smith- has played well in spurts all Revue long but tonight in the first half played great defense on Marvin Williams taking away his right handed drive. He also showed excellent ball skills with a cross over dribble and step back jumper from 15 feet. If you haven't seen Jamar since college at Maryland he has filled out with a significant amount of muscle that should give him the ability to play some power forward. Jamar has the ability to drive right and finish some tough plays as well on dunk it with authority.

Taquan Dean-looked very poor again that the point. He is putting the effort and trying to make the proper plays but nothing is working for him. Even his jumper has deserted him. He is likely NBDL or Europe bound.

Utah Jazz

Ronnie Brewer- can use his great handle, speed and passing to create by breaking down his man. He went 3 for 4 in the 1st half from 18 feet and beyond including a shot clock beating 3 point shot. His jumper is more then enough to keep defenders honest. His style of play has translated from college beautifully and the Jazz must be very happy. Brewer looks ready backup the Jazz at point, shooting guard and small forward.

CJ Miles- has displayed some rough spots in his game tonight. In the open court his handle is too high and loose causing him to travel, make a bad pass or pick up a charge. He still has good athletic ability and perimeter shooting, but he need to cut the turnovers and bad drive out of his game.

Dee Brown- has shown his speed and his NBA jumpshot and made one beautiful one handed pass. But as a point guard he was ineffective.

Rafael Araujo- still is almost completely offensive inept. But with his lost weight he has helped out on defense, closing out on guards and causing a few turnovers. He might be able to play a backup role but he has a lot of work to do still.

Seattle Sonics

Saer Sene-Sene's game has grown by leaps and bounds between each game. Tonight's game was his best with 13 points, 5 blocked shots, 6 rebounds and 1 steal. Over a very physical player in Araujo, Sene scored in the post on several occasions, keeping the ball high and with an almost unblockable turnaround jumper over his left shoulder and a right hook over his right. His hustle is hard to believe from a 7-center, on one sequence he blocked Araujo's shot, almost blocked it again, tipped the ball away from two Jazz players and saved it to a teammate by diving out of bounds. His shot-blocking simply changes the game. He gets his hands on almost every rebound, with more strength he could become on of the premier rebounders in the league with his combination of length and quickness.

Yotam Halperin-has adjusted during each game to the quickness of the American game and has become more and more effective. He is an excellent passer and good shooter. He has the ability to drive to score or pass. He can be forced into turnovers with high pressure defense and with his lack of lateral quickness he will never be a great defender. But at 6'5” there is a place in the NBA for Yotam Halperin. He ended with 10 points and 5 assists. But his biggest accomplishment was playing 38 minutes with only 2 personal fouls.

Denham Brown- also had his best game of the Revue scoring 17 points. His jumper was going today and it opened up the rest of his game. He made several attempts to pass but he his passes were always off target. A stint in the NBDL or European leagues seems inevitable.

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