Saturday Quick Shots

Saturday Quick Shots
Dec 31, 2006, 05:15 am
- Michigan is terrible, but Tommy Amaker has a player in freshman Epke Udoh. I’ve mostly seen the guy in garbage time, but Udoh has consistently done good things every time he’s gotten involved. Painfully skinny and far off, but a name to remember.

- The announcers mentioned how Jeff Green is an elite talent that sometimes disappears in Georgetown’s unique Princeton-based system. After today’s game, I might agree with that sentiment. Green is still a work in progress on the perimeter, but getting better. Last year he was mostly a PF, this season he looks like a legit SF that needs a bit more work on his handle. He was working it as a slasher today, and has continued to firm up his jumper. The numbers just aren’t going to be there at the pace the Hoyas play.

- How obscene is this freshman class? You’ve got two seven footers, both with NBA bodies, both athletic and skilled, both who could have been lottery picks in last year’s draft if they had been a year older. And it may very well be that neither one is a Top 10 NBA prospect in their recruiting class! I’m talking about Brook and Robin Lopez, of course. Brook certainly played the part of lotto pick today, keeping a frightfully inexperienced Stanford squad right with Arizona on the road until the final minutes. If it hadn’t been for Marcus Williams coming alive, this could have been an upset.

So instead of answering the question I started this paragraph with, I will offer up a single observation:



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