Ties Broken for 2007 NBA Draft Order of Selection

Ties Broken for 2007 NBA Draft Order of Selection
Apr 20, 2007, 03:25 pm
The draft order presented on our 2007 mock draft is now 100% up to date.

Six ties among teams that finished the 2006-07 NBA regular season with identical records were broken today through random drawings to help determine the order of selection for the 2007 NBA Draft, which will be held on Thursday, June 28 at The Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

The drawings were conducted live on NBA TV earlier today at the NBA League Office in New York City by Stu Jackson, NBA Senior Vice President, Basketball Operations.

The tiebreakers decided two things:

1) Which team will get the extra ping-pong ball in the lottery if an odd number of ping-pong balls needed to be split in two or three).
2) Which team will select first in the draft in case neither team wins the lottery on May 22nd.

The results of the random drawings:

• Portland (32-50) won a tie-breaker with Minnesota, and will be selecting 6th*. Minnesota will be selecting 7th*
• Charlotte (33-49) won a three-way tie-breaker with New York and Sacramento, and will be selecting 8th*.
• New York** (33-49) won the subsequent tie-breaker with Sacramento, and will be selecting 9th*. Sacramento will be selecting 10th*.
• Indiana*** (35-47) won a tie-breaker with Philadelphia, and will be selecting 11th*. Philadelphia will be selecting 12th*.
• Washington (41-41) won a tie-breaker with New Jersey, and will be selecting 16th. New Jersey will be selecting 17th.
• Golden State (42-40) won a tie-breaker with the Los Angeles Lakers, and will be selecting 18th. The Los Angeles Lakers will be selecting 19th.

*- Barring team winning the NBA Draft Lottery on May 22nd:
**-New York’s pick will almost certainly be conveyed to Chicago as part of the Eddy Curry trade.
***-If Indiana does not win the lottery, their pick will be conveyed to Atlanta as part of the Al Harrington trade.

NBA Draft Lottery Odds

1) Memphis Grizzlies

2) Boston Celtics

3) Milwaukee Bucks

4) Atlanta Hawks*

5) Seattle SuperSonics

6) Portland Trailblazers

7) Minnesota Timberwolves

8) Charlotte Bobcats

9) New York Knicks

10) Sacramento Kings

11) Indiana Pacers

12) Philadelphia 76ers

13) New Orleans Hornets

14) Los Angeles Clippers

*Atlanta's pick will be conveyed to Phoenix unless it falls within the first three picks of the draft.

The order for the remainder of the first round picks is as follows:

15) Detroit Pistons from Orlando Magic

16) Washington Wizards

17) New Jersey Nets

18) Golden State Warriors

19) Los Angeles Lakers

20) Miami Heat

21) Philadelphia 76ers from Denver Nuggets

22) Charlotte Bobcats from Toronto Raptors

23) New York Knicks from Chicago Bulls

24) Phoenix Suns from Cleveland Cavaliers

25) Utah Jazz

26) Houston Rockets

27) Detroit Pistons

28) San Antonio Spurs

29) Phoenix Suns

30) Philadelphia 76ers from Dallas Mavericks

31. Memphis (To Seattle)
32. Boston
33. Milwaukee (To San Antonio)
34. Atlanta (To Dallas)
35. Seattle
36/37. Minnesota (To Golden State)
36/37. Portland
38/39/40. New York (To Philadelphia via Chicago)
38/39/40. Sacramento (To Orlando via Utah)
38/39/40. Charlotte (To LA Lakers)
41/42. Philadelphia (To Minnesota)
41/42. Indiana (To Portland)
43. New Orleans
44. Orlando
45. LA Clippers
46. New Jersey (To Golden State)
47. Washington
48. LA Lakers
49. Golden State (To Chicago via Denver, Boston and Phoenix)
50. Miami (To Dallas via LA Lakers)
51. Denver (To Chicago)
52. Toronto (To Portland)
53. Chicago (To Portland)
54. Cleveland (To Orlando)
55. Utah
56. Houston (To Milwaukee)
57. Detroit
58. San Antonio
59. Phoenix
60. Dallas

*Please note that teams that finished the regular season with identical records will select in the second round in the reverse of the order in which they select in the first round; provided, however, that if more than two teams are tied, then, as among the tied teams, each tied team will select one position earlier than it selected in the first round, except that the team that selected earliest in the first round shall, among the tied teams, select latest in the second round. With respect to the ties between Portland and Minnesota (36 and 37); New York, Charlotte and Sacramento (38, 39 and 40); and Philadelphia and Indiana (41 and 42): since the order of selection in the first round for each set of teams may change based on the results of the Draft Lottery, the order of selection in the second round cannot be determined until after the Draft Lottery is conducted (on May 22, 2007).

Certain language from the NBA's press release from last year explaining this event was borrowed for the sake of clarity.

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