Pooh Jeter: Sailboat Video Blog
by: Pooh Jeter
September 21, 2010
Sailboat video blog with Pooh Jeter.

Part One:

Part two:

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Pooh Jeter: Must Finish Strong
by: Pooh Jeter
May 3, 2010
Wassup readersÖ Hope all is well in your world today. Sorry I havenít been keeping up with my blogs, (last blog was Sept 15th,2009) and Jonathan Givony (president of DraftExpress) been on me because of that. I know itís May, but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

In my last blog, I was working out with the Cleveland Cavaliers, planning to go to camp with them or another NBA team. Mostly everybody on the team was there except for Shaq and Anderson Varejao. Just to let you know, the atmosphere at Clevelandís practice facility is off the hook. IPOD is being played while we hooping and everybody was competing to be on the winnerís court to play against LeBron and Mo Williamsí team.

My team was on the winning court most of the time when I was there and we beat LeBron and Mo Williams a few times in the Championship. I had to mention that (LOL). Iím not surprised that Cleveland was the best team in the regular season because they have FUN and are serious about winning. So we shall how they do against the Celtics in this series.

While I was in Cleveland, I got a call from my agent, Andre Buck, telling me that two Euroleague (the #1 European Competition) teams in the ACB wanted to sign me for a few months because their point guards/ base (guard in Spanish) were injured.

My choices were Caja Laboral (aka TAU) and Unicaja Malaga. I choose to play for Unicaja Malaga because their coach, Aito Reneses, plays my type of style, which is up-tempo. Players on their team at that time you would know are: Omar Cook, Taquan Dean, Robert Archibald, Joel Freeland, and Jiri Welch.

I felt that playing for a Euroleague team in the ACB is the best of both worlds in Europe, because the competition is the highest level in Europe. For example, we can play a Euroleague game against Olympiacos (Josh Childress, Linas Klieza, and Patrick Beverley) on Wednesday night and then play a team like Barcelona (Ricky Rubio, Pete Mickael, Terrance Morris, and Juan Carlos Navarro) on a Saturday for an ACB game.

Our team started off rocky in the ACB because of injuries, which had us losing in the beginning, but the crazy thing about it was that we were undefeated in the Euroleague, beating Serbian team Partizan, Turkish team Efes Pilsen, and Greece powerhouse Olympiacos.

In the middle of November, my contract was up with Malaga and I signed with a team in Israel called Hapoel Jerusalem, right before the Eurocup (2nd best European competition). When the door closed with Unicaja Malaga, a better door opened up for me by coming to Israel.

American players that you would know on my team are: Dijon Thompson, Leo Lyons, Tre Simmons, and Brandon Hunter. And we have some good Israeli players too. Our team finished in the Top 8 in the Eurocup and in second place in the Israel league behind Maccabi Tel Aviv.

My bro/ teammate Dijon Thompson was 2nd team all Eurocup, I was 3rd team all Eurocup, and Brandon Hunter earned Honorable mention honors. Playoffs in the Israel league started last weekend so we must handle our business in the first round against a team called Maccabi Rishon. Pray for us!!


I didnít really know too much about Israel basketball before I got here from Spain. The only teams I knew about were Maccabi Tel Aviv and the team Iím currently on, Hapoel Jerusalem. Theyíre the only teams playing in European competitions.

I have two things to say about my three years playing overseas, which favors Israel. When I was playing in Ukraine and Spain, the coaches that I had were good coaches but mostly practices were drills and less 5 on 5. Out here in Israel, my coach Guy Goodes, has us doing a few drills to warm up and then itís 5 on 5 for the whole practice.

I think thatís a great way to stay in game shape and have rhythm for the game. No offense to the other coachesí philosophy or practice plans, but I feel more in shape this year because of practice.

The other thing I have to say or even heard from other American players that played in other countries is that Israel may be the best country to play in in terms of off the court conditions. But I heard Athens, Greece is great too.

Letís get this straight: Spanish league (ACB) is the best domestic league hands down in Europe. My opinion of why Israel might be the best for Americans off the court is because mostly everybody (85% of people) speaks English, the food is GREAT, the party scene is real cool, and the WOMEN are BEAUTIFUL. Women out here are a lot like Kim Kardeshians out this way. LOL!!!

You shouldíve seen my girlfriendís face as I wrote that statement. She got that look on her face saying ďYou better not write thatĒ. Other than the Holy land, the best thing about Israel is that they love basketball out here. The fans out here are GREAT.


One of the main reasons why I wanted to play for Hapoel Jerusalem was to see and live in the HOLY LAND. I went to Bethlehem on Christmas Eve with my teammates, which was very special to me because it was the Eve of Jesusí birthday.

We went on a tour around the Old City of Jerusalem, where I got to see the path where Jesus was carrying the cross, put my hand on the piece of mountain/hill where the cross stood, and see the tomb where Jesus was buried. I visited Mount Olives and saw the actual fig tree where Jesus used to meet with the disciples. The fig tree has been there for about 2,000 years. I hope my calculations add up.

And last but not least, The Dead Sea, which is the lowest point on EARTH. Iíve been there twice already and will probably go before I leave to go back home. The Dead Sea is known for the mud bath, which is filled with a lot of minerals, and itís good and healthy for your skin and body. Makes you glow like SHO-NUFF in Barry Gordonís ďThe Last Dragon,Ē so kiss my Converse.

Also, the Dead Sea has a lot of salt and minerals in the water that will make you automatically float and if you donít already know, I canít swim. Itís AMAZING!!!

I would like to thank God for having this journey be part of his plans for my life. I just hope that before I go back to the states, I will have an Israeli championship on my resume for the 2009-2010 season. Thatís the goal.


I did a lot of traveling this season playing in the Eurocup. Playing twice a week is the best in Europe. It makes the season go by faster, especially if you make it to the Top 8 or Finals. In the beginning of the season with Malaga, I got the chance to travel to Belgrade, Serbia, to play against Partizen.

Then when I started playing for Hapoel Jerusalem, I traveled to Croatia (KK Zadar), Greece ( Aris Thessaloniki), Lithuania (BC Siauliai), back to Spain ( Pamesa Valencia), Turkey (Galatasaray Cafť Crown in Istanbul), Russia (Unics Kazan), and Germany ( Alba Berlin).

Berlin was probably the best place to go to because it has everything. They had food spots like: Hard Rock Cafe, Dunkin Donuts, Hooters, Starbucks, T.G.I. Friday's, and many more. Shopping stores were Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, YSL, and there were like 3 stores each.

So since Iíve been playing in Europe, I traveled to France, Bulgaria, Italy, Belgium, and the other places I mentioned above. Almost time to get a new a passport.

Summer Plans

Everybody is asking me if Iím going to play summer league this summer and the answer to that question is YES. I mean why wouldnít I? My goal is to be in the NBA so I think I have to continue to show teams that Iím the right fit for their team.

Looking at other guards that are my size in the league, like Jose Juan Barea, Aaron Brooks, D.J. Augustin, Nate Robinson, B Jennings, and etc. They all can score, are very quick, and are Game changers, meaning when they get into the game, they bring energy and produce.

This is going to be my fifth year playing though. Seems like I am a NBA summer league veteran. But the best thing about playing in summer league is Iím competing against other players that want the same spot that I want.

In previous years I played a lot in summer league, so I hope it doesnít change this summer. Playing in front of NBA and European teams just gets you a lot of exposure.

I gave a verbal to a team already so we shall see how that goes on draft night. Last year, I gave an early verbal to the Portland Trailblazers, and they ended up drafting Patty Mills in the second round. It ended up working out for me anyway because Pat got hurt. Iím glad to see him back on the court now.

A lot of things can happen from now until then, so hopefully things will work out for the best. But for now, I need to concentrate and find ways to bring an Israeli Championship to Jerusalem this season.


Congrats to all the players that got called up to NBA teams in the NBA Development this season. I believe they had 40 call ups this year. Thatís great for the D-League. Congrats to my friends Mike Harris (MVP of the D-league) and Alonzo Gee (Rookie of the Year in the D-League).

Also, congrats to Brandon Jennings for having a great rookie year in the NBA. Congrats to my Alma Mater, Junipero Serra High School in Gardena, CA. They are the first high school ever in California to win state in football and Boys basketball in the same school year. Also, the Girls basketball team won CIF. Iím proud to be an Alumni of Serra in Gardena, not J Serra in the Valley or wherever it is. And congrats to my bro, Brandon Heath for being Player of the Year in Cyprus and winning the championship with his team Apoel.


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Pooh Jeter: The G.R.I.N.D
by: Pooh Jeter
September 15, 2009
I just got done playing my fourth year in NBA summer league, which makes me a veteran huh? One thing NBA General Managers, Scouts, European teams, and others that pay close attention to summer league would say that I improve each and every year. My main goal is to keep being consistent and keep getting better year after year. Thatís part of my GRIND to be the best I can be. To go along with Godís power and protection, I know everything shall be great.

If you didnít know this already, the Lord works in mysterious way. I gave a commitment to the Portland Trailblazers after my season ended in Spain to play on their summer league team in Las Vegas. They told my agent Andre Buck that Jerryd Bayless and I will be the main point guards on the team.

On draft night, they traded Sergio Rodriguez which was good for my chances of making their roster, because most NBA teams usually carry three point guards. But in the late second round, they drafted Patrick Mills, who was surprisingly available at that pick. Now Portland had three point guards on their roster and I knew going into summer league that they had to play Bayless, who is guaranteed on the roster, and Mills that was a draft pick at my position. Buck tried to find another team, but everybody was packed. So I had a discussion with my parents and agent, and we decided to go Portland anyway and see what happens.

During the first day of the Trail Blazers' minicamp before summer league, I had to sit out both practices because my paperwork with the international basketball clearinghouse didnít come in yet. So I had to watch my teammates go through a series of scrimmages, drills and workouts. Since I couldnít play the first day, I just had to make the most of it, so I was over there watching, talking to coach (Nate) McMillan and the other coaches, and trying to learn the system. Even though I couldn't play that day, I tried to make the best out of the situation.

During the second practice of the first day, Patty Mills unfortunately broke his foot, which gave me more of the opportunity to show the Blazers and other teams in the NBA how much I improved from last summer. The injury ended Mills' summer league (please pray for him) but created a chance for me to take on a role as a backup to point guard Jerryd Bayless. The next day my paperwork came in and I was able to show the Blazers organization that I have improved on my point guard skills since my days at University of Portland. You have to remember, I wasnít really on the NBA radar when I was playing for University of Portland from 2002-2006. The only team that was really watching me were the Portland Trailblazers.

Like I told you in my last blog, I always had good summer league experiences ever since my first one in Vegas. 2006 and 2007 with the Sacramento Kings in Vegas, 2007 with San Antonio in the Rocky Mountain Revue in Utah, 2008 with Minnesota Timberwolves, and this summer with the Portland Trailblazers. Statistically, I was productive every year, but this year was the best by far. I averaged 12.6 points and 4.6 assists in five games. I came off the bench the first three games and started the last two. We played against Toronto (Roko Ukic and Quincy Douby), Houston (Will Conroy and Mike Green), Denver (Ty Lawson and Dontaye Draper), San Antonio (George Hill and Jack McClinton), and the NBA D-League Select (Curtis Stinson). My best games were against Houston (15 points and 6 assists all in the second half), Denver (15 points and 5 assists), and the Spurs (19 points and 4 assists). I also had 8 assists against the D-League Select team.

Checkout the video that we put together at DraftExpress. It came out pretty good I thought. Hope you enjoy.

Itís good to have people supporting you to make your dreams and goals come true. Portland video coordinator Tim Grass (thanks Tim) sent me game films from both the Portland network and NBATV. Commentators from both parties were saying great things about me and I appreciate that. During the game when we played against the Spurs, NBATV commentators Rick Kamla and Antonio Harvey said they were going to start a website called getpoohintheleague.com with my performance against the Spurs guards. Those two have seen my growth since I started my pro career three years ago, and just want to thank them both for their comments.

Since summer league, I took a week off and got back to work. With the same schedule, 6 am conditioning (running the sand and hills at Kenneth Hahn Park), lifting, working out, playing open gym at the HAX, and watching film on Synergy Sports Technology. I would have to say that the runs at the HAX were the best runs in LA this summer. I know people at UCLA would probably be mad at me for that comment, but its all love.

Watching film to me is the most important because you can learn so much from your game film or watching others play at your position. These last two years in Europe, Iíve been studying players like Chris Paul, Steve Nash, Deron Williams, Baron Davis, Jameer Nelson, and many more on how to make the game easy. Synergy is the bestÖ

I went to Philly for a couple days to visit my agency, workout with Tyreke Evansí brother (whoís also named Pooh), visit my bro DeSean Jackson (#10 for Philadelphia Eagles), and play in the Rankin Anderson Pro Am against Kyle Lowry and Alvin Williamsí (assistant for the Raptors) team. We lost to them by six but I finished the game with 26 points and 6 assists. Shoutout to everybody in Philly for showing me love out there. After I left Philly, I went to San Antonio to workout with the Spurs for about a week, and Iím currently in Cleveland working out with the Cavs.

I feel Iím doing what Iím supposed to be doing to be the best I can be. Sometimes the process can be frustrating and confusing, but I must stay focused, be positive, and keep proving people wrong. These last three years of my pro career, I have been one of the best point guards each year from playing in the D-League, the ULEB cup (now called Eurocup), and the ACB league in Spain. I love what Iím built like. Things can only get better. I wouldnít trade what God put inside me for nooo money. Iíve been through a lot things and I love every part of my GRIND.

Before I take full credit, or get full credit, I just want to say ďThank you LordĒ. Thank you lord for the ability, the armor that protects me during the challenges, the drive, and the opportunities that have been presented to me. I feel God is doing his part, I just need to continue to do my part.

So the question now is, whatís next? Right now Iím getting ready to go to training camp with an NBA team. These last two years, Iíve been invited to training camps, but I didnít go because I wasnít getting any type of guaranteed money, so I went to Europe for the financial security. After a good season in the ACB and summer league in Vegas, I feel itís a good time to go to training camp and my goal is to make a roster. Iím also still hearing from European teams, so we shall see how things turn out...

I donít know what God has planned for me this coming season, I just know that I have to stay ready. I ask that you keep my family and I in your prayers in this ROAD TO VICTORY. Speaking of my family, my sister Carmelita Jeter is #1 in USA and #3 overall in the World in the 100 meter dash. Since the world games in Berlin, she is 3 and 0 against the same women who ran in Berlin. So does that make her #1 overall? She just ran a 10.67 in Greece. WHOAAA (Joey from Blossom).

A lot of people ask me who is faster between my sister and I, and my answer to all your questions is ME OF COURSE. Hahahaha. But really, I donít know. We havenít raced in years. We will do a competition with/without a basketball to see whoís faster and post it on Youtube. Donít forget the Green Division motto: Get money or Get lost, WE ON!!


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Pooh Jeter: I Just Want to Be Successful
by: Pooh Jeter
June 30, 2009
Before I start this blog, I want to give God the Glory and praise for giving me strength, guidance, wisdom, great parents, opportunities, and health to make it through another season and another day. I had to give God a shout out for his blessings. Thatís the first thing I always have to do. I would probably be on another path if it wasnít for God and his son Jesus. YA DIG? A lot of people who are reading this might not know me, but I want to thank you for taking five minutes out your day to read my blog once again. You may not know about me and I don't think that's a bad thing. I think itís a wonderful thing because I get the chance to spread my thoughts and experience to you and you don't even know that youíre about to be a FAN of POOH JETER. To those who already know me, Welcome back!!

Our team didn't make the playoffs in the ACB, so I've been back home in Los Angeles since Mothers Day. I know, early huh?? Wish I was on a playoff team, but things happen for a reason. I took three weeks off to let my body rest and I started back working with my three trainers June 1st. My conditioning trainer is Laurian Watkins (Pro Skills Sports Academy), Weight lifting coach is Dart Stamps (Training Performance Institute), and Basketball trainer is Danny Walker (D-Walks 360 Sports Training). My workout partner is Bobby Brown, not the singer, the hooper, who plays in the NBA for the Minnesota Timberwolves, my cousin Mike Mayo who just signed with Mississippi Valley State, and my other FAM bros and friends.

So I just finished my third year as a professional basketball player playing in the second best league in the world--the ACB in Spain. Time is going by so quick and so fast. I'm getting ready to enter my fourth year as a pro. The main thing is to keep getting better, and better, and better during this process of success. Hereís a look at the Resumeí so far in my career:

-Signed partial guarantee with Sacramento Kings (released during preseason)
-Signed with the Colorado 14ers in the NBA D-League
-Starting Point Guard in the 1st ever D-League All Star Game in Las Vegas
-Selected Honorable Mention by the league. Voted Rookie of the year by the writers of DraftExpress
-Averaged 26 pts and 8 asts during the playoffs. Team went to the championship game
-Mini camps with Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors -Played Summer League with Sacramento Kings in Vegas and San Antonio Spurs in Rocky Mountain Revue in Utah
-Represented the D- League Ambassadors in China in the Stankovic Cup

-First trip to Europe and signed with BC Kyiv in Ukraine.
-Played in the ULEB cup, now itís called EuroCup. Lead my team in points (14.5) and assists (3.4)
-Lost in the top 16 in the ULEB Cup.
-Team finished in 1st place and went to the championship
-Voted starting point guard in Ukrainian All Star Game
-Voted best point guard in Ukrainian League - Mini Camp with Toronto Raptors -Played Summer League with the Minnesota T-Wolves in Vegas.

-Second trip to Europe and signed with Vive Menorca in the ACB.
-Team didn't make the playoffs.
-#1 in minutes (32 minutes) ACB
-#2 in point guards in evaluations (14.5), Ricky Rubio #1, ACB. -#3 in total points (523) ACB
-#6 in scoring (16.3) ACB and averaged 3.1 assists -#7th in steals (1.7) ACB -Averaged 20 plus points against Tau, Granada (28.5pts), Murcia, GBC Bruesa, and Fuenlabrada. - 3rd overall in free throw attempts (147/171= 86%) - Player of the week once against GBC Bruesa

As u look at my resume, you shall see that where ever I play, I improved each and every year as a professional basketball player. I played in the top leagues outside the NBA (ACB, D-League, and ULEB Cup). Iím not trying to sound cocky but I think I showed people that I was one of the top point guards in each league especially that year in the D-League and this past season in the second best league in the world, the ACB. To be the best you have to win and I didnít do that in the ACB.

So what's next? I don't know what God has planned for me for next season. My goal and plan for next season is to get a guaranteed contract with an NBA team. It only takes one team to invest in your skills, so hopefully my resume and the way I play this summer will get the job done. I always played well during summer league, so we shall see how everything goes this summer. I realize that itís not on my time, itís on God time. I just hope that our plans are on the same page.

If the NBA doesnít work out this season, I must go with the plan B option and go back to Europe, which so far has been really good. Hopefully I can go to a winning team that plays in the Euroleague. One thing I havenít done yet is play in the Euroleague, but the ACB has five Euroleague teams and I treated those games like I was part of the Euroleague.

I think playing for a Euroleague team in the ACB is the best of both worlds in Europe, because youíre playing against the best players all over Europe and in the ACB. Thatís what itís all about right?? Winning and playing against the best.

Thatís why I want to be in the NBA because itís my dream and I want to compete with and against the best players. For that to happen, all I can do is to continue to Keep God 1st, work harder and smarter than my opponents, and take advantage of the opportunities that come way. Proving people wrong is what keeps me getting better. Like Lil Wayne said, "Train all year to be my opponentís misery"!!


Spanish players in the ACB that got drafted:

Ricky Rubio- The number one question I get from people is HOW GOOD IS RICKY RUBIO? My answer to the question is he is good, but I think if he continues to improve, he will be real good as he gets older. I seen him play a few times this season and I played against him once because he was hurt the first game. I saw how crafty and smart he is in this game of basketball. I think his IQ of the game is what makes him good because he knows where his teammates are at all times. When we finally played against each other, I had 18 points and 4 assists and he had 16 points and 8 assists. He led the league in steals and assists this season. A lot of 18 years don't know the game like he does because he's been a pro since he was 14 years old.

Sergio Llull- Sergio is a very explosive and quick point guard. I didn't really see him score, but he brought energy off the bench for Real Madrid, especially on the defensive end.

Victor Claver- To be honest, I think Victor Claver is the best pro right now out of Rubio and Sergio. I know people may think Iím crazy for that comment, but hey, itís my opinion. Victor Claver is like 6í9; he can score and is very athletic.

I would like to say congrats to those who got drafted. Itís an honor and dream come true for all basketball players who get drafted to the NBA. Southern California had a total of seven players that got drafted, like my lil bro Brandon Jennings (proud of you bro), James Harden, Jrue Holiday, DeMar DeRozan, Darren Collison, Austin Daye, and Chase Budinger.

To those who donít get drafted, KEEP GRINDING AND DONíT GIVE UP. Like I had to realize, everybodyís role in life is different. You, your agent and family now need to come up with goals or steps that will hopefully lead you into a guaranteed contract with a NBA team. Steps will be NBA Summer League, going to training camps, playing in the D-League or Overseas, Mini camps, and back to the Summer Leagues.

It may take one year or even ten years to make it to the NBA. Just make sure you play your best wherever you go, because at the day of the end of the day, you canít blame nobody but yourself with the decisions that you make in life and how you perform on the court.

On another note, my sister Carmelita Jeter is currently #1 in the world in the 100 meters and she just won her first ever USA outdoor sprint title on the 26th of June at the 2009 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships at the University of Oregonís Hayward Field.

Her time in the event was a 10.72 in the 100 meters. Our last name has the word JET in it for a reason. Hopefully we can be one of the best brother-sister combos in the history of sports. That would be a great goal to accomplish.

Congrats to my bro Trevor Ariza for winning the NBA championship with the Lakers. Proud of you bro. Be on a lookout for the Team Jeter page on YouTube. For those who have twitter, add me as a friend. R.I.P. to Michael Jackson, the King of Music.


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24/7, 365 on my Grind
by: Pooh Jeter
January 20, 2009
Hello World. Hope all is well with you. Before I get started, I first want to give thanks to God my father and Lord Jesus Christ my Savior for letting me see another year and live another day. Like Marvin Sapp would say, ďNever would have made it without you. Continue Lord to make me Stronger, Wiser, and BetterĒ. I know I havenít blogged in a while, but I told my friend Jonathan Givony, President of DraftExpress, that I will blog this season. Had to keep my word, Ya dig? This is my third year playing professional basketball. The first year was in the NBA D-League with the Colorado 14ers, the second year was in Ukraine with BC Kyiv (hello to all my fans in Ukraine), and now this season, Iím playing in Spain (ACB) for a team called Vive (live) Menorca.

Menorca is very different from Kyiv. The difference is that Kyiv is a lot bigger than Menorca. In Kyiv, you had a lot options with different thing to do. Like on Thursday and Sundays were hip-hop night at Patipa, a lot of restaurants like TGI Fridays and Arena, strip clubs, casinos (I donít gamble though), the zoo, and many other things.

If you read my blogs last season, I had a maid, cook, and people remember the stories about my driver Art. My friend Clay Tucker is playing for BC Kyiv this season and he has Art as his driver. I know he has crazy and funny stories about Art. The women in Kyiv were beautiful. Actually, the women in Eastern Europe are amazing. Thatís where all the models come from. Then I had four other Americans on my team, which made my transition so much easier, since it was my first year overseas. We played two times a week because we were in the ULEB Cup, so I got the chance to travel all over Europe. I went to France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Belgium, and all over Ukraine.

Menorca is a small, but beautiful island thirty minutes by plane from Barcelona. A lot of tourists during the summer visit Menorca to relax and party. Now in the winter, itís very quiet. You really donít see a lot of people in the city, but when we have a home game, our place is PACKED. We are the only sports team in Menorca, so going to our game is like the thing to do. Our fans are GREAT. People tell me that Menorca is the hardest place to play at because every game is sold out and our fans make so much noise. If you ever played at Gonzaga or Duke, then you will know what Iím talking about. To the fans in Menorca reading this, I want to say thanks for your commitment and support.

During the winter time, there is really nothing to do except work on your game all day. I basically live at our gym. Antonio, our team manager, is always waiting for me to leave the gym so he can go home. My place in Menorca is real nice. Itís a two story, three bedroom right on the water. My view on my balcony is incredible. I donít have a maid, cook, or driver, which is cool. I keep my place clean so I donít need a maid to clean. My girlfriend was out here for three months, so she was able to cook for me.

I know people who just read that line said to themselves ďPooh got a girlfriendĒ??? Yes, Ya boy had to settle down. When sheís not here, Iím learning how to cook, calling my mom asking her how to make certain things. No driver this seasonÖI had to learn how to drive a stick, since they didnít have automatics. Iím preparing for that Ferrari or Lambo, coming soon.


First of all, I want to thank the President, General Manager, and Coaches for giving me the opportunity to play for Vive Menorca and to provide for my family financially. My coaches challenge me every day to get better offensively and defensively. My teammates are real cool too. Five players are from Spain, two from Croatia, one from Bulgaria, one from the Republic of Georgia, and there is one other American.

In the ACB, you are only allowed two Americans on each team. Others teams have more than two Americans only because they have other passports. My American teammate is Bud Eley. Bud is from Detroit, Michigan and he is like a big brother to me. He has a lot of experience playing in Spain, and he gives me advice on certain situations so I can become a better player.

We just finished the first half of the season, playing against all the teams, and our record at the moment is 5-11. I know that doesnít sound very good, but I feel we will be a better team in the second half of the season. We have the potential to be a really good team. We lost a lot of close games and we just need to learn from those games and finish the season strong. Itís not how you start the season; itís how you finish.

Individually, my goal as a player is get better every day. I look at each day as a new day to improve, and to get ready for the game during the week. Iím currently averaging 16 points, 3 assists, and 3 rebounds. For the second half of the season, I will have to step it up even more to lead my team to the playoffs and be the best guard.

We play one game a week, which means a lot of practice during the week to get ready for the game. As you should already know, Iím still on my GRIND out here in Menorca. Itís a must that I keep working and perfecting my craft to become a better basketball player. My parents always told me to Work Hard if I want to be the best. I developed that mindset at an early age, and I havenít looked back. Itís something that comes natural to me now, because I always think someone out there is working harder than me.

I remember my days at Serra High School in Gardena (Garrrrr), always working out with coach Hurt or with Wayne Slappy on the weekends. Then when I arrived at the University of Portland, I would learn and work out with coaches (Michael Holton, Rasheed Hazzard, Keith Brown, Rich Wold, and Josh Jamison) in the mornings or before practice.

In my first year as a professional in the D-League for the 14ers, we had access to the gym anytime we wanted. So my roommate Von Wafer (Houston Rockets), Antoine Hood, and I would go to the facility at nights and get more shots up. Then when I got to Ukraine to play for BC Kiev, my teammate Manu (Georgian) and I would shoot and do drills after practice. Now that Iím in Menorca, after practices, my teammate Koko (Bulgarian) and I shoot and do different drills to improve our skill. Like what Kanye West says in the Go Hard song with T-Pain, ďI think it's time for me to go hard as the hood I'm fromĒ.

Of course my dream and goal is to make it to the NBA. Thatís the dream I feel that God put in my heart. Iím just taking different routes to making my dream come true. Taking different routes is part of the process, or some would say the waiting period. In this process or waiting period, the goal is to make the right decisions, be healthy, and keep getting BETTER, and BETTER, and BETTER!!

Iím not worried about the NBA at the moment. I signed with Vive Menorca for the 2008-2009 season. So my job is to give all my energy and time to the team so things can get better for Menorca and me. I need to maximize the moment and not worry about next season, which will take care of itself. I told my agent not to tell me what NBA teams are saying about me at the moment, because I need to focus on my team. We can talk about those situations when the season is over.


I have been told that the ACB is the best domestic league in Europe. The Euroleague is the best league, because itís a league with all the top teams in Europe. The ACB has five teams in the Euroleague. People say the ACB is the second best league in the world, with the NBA being # 1 of course. Itís the best domestic league because the competition is great from top to bottom, traveling all over Spain, money is guaranteed, the weather is good, and itís great to have on your Ďresumeí.

Before I came to Menorca, I talked to a few people who helped me make my decision. One of the people I talked to is Shawn Respert. If you donít know Shawn, he played for Michigan State back in the 90ís and had a great professional career in the NBA and Europe. I met Shawn when I was playing in the D-League. He told me that playing in the ACB will upgrade my exposure to the NBA and help me financially.

The competition at the guard position is real good. American players at the guard position that you would know are: Shammond Williams, Omar Cook, Andre Barrett, Taurean Green, Louis Bullock, Chris Thomas, Taquan Dean, Demond Mallet, Tyus Edney, DeJuan Collins, Brad Oleson, Bracey Wright, Ruben Douglas, Luke Recker, Mustafa Shakur, Quinton Hosley, Corey Brewer (not from the TíWolves), Thomas Kelati, Carl English, Melvin Sanders, Marcus Norris, Quincy Lewis, Jimmie Hunter and Tyrone Ellis. Then you have Euro guards like Ricky Rubio (could be #1 pick in 09 draft), Pablo Prigioni, Pepe Sanchez, Raul Lopez, Juan Carlos Navarro, Jaka Lakovic, Carlos Cabezas, Igor Rakocevic, and many other good guards. If your name wasnít mentioned, donít be mad.

There are also a lot of good forwards and Centers in this league too. You can go to acb.com and look at the rosters of every team. You would know almost everybody on each team. You can also look at highlights of the games every Sunday on the website. Hope you know Spanish. Spanish is something that Iíve been improving on too. I have spoken Spanish since my college days. Me being from Los Angeles, itís a plus knowing Spanish, because there are a lot of Hispanics in LA.

The thing Iím proud about the most while being in Menorca is that Iím getting more into my bible. I hope that I continue to read the word, because I feel itís making me more focused and giving me more confidence, trust, and patience to God and to myself.

I forgot to say Happy New Year to all the readers out there. I hope everybody accomplishes their goals they have set out for the New Year. 2009 is 2000GRIND. Also, Congrats to Barack Obama becoming our new president. Martin Luther King Jr dream is starting to become reality. That should let everybody know that Anything is Possible. Donít forget the motto: GET MONEY OR GET LOST!!!


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Pooh Jeter: Striving For Excellence
by: Pooh Jeter
April 1, 2008
Whatís poppin readers? The month of March was pretty busy for my teammates and I. We are out of the ULEB Cup now. Since we lost in the Sweet 16 of the ULEB Cup, you can call that part of my March Madness...We played against a team from Poland called PGE Turow. The Americans on their team are David Logan and Thomas Kelati. The first game against them, we lost by 12 at home. Then the second game, we won by 9 at their place. So since they beat us by more points, they go to the next round, which is the Final Eight in Italy.

I ended up averaging 14.5 points, 3.5 assists and 3.5 rebounds in the competition. Our goal as a team was to get the Final Eight, and we missed out by 4 points. Sucks huh?? It is what it is though. Our final record in the ULEB Cup was 10 and 4. Now we have to accomplish our next goal, which is winning the championship of the Ukrainian Super league.

Our regular season just ended over the weekend, and we finished 21 and 1. Our overall record is 31 and 5 at the moment, which is pretty good. Playoff starts April 17th, and each series is best out of five. We must accomplish our last goal, which is being champions of the Ukrainian league. Winning isnít easy, but it has to be done. We must continue to stay focused and healthy to get the job done. Being champions will be a great ending to this season, especially since this is my first year playing in Europe. My team in the D-League almost won the championship last year, but like the singer Brandy would say, almost doesnít count.

Last week, I found out that I made the all-star team for the Ukraine Super league. This is the second year in a row Iíve made an all-star team. Now thatís wassup!!! This is only the second year of my pro career, so I must continue to keep putting God first and working hard to be the best.

Both all-star situations had some similarities. Last year, it was the first ever all-star game in the D-League and itís also the first ever all-star game in the Ukrainian Super league. I was also named a starter both times...Three of my teammates made the all-star game last year, and three of my teammates (Artur Drozdov, Marcus Faison, and Viacheslav/Slava Kravtsov) made it this year. My coach Joe Wolf was the head coach for the west team and my coach Tomo Mahoric is the head coach this year. Now thatís HISTORY right there. God is Good!!!

In the All Star event, itís the Ukrainian all stars vs. the foreign all stars. The fans voted my teammate Marcus Faison and I as starters for the Foreign team. My other teammate Artur Drozdov is a starter for the Ukrainian team. We would like to thank the fans for voting us as starters, we really appreciate it. Iím also participating in the Skills challenge which should be cool too. Other Americans that made the foreign all star team are: Rodney Buford, Robert Archibald, Wykeen Kelly and Olu Famutimi. Well Olu is not American, he is Nigerian/Canadian. I played against Olu last year in the D-League and itís good to see him doing his thing this year. Once again, congrats to everybody participating in the event.

Shout out to my FAM (Forever Almighty Men) Bros and other homeboyz that went to the NCAA tourney. My fam bros from Cal State Fullerton: Scott Cutley aka Big Red (MVP in the Big West), Frank Robinson (defensive player of the year, Big West), Ray Reed, and the homey Crenshaw. My lil bro Jeremiah Dominguez was my backup point guard at the University of Portland and he transferred to Portland State last year (MVP in the Big Sky), Josh Shipp, Luc, Darren Collision, and Russell Westbrook from UCLA, Davon Jefferson from USC, Marcus Lewis and Curtis Allen from Oral Roberts, Derek Wright from Austin Peay, and Fred Washington from Stanford. Another shout out to Gonzaga, San Diego, and St. Maryís for representing the WCC (West Coast Conference) in the tourney. I got UCLA winning the tourney, though. One more shout out to my lil bros in high school, Brandon Jennings from Oak Hill and Dash Harris from Montverde Academy. BJ made the McDonalds game (rocking the Kid 'N Play flattop), is ranked as the best PG in America, and is going to Arizona next year. Dash aka Nugg, is ranked amongst the top five point guards in America and is going to Texas A&M. Iím proud of all you guys...Keep striving for excellence.

Other than basketball, everything else is koo...My mom and my two cousins (Bridgett and Honeybun) came out here to Kyiv, Ukraine for a week. We had sooo much fun and I was happy that they came. It was perfect because they came the week of my momís birthday. They did a lot of shopping and sleeping. It was great to have some home cooked meals too. I didnít go to Fridays at all. Iím usually there three times a week. I needed that extra energy in my life. Whoís coming to Kyiv next? My cousins J Love and Boobie said theyíre coming next month. My brotha from another mother Bubba said heís probably coming next month or in May, so we shall see.

Iíll be home in GARDENA (GARDENA STAND UP) sometime in May, so you know I canít wait.. The countdown has begun. O Y Y Y YESSS SIRRRRR!!! Iíve been bumping that new Snoop Dogg ďEgo TrippinĒ, Rick Ross ďTrillaĒ and Joe Buddens ďMood Muzik 3Ē. You know my driver Art got that in the rotation in the car.

We still bumping Kanye Westís ďGraduationď. I know Graduation came out a long time ago, but that CD is like a soundtrack of my life. I feel like Kanye be talking to me in his songs because I also want to be the best. The same way he feels about Jay Z in that Big Brother track is the same way I feel about Baron Davis. To be #1, Iím going to have to be better than my big brother BD. The same way he feels about Chicago is the same way I feel about my city GARDENA. Almost every song has something to do with my life. I must end this season with the song ďCHAMPIONĒ because thatís what our team needs to be in May.

Winning isnít easy but it has to be done not just on the court but also off the court. Like what they used say in the Right Guard deodorant commercial, ďanything less would be uncivilizedď!!! Donít forget the motto, GET MONEY OR GET LOST!!!


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Pooh Jeter: Whatís Up!
by: Pooh Jeter
February 13, 2008
Things been going a little slow out here in Europe since our last game of the first round of the ULEB Cup, which was on January 22nd. Our team has been playing one game a week, so you already know what that means, more PRACTICE (AI voice). Iím not saying practicing is bad at all. As long as we improve and get better on our strengths and weaknesses. Everything will get back moving when the second round of the ULEB Cup starts on February 19th. Iím still out here on the grind, like Cassidy would say.


Basketball is still going cool. Our team is still undefeated in the Ukraine Superleague (17-0) and we are 7 and 3 in the ULEB Cup. So, if your math is bad, our overall record is 24 and 3 at the moment. We advanced to the next round in the ULEB Cup, which is the top 32 round. Our next opponent is a team from Belgium called Telindus Oostende. I know a couple of Americans that are on the team, Chris McCray and Chuck Davis. Chris played with the Dakota Wizards in the D-League last season, and I met Chuck Davis at the Miami Heat mini-camp last April. Our main goal is to keep GRINDING and WINNING so we can be THE BEST (DJ Khaled voice)!!! Remember, IF YOUíRE NOT GRINDING, YOUíRE NOT SHINING!!! Ya Dig. Other than basketball, life is great. Iím reading Bishop T.D. Jakes book ĎReposition Yourselfí, which is pretty good. I read one of his books last year called ĎMaximizing the Momentí which was good too. Iím also learning how to play the piano. I got a keyboard from the wife of driver, Art. IĎm taking free lessons from this lady on the internet, and from this dude name 8th Harmonic. He gives tutorials on how to play songs on Youtube. So far, I learned how to play ďTeach MeĒ by Musiq Soulchild. Iím currently learning how to play Alicia Keysí song ďNo One.Ē People calling me JOHN and Iím not even a LEGEND yet on these piano keys. Hahahahaha.

Night Life

The night life out here in Kiev is cool. When we have a day off, sometimes my teammates and I go out the night before to the club or something. Our team hangs out a lot when we have time away from basketball, which is a good thing for team chemistry. I had to stop going to the Techno parties, though. I tried it out in the beginning of the season with teammates, and I came to the conclusion that Techno music is not for me. No disrespect, but I canít handle all that noise. People be grooving to the Techno music. I donít know what type of dance moves they be doing, but they be having so much fun. I saw this one chick do some matrix move at the techno party. You know the move when they lean all the way back with the head touching the ground. Iíve seen some other ones do some crazy karate moves. Techno music is something that I didnít grow up to. I canít do the Penn State, butterfly, or the Yung Joc dance to techno music. People can probably do the Running Man or Roger Rabbit to it though. They have some parties where they play Rap and RnB music. They play all the new music which is good. They love playing that Soulja Boy song ďCrank ThatĒ. I did the Soulja Boy dance at the club, and the people there were so amazed. If I had the time, I would teach people how to do dance moves to songs. I should come out with a video and sell it for $19.99.


I want to say congrats to all the people participating in all the events during All-Star weekend. My bro Baron Davis didnít make the West All-Star team. He is having a great season, but the West is loaded with point guards: Steve Nash, Chris Paul, Deron Williams, and Tony Parker could all be all-stars. Chris Paul had to make the all-star team, because his team is the best in the western conference and, heís averaging 20 points and 10 assists. Steve Nash had to make the all-star team because his team is also winning, and he leads the NBA in assists. And donít forget about the back to back MVP awards. Last year in Vegas, I got the opportunity to participate in the D-League All-Star game during all-star weekend. One of my goals last year was to represent the Colorado 14ers in the first ever D-League all-star game, and I ended up being a starter. Thatís history right there. I wasnít the only person representing the 14ers, my teammates Elton Brown, Von Wafer, and Rick Rickert were all-stars too. Our coaches (Joe Wolf and Kent Davidson) and trainer (Mark Morrissey) were the all-star coaches for the West team.

Before I left to go to Vegas, I got a call from NBA TV saying that they wanted to do a story on Will Conroy and I during all-star weekend for the first ever D-League All-Star game. I was too pumped when I found out. When I got off the plane in Vegas, the camera crew was waiting for me at the gate for the action. So when I was walking through the airport, a lot of people were wondering who I was. People were asking me if I was Nate Robinson or Earl Boykins. This one kid came up to me and asked me for my autograph, and after I signed it, he said ďThanks Reggie BushĒ. I played well in the all-star game, but we lost to the East team. A lot of my friends and family came to support me. I got a chance to get my parents interviewed, which was cool. I got a chance to thank them for everything they have done for me on TV, which was great. Later on that night, Dijon Thompson and I went to the NBA Players Association Party, and it was POPPIN. Party was packed. Mary J. Blige and TI performed. I had too much fun during all-star weekend.

Here are my predictions for the All Star events:

Slam Dunk Champion - Jamario Moon
3-point Champion- Peja Stojakovic
Skills Challenge- Chris Paul
Rookie vs. Sophomores- Sophomores (Rudy Guy MVP)
East vs. West- West (Kobe Bryant MVP)
D-League All Star Game- Red team ( Dwayne Mitchell or Elton Brown MVP)


If you didnít already know, European money is stronger than the U.S. Dollar. The U.S. dollar equals to 69 cents in Euro money right now. For example, say a person from the States travels to Paris, France. If the person wants to exchange a $100 dollar bill into Euros, he/she would get back 69 Euros. Before, the American dollar was stronger than all the other countries, but now itís different. The European and Canadian money is more than the American dollar. Ukraine doesnít use Euros. They have their own money called Hryvnia. The American dollar is stronger than the money out here. $100 dollars will convert to 500 of their money.

Itís real expensive out here though. I donít buy any type of clothing in the Ukraine. If you donít already know, I love Lacoste clothing. I have almost every color Lacoste polo shirt thatís been made. When I first came out here, I saw that they had a Lacoste store, and I was too excited. I went in the store and saw some shirts and jackets that I havenít seen in the States. I grabbed a couple shirts and took them to the counter, and when the lady totaled everything up, it showed on her calculator 600. I said to myself O Yesss Sirrrr!!! I gave her 600 in Ukrainian money, which is $120 American dollars, and she looked at me like I had dog crap on my forehead. She meant $600 in American money. I said to myself ďU GOT TO BE KIDDING MEĒ. I told her that I will be right back, but I never returned. I couldnít believe that it cost $300 dollars for a single polo shirt. Back home, Lacoste shirts range between $70-80. I thought I was getting a deal, but I was wrong.

My sister Carmelita Jeter been doing her thang on the track field. She won her last event in the 60 meters at the 101st Millrose Games in New York. She ran the 60 meters in 7.29 seconds. Her next race in the 60 meters will be on February 17th at the Tyson Invitational in Arkansas on ESPN at 2 pm west coast time. Our last name has the word JET in it for a reason. Proud of you Lita.

Stay tuned for my next blog. I will start taking pictures so you can how kool it is in the Kiev. Happy Valentines to my Valentine. I would say her name but that is none of your business. Ya DigÖ I would like to give a shout out to everybody thatís GRINDING and doing something in their life. If youíre not doing anything, what are u waiting for? 2008 is here. Donít forget the motto that I got from cousin YG $oprano, GET MONEY OR GET LOST!!!

R.I.P. to my Grandma Ethel White. Feb.12, 2005. She was the one who gave me my nickname Pooh. Itís been 3 years since you been gone. Everybody in the family misses you and loves you. I forgot to say R.I.P. to Brain Marshall and to Dennis Thompson Sr last month. Keep watching over us our angels.


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Pooh Jeter: Oh Yesss Sirrrrrr!!!
by: Pooh Jeter
December 31, 2007
My experience in Europe so far has been real cool. I didnít think it was going to be this cool, but I was wrong. Like I said in the first blog, I play for a team in the Ukraine called BC (Basketball Club) Kyiv . When my agent, Andre Buck, told me that a team in the Ukraine was interested in me, I didnít want to go at first because I really wanted to go to NBA Vet camp and make a team. I had a lot of Vet Camp invites from NBA teams, but they didnít want to guarantee me anything, so I had to go with plan B. My mom always told me to always have an A plan, B plan, or C plan in whatever I do in life, and she is right. Since my A plan wasnít working, I had to go with plan B.

Anyways, I remember my teammate last year from the Colorado 14ers , Mike Harris, always talked about this place in the Kraine that he played for the season before. Then during the Vegas Summer League, I was talking to Jermaine Jackson and he was telling me about this one place in the Kraine that he just got done playing with before coming to summer league. So when I called Mike and Jermaine and told them my situation, they both said ďPOOH YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT. KYIV IS POPPINď!!! After hearing that and talking to my family and friends, I called my agent and told him to tell BC Kyiv to send over the contract because I was ready to sign. Iíve been here since August, and I just want to tell Mike and Jermaine that they were right, ITíS CRACKIN OUT HERE!!!

Kyiv reminds me of New York City, because there are nothing but taxis out here, and how the apartments and roads are structured. The women out here are BEAUTIFUL. People drive Range Rovers, Maybachs, Bentleys, Maseratis, and even 1978 pintos. I stay right by TGIF Friday, so you know I be there all the time. They have other American food spots called Arizona, SOHO, New York Steakhouse, Samís Steakhouse, and of course Mickey Dees ( McDonalds). They have a variety of other cultural restaurants that are good also. I have one question, have you heard of chicken soft taco soup??? This one place served us chicken soft taco soup, and my teammate Jacob Jaacks said the chicken soft taco in the soup look like Wolf knuckles.. Hahahahaha..

Our season so far is going real good. We are 12-0 in the Ukrainian Superleague, and 5-2 in the ULEB Cup. That means were 17 and 2 if your math is bad. My head coach is Tomo Mahoric, and his assistants are Bostian Jaske, and Denis Zhuralev. One thing they love to do is practice, which is good, because weíre getting better. Our schedule is like this: say we play our ULEB cup game on Tuesday, we rest on Wednesday, then do two a days on Thursday and Friday. The Ukrainian league game is on Saturday, one practice on Sunday, one practice on Monday if we have an away game on Tuesday, but if we have a home game on Tuesday, we would have two a days.

Our two a days practice schedule is like this: Morning practice would sometimes be conditioning, lifting weights, working on some ball handling moves and getting a lot of shots up. Night practice is a lot of five on five drills, and getting more shots up. The two a days are not that bad. I love working out anyway. Iím learning a lot from our coaches, though. Especially how to use the pick and rolls and defending the pick roll. My coaches are helping me improve my leadership skills and showing me ways to run a team. Those are the things I feel I need to get better at. Iím currently averaging 16 points, 4 assists, and almost 4 rebounds per game in the ULEB Cup, which is pretty good, but it can be better. In the Ukrainian Superleague, Iím averaging 13 points and 3.5 assists. My pops told me that I need to step my game up to a higher level if Iím trying to be the best guard in Europe this year, and he is exactly right.

I have to tell you this one story that I experienced while playing over here in the Ukrainian league. We just got done beating this one team on the road, and after the game, the crowd rushes the floor for autographs and to take pictures. Security told the fans that they have to wait till we leave the locker room. So when I left the locker room, I signed autographs and took pictures. This one group of kids asked for a picture and Iím like Ďfa shoí. So the person whoís taking the picture says 1, 2, 3 and the kids throw up the W and said ďWESTSIDEĒ. I couldnít stop laughing. I had them take the picture one more time so we all can throw up W for the West Coast. Tupac, Snoop, and the Game got people in Europe throwing up the W (True Story.)

My Teammates

My American teammates that you probably heard of are Marcus Faison (Siena), Ryan Stack (South Carolina), Josh " The Crow" Davis (Wyoming), and Jacob Jaacks (Iowa). Marcus and Jacob been playing in Europe for about eight years. Ryan was drafted by Cleveland Cavaliers during the lockout year. He played 2 years in the NBA and has been playing over in Europe ever since. Josh played in the CBA, in the NBA for about 3 years, and this is his 3rd time playing in Europe. Having Americans on my team in Europe has made my transition so much easier. My other teammates are cool too. 6 players are from the Kraine, Manu [Markoishvili] is from Georgia (not Georgia in US. Itís a country called Georgia), Kurley is from Croatia, and Mara is from Slovenia. They all speak English and some are teaching me how to speak Ukrainian/Russian. The good thing about this team is that everybody hangs out with each other, and we all want to be WINNERS. This is a good start for our team, but we still have a lot to improve on. Since we started off on top, we have to finish on top in both leagues and be CHAMPIONS. Like Ricky Bobby would say in the movie Talledega Nights, ďIf you arenít first, youíre lastĒ!!!

How Iím Living

The team found me a nice two bedroom apartment, and it feels good having your own place. Especially since this is the first time having my own place. Last year in the D-League, my team stayed at the Marriot Suites which was real cool, but we had to have a roommate. My roommate was my boiii Von Wafer (Denver Nuggets.) The best thing about staying at the hotel was we got Marriot Reward Points staying there from November till May. But now, I got my own place, and Iím sooooo happy. The team didnít give us cars, we all got drivers. Can you say BALLLLLLLIIIINNN (Jim Jones voice)!!!! My driverís name is Art, and heís the coolest dude that I know. He drives a Mercedes MayBach ( just joking, he got a new Toyota Camry, but he keep it clean tho), speaks English, and listens to rap. He wears hip hop clothes, and he loves to cuss.. His favorite word is the MF word and he say that after every sentence. For example, when heís talking to other people he would say ĎWhat up MFí or he would say Ďthis MF is crazy.í He drove for other Americans and they had to put this American flavor in him. I got him now saying ĎYESSSSS SIRRRRRí or even ĎWHATS POPPIN!!í We also have maids and you can even have a cook if you want. Life is Good.

Other Americans I played against

Other Americans I played against so far that you would probably know are: Lynn Greer and Qyntel Woods (Olympiacos/ Greece), Luke Recker and Quincy Lewis (Bilbao/ Spain), Shamond Williams, Ruben Douglas, and Fred House (Pamesa Valencia/ Spain), Tyus Edney, Kris Lang, and Rodney Buford (Azovmash/ Ukraine), John Sharper ( Budivelnik / Ukraine), Lionel Chalmers, Mario Austin, Reece Gaines, and Pops Mensah Bonsu (Benetton Treviso/ Italy), Terrance Thomas, EJ Rowland, Matt Frejie, and Rich Melzer (Artland Dragons/Germany), David Young and Terrance Dials (Pau Orthez/ France), Donta Smith and Willie Dean (Lukoil Akademic/Bulgaria), Aerick Sanders, Curtis Millage, AJ Bramlett, and Dwayne Broyles (ASK Riga/Latvia), and David Logan (PGE Turlow/Poland).. That just shows you that there are a lot of Americans playing basketball all over the world.

The two people that I enjoyed playing against the most were Aerick Sanders and Pops Mensah Bonsu. Aerick and I both went to Serra High School in Gardena, California. When I was a freshman, he was a junior, and he was the best center on the West Coast. He had a lot of D1 coaches come to the school to watch us play and when I saw that, I wanted the same type of attention that Aerick was getting. That motivated me more to be the best. I also played against Aerick in college when he was at San Diego State. Aerick was one of the people that I talked to about coming to BC Kyiv, and I made the right decision thanks to my boiii Aerick, aka Aif Grade. He also wanted me to give Carson, California a shout out, so there it is Aif.

The other person that I want to talk about is my boiii Pops Mensah Bonsu. I played against Pops 2 summers ago at the NBA Vegas Summer League during our rookie year. He was playing for the Mavericks and I was playing for the Kings. We both ended up signing with our teams which allowed us to go to RTP (Rookie Transition Program) in New York. While we were at RTP, people were wondering who was darker between Pops and I.. Everybody said Pops was darker than me, but he wouldnít believe it. So every time I see Pops, we would walk up to people we donít know and ask them who is darker, and they would say Pops. Donít get me wrong, I know that Iím dark. My color is more of a SEXY CHOCALATE. Pops is just BLACK. I told him that his name Pops Mensah Bonsu means Pops is the darkest person on earth. Hahahaha... He once told the referee to give me a tech because I was playing naked, he said that because the Spurs uniform is black. So when you see Pops and I together, be ready to answer the question and I bet you would say POPS IS DARKER.. Hahahahahaha..

Went home for Christmas

I surprised everybody when I went back home for Christmas. I didnít tell anybody that I was coming. Well I told my bro Brandon Heath, only because he picked me up from the airport. The first thing that I did when I went home was go to the Barber Shop to cut my fro off. The first thing my barber said was ĎDAMMMMNNí (Smokey voice from Friday). He couldnít believe I let me hair grow out like that, but I wasnít going to let nobody touch my crop in the Kriane. I guess Marcus is my new barber, he can cut a lil bit. Anyways, when I left the barbershop, I went back home to the GARRRRR (GARDENA STAND UP) to see my parents and they were sooooo happy to see me. I was happy to see my parents also. My parents are my best friends. I went out that night with my cousin Boobie aka YG Soprano and couple of my friends. We went to Club Suga. Club Suga was poppin that night too. The next day I went Christmas shopping at the Beverly Center with Brandon and Marcus Slaughter. We also went to Roscoeís Chicken and Waffles. If you know Roscoeís menu by heart, I got a number 9 (3 wings and a waffle). On Christmas, I got to see my brother and sister, aunties, uncles, and all my cousins. They were so surprised to see me. My aunties made some Gumbo, and u know that was bomb. I left the next day to come back to the Kraine, because we had practice on the 28th. That flight took about 13 hoursÖGEEEEZ!!

Hope everybody had a wonderful a Christmas and have a great New Year. 2007 is in the past, and now itís time for 2008. Like my bro Baron Davis would say ďCALL 4 HELP 08Ē. The reason why we say that because people better call for help because we are going to be unstoppable in the year 08, like we were in 07... R.I.P. to everybody that didnít make it to see 2008. We all miss you!!! Congratulations to my bro K Breeze and his fiancťe Robin. My bro got on one knee on Christmas day. Proud of you guys. Congrats to Jeremy Richardson on getting a NBA call up to the Memphis Grizzlies... My bro Marcus Williams ( New Jersey Nets) is back on the court from injury. Handle ya bizzness bro... So Imma holla at yíall next month. Sorry if my blog is too long, but who cares. Remember, GET MONEY OR GET LOST!!!


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Pooh da Jet Journey
by: Pooh Jeter
November 25, 2007
Wassup, this is Pooh Jeter, and I'm the newest member of DraftExpress.comís blog team. I signed a one year deal with DraftExpress for a million dollars. Yes, I said it, one milllllllliiiiiiiioooonn dollars to blog for them while I'm playing in Europe this year. I'm just joking about the million dollars part, I know u was saying 2 yourself "A MILLION DOLLARS, I need 2 start writing blogs if Pooh is getting paid a million dollars". Hahahahhaa.. I'm doing this for FREE dollars and I'm so excited about writing blogs this year. Since a lot of people don't know who I am, my first blog would be an introduction to who is Pooh Jeter???

My government name is Eugene Jeter III, and I was born December 2nd, 1983. I'm from GARDENA, California. I capitalize Gardena like that because it's time 2 put my city on the map. A lot of people in LA show us no love for some odd reason. Everybody around the world knows about other cities in LA like Compton, Inglewood, South Central, Watts, and etc. Don't get me wrong, I like all the cities in LA, but now it's time for GARDENA 2 get some love. SO GARDENA STAND UP!!!

My parents/best friends are Eugene and Gloria Jeter. I have one brother and two sisters.. My brotherís name is Demond. My sister's names are Carmelita and Simone. My sister Carmelita runs for the USA track team and she will be running in the Olympics next summer in the 100 meters and hopefully the 4 x4. She is currently 3rd fastest woman in the world and she isn't taking any drugs, ladies and gents.

I got the name Pooh from Grandma Ethel " Madia" White, R.I.P. She said I looked like a Pooh Bear when I was born, and the name Pooh stuck with me ever since. Everybody and they momma call me Pooh. The only time I hear the name Eugene is when I'm in trouble. I have a lot of nicknames: Pooh the Jet, Poohskee, Poohness, Eugenius, Pooh Snickens, PJ3, and Armor All (cuzz that black boy will always be shinning). And of course, you know the woman call me Pooh Bear. Just 2 get this straight.. My last name is JET-ER. Like the word Jet. Like I'm fast like a Jet. Not like Derek Jeter, pronounced GEEE-TER. Remember that I'm the JET. So say it with me, JET-ER!!

My pops and my cousins Ken Horton and Justin Love taught me how 2 play the game of basketball, and I've been loving the game ever since. My dad is from Detroit and he always had me watching Isiah Thomas and the Detroit Bad Boys. He told me to watch Isiah because he wanted me to play just like him. He wanted me be like Isiah or like Nate "Tiny" Archibald.

My cousin Ken is ten years older and we would always work out together. He even took me to play pickup games with his friends. Playing against older people when I was young helped me out a lot because they were stronger and better than me. I still had to prove that I belonged out there with them, because if I didn't, they wouldn't let me play with them anymore. My other cousin J Love is two years older than me and we used 2 play against each other a lot when I was young. He taught me how to do a lot of moves like Tim Hardawayís killer crossover.

I started playing at the Inglewood YMCA at the age of 5. My dad decided he wanted to coach me, so he took me out of the YMCA. He coached with Andy "The Hawk" Price, my best friendís (Boobie) dad at Denker Park located in South Central. Denker Park is where I developed my skills, and it got me ready to go to basketball camps. The first basketball camp my parents sent me to was the Bryon Scott camp. They sent me there so I could learn more about the game of basketball and to get away from them for about a week.

I went to the Bryon Scott camp for three years straight and won a lot of awards. At the Byron Scott camp, I met one of my closest friends till this day, Kevin Bell Jr. aka BJ, who is the starting point guard for Fresno State. His dad, Kevin Bell, saw BJ and I play against each other in camp. He wanted me to play on his AAU team back then, which was called KSWISS. I played for KSWISS for less than a year until coach Bell left.

After I left KSWISS, I went to play with VBA (Values for a Better America), coached by Dart Stamps. I was about 11 years when I started playing for VBA, later changed to TPI ( Top Prospects Inc). I got a lot better playing with TPI because I practiced against the best guards in my age group in the city (Brandon Heath and Jason McKinney), and we also played against the top teams in AAU national tournaments. When I was younger, I watched the top high school point guards in the city like Baron Davis, Jason Hart, and Kenny Brunner. Watching them play helped me a lot, because whatever they did on the basketball court, I would go home and work on it, so I could use it against my opponents. I wanted to get the same type of attention like they were getting.

I went to Junipero Serra High School in Gardena, CA. When school started my freshmen year, Coach Dwan Hurt let me train with the varsity team before the season started. I thought I was going to play Varsity my freshman year, but I guess I was wrong. Coach Hurt didn't want me to play Varsity my freshmen year, because I wouldn't get any playing time. He gave me the choice to play on the JV or freshmen team. I decided to play on the freshman team, because the coaches at the time were point guards when they played at Serra in the early 90's. I had a good freshman season and coach Hurt decided to move me up to Varsity for the playoffs. We were CIF Champs my freshmen and sophomore years, and we lost in the CIF championship my senior year.

I didn't really play AAU basketball during high school, because my AAU coaches didn't give me no playing time. I went to the Boo Williams and Peach Jam with Sports Express but I didn't get the chance to showcase my talents. During the summers, I played in high school tournaments with my high school team. I gave Compton Dominguez, one of the best teams in the country, 40 something points in the Carson summer league. They had a lot of D1 players on their team. The only person they were missing was Tyson Chandler. After that game, I was ranked a top five point guard on the West Coast by Pacwest Hoops, but I never got invited to the Nike or ABCD Camp.

My junior year, I went to the Superstar camp in San Diego, and that's where I was seen by some D1 schools. I didn't really get any exposure in high school, because I wasn't on the AAU circuit So I never got the chance to go to the top camps: Nike, ABCD, and NBA. And I didn't get to showcase my skills playing in the Las Vegas Big Time tourney or any other tourneys in the USA. All my friends got the chance to do all those things.

Since I didn't really play AAU basketball, Coach Hurt and I would work out all the time, so I could get ready for the next level. I also started working out with a well known trainer in LA by the name of Wayne Slappy. Slappy helped me with my shooting, ball-handling, and many other things. I put in a lot of hard work, which paid off my senior year of High School.. I averaged 23 points and 10 assists my senior, and was Del Rey league MVP. I started getting more attention from D1 schools in the Big West, Big Sky, and WCC. Gonzaga had a lot of interest in me, but my high school coach said they probably wanted to red shirt me my freshman year. I didn't want to red shirt my first year of college, because I felt I was ready to play. My friend Donald Wilson and I went on a visit to the University of Portland, and we felt that that would be a good spot for us. While on the trip, Donald and I committed to U of P.

My main problem in high school was the SAT and ACT. I took the SAT three or four times, and ACT twice. My grade point average in high school was over a 3.0, but I had problems passing those tests. At the time, I had a girlfriend that I was dating for a while, and I decided to break up with her so I could focus more on passing the test. I needed to pass this test because I didn't want to go the prep school or Junior College route. I had to buckle down and get straight to bizzness. All the studying paid off, and I found out that I passed my SAT the morning of graduation day. That was the best day of my life, because it was now official that I was going to college.

I went to the University of Portland, and that was the best experience of my life. I finally was away from LA, and now living on my own. I grew as a person and as a basketball player while in college. My head coach in college was Michael Holton. Coach Holton was the assistant coach at UCLA before he took the job at the University of Portland.

I went to the University of Portland for 2 reasons: #1, I wanted to be a part of this rebuilding process and put U of P on the map. And #2, coach Holton was an NBA point guard and I wanted to learn about being a point guard and leader from him. I want to be an NBA point guard, so why not learn from somebody that been in the league. Ya dig?

I never had a winning season in college. My best record was 15 and 15. We were always supposed to have good seasons, but it never went our way. Individually, I was all-conference three years straight, and top five in a lot of categories in Portland history, including the #2 scorer all-time. While in Portland, I worked out with one of our assistants almost every morning before class. I wanted to win and be the best player to ever come out of Portland.

On the weekends after the season, I would work out with some trainers in Portland like Beno, Erwin Cowan, and Howard Avery. The city of Portland produced some good guards, like Terrell Brandon, Damon Stoudamire, Salim Stoudamire, Brandon Brooks, and Aaron Miles.

When I went back home during the summers, I started working out with my blood-brother Baron Davis (AKA Boom Dizzle), Earl Watson, Jason Hart, Dijon Thompson, and with a few of my FAM bros Brandon Heath and Bobby Brown. We would work out two to three times a day, including playing pick-up games at UCLA with other pros. I also worked out with my cardio trainer Laurian Watkins of Pro Skills Sports Academy, and we would run on the sand Monday thru Thursday.

My game continued to got better, and better, and better, while working out with the names I said above. My basketball trainers are Rico Hines, Dart Stamps, and Rasheed Hazzard. Rico has taken my game to another level and always told me to "have peace with your game". He is currently a player development coach with the Golden State Warriors, and Rasheed Hazzard is an assistant coach with the LA D-Fenders in the D-League.

I didn't get an invite to go to the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament. Portsmouth is a camp for the top seniors in college basketball. I was in the office when coach Holton called somebody that runs Portsmouth, and they told him that they heard of me, but they thought some other guard was better than me. I didn't go to Portsmouth and I wasn't invited to the NBA pre-draft camp.

I still went to Orlando with my agency at the time, Life Sports Management, and we had private workouts in front of all the NBA teams for three days. In the workouts were Ryan Hollins, Guillermo Diaz, Alexander Johnson, Jamaal Williams, Jeremy Kelly, and myself. I did really good at the workouts. When I came back home, I worked out for the Lakers once and with the Sacramento Kings three times.

I didn't get drafted, but I already gave a commitment to play with the Kings in the Vegas Summer League. I played really well with the Kings, and I ended up signing a partially guaranteed contract with Sacramento for training camp. I was so pumped up and proud of me by signing with the Kings, because a lot of people didn't think I would make it that far. I love proving people wrong. It brings out the best in you. So I went to camp with the Kings, and did pretty well, but I was caught up in a numbers game and was released after the first preseason game against Dallas.

When I was released from the Kings, I was disappointed and hurt, but I couldn't let that bring me down. I went back home and worked out with one of my trainers, Rasheed Hazzard. Sheed was one my assistant coaches my senior year at UofP, but the staff was let go after my senior year. Sheed and I worked out every day at my high school before I went to the D-League. Coach Joe Wolf selected me in the 3rd round, 27th overall in the D-League draft, by the Colorado 14er's.

Going to the D-League was one of the best decisions I made so far in my life, instead of going overseas last year. It was my first year out of school, and I felt like I needed the right exposure to get this party started. We had a great team with the Colorado 14er's. We had a lot of players at that time come from NBA training camp (Von Wafer from the Lakers, Elton Brown from the Knicks, Mike Harris from the Bucks, Louis Amundson and myself from the Kings).

Our starting five all had the potential to get called up to the NBA. Von and Lou were the only people from the team to get an NBA call-up. A lot of people thought Elton and I were going to get called up, but it didn't happen. Of course, I wanted to get a call-up, but I couldn't let that stop me from accomplishing my goals. Before I went to the D-league, my main goal was to show everybody that I'm a true point guard, a winner, and that I'm the best point guard in the D-League. I felt I accomplished all my goals, except for losing in the championship game to the Dakota Wizards. I had a great year playing with the 14er's, and I got a lot of exposure. A lot of people said I was the spokesperson for the D-League, because I was on a lot of shows, and the commercial with Mikki Moore. I just want to thank the D-League and Coach Wolf for giving me the opportunity to showcase my skills and developing me into a good point guard.

When the D-league season was over, I went to Miami Heat mini-camp and I did real well against other D-League players. Coach Pat Riley invited me back to work out and get ready for summer league. I was in Miami for about three weeks until I had to go Torontoís mini-camp.

I was killing at the Toronto mini-camp. You can ask Coach Mitchell how I was playing, because he saying out loud "don't do them like that Big Fella". Jamario Moon was also at the mini-camp and he was ballin too. Aye Jamario, if you read this, I just want to say congrats on making the team and keep striving for excellence. I decided to play with the Kings again in summer league, and I played real cool. The Kings always wanted to play an up-tempo game and that's what I loved to do. I averaged 12 points, 3 rebounds, and 3 assists in the Vegas Summer League.

After my last game in Vegas against the Clippers, Dell Demps from the Spurs called me and ask me if I wanted to play three games with the Spurs in the Rocky Mountain Revue? I was like, of course. I averaged around the same type of stats I did in Vegas. I felt I had pretty good summer league.

After the summer league, Chris Albert and Brandon Barnett asked me if I wanted to go to China in August to play with the D-League Ambassadors, and of course I said yes. In China, we played against other national teams like Angola, New Zealand, Slovenia, Venezuela, and of course China. We came in third place in the Stankovic Cup, and that whole experience in China was great. When I got back home from China, a lot of NBA teams really wanted me to go to training camp, but they werenít going to guarantee me any money.

Since teams from the NBA weren't offering me no money to go camp, I had to look at my plan B options. Plan B was going across the H20, and I had a lot of offers from teams in Europe. Teams were offering me good money that I really couldn't pass up. I decided to head to the Ukraine to play for a team called BC Kyiv. BC Kyiv plays in the Ukraine Superleague, and in the ULEB Cup. The ULEB Cup is the second best league or cup in Europe. Itís right under the Euroleague. So far, my team is 8 and 0 in the Ukrainian league, and 3 and 0 in the ULEB Cup. We have to keep winning to accomplish our goals this season. Me being the point guard on this team, I have to make sure that we get the job done. The motto for now on is "GET MONEY OR GET LOST". Like Young Jeezy would say LETíS GET IT!!!


P.S... I would like to give a shout out to all my FAM Bros, BloodBrothers, 2G'D Music, GCE, Too Easy Entertainment, and to everybody that's grinding all over the world.. 2008 is our year.. Like my bro Kool Breeze would say "The movement is moving, we call it SKY'S THE LIMIT!!!

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