Abbreviation: BIL
Country: Spain
Domestic League: Spain - ACB
W-L: 14-18
05/14/2017 80 - 86 at Gran Canaria Gran Canaria
05/10/2017 64 - 75 vs Vitoria Vitoria
05/07/2017 76 - 80 at Canarias Canarias
04/30/2017 81 - 67 vs Andorra Andorra

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    Unlike the majority of international big man coming to the NBA, Axel Hervelle is much more of a physical-oriented athlete rather than an incredibly skilled player. He displays good athleticism, enjoying a good vertical and quickness that make him a very mobile paint player, always running up and down the court. His body looks decently strong, showing broad shoulders and a good frame to keep adding weight, and a nice wingspan.

    Hervelle is a high-energy guy. He’s very intense on the court, and never saves any effort playing the game. You can see him all over the court, running the break, going after any loose ball, flying to get a block, actively looking for the rebound, multiplying himself on defense, etc. Indeed, being a nice defender with an accurate lateral quickness, he excels on team defense. His sense of positioning is great, rarely committing any mistakes in defensive rotations. He’s particularly aggressive looking for the offensive rebound.

    On the offensive end, Hervelle moves reasonably well without the ball which allows him to get open looks near the basket. He also is working on his shot, being able to make the international three pointer with some accuracy. His mechanics aren’t bad, and his release is rather fast.

    The Belgian is a team player, a hard worker who always shows the right attitude.

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