Abbreviation: BUY
Country: Turkey
Domestic League: Turkey - TBL
W-L: 7-13
03/11/2018 67 - 87 at Gaziantep Gaziantep
03/04/2018 63 - 77 vs Anadolu Efes Anadolu Efes
02/10/2018 89 - 84 at Banvit Banvit
02/07/2018 77 - 90 vs Nevezis Nevezis

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  • Bracey Wright NBA Draft Scouting Report

    Mar 29, 2005, 06:03 am
    Wright is an extremely talented offensive player at the college level. He has had some absolute monster games against some very good competition over the course of his career. When his jump shot is going for him, he can put up 30 points easily on any given night. He is not only a three-point shooter, he also has a nice mid range game as well. He can get to the line and use pump fakes and a nice handle with either hand to work his way to the rim.

    Wright has been a consistent scorer in college for a long time and has proven he can put up numbers on offense on a semi-consistent basis. He is a good ball-handler and has become better at creating shots off the dribble since he was a freshman. He has a sneaky quickness about his game and because players have to respect his jump shot and play him close on defense, he can use that to his advantage to get around them at get to the basket.

    When he is in rhythm and has his jump shot going, it is a beautiful thing to watch. The ball won't even graze the rim. With his ability to hit jump shots from all areas of the court, it is very hard to stop him when he is on. He shoots the ball with very good rotation and he has a nice release on his shot. His shooting form is picture perfect and he can get it off in many different ways, including off the dribble. He already has some NBA moves to his game, baiting his defender into thinking he is going to the rim and then stepping back and elevating for the pull-up jumper off the dribble, using pump fakes, jab-steps and body fakes to his advantage and getting his man off-balance, and just showing off his talent and elegance in many different ways.

    He is also a decent rebounder for his size and has put up good rebounding numbers throughout his career. Part of the reason he rebounds so well is because he has a good wingspan and large hands for a 6-3 guard and he can palm a basketball relatively easy.

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