Abbreviation: CBC
Country: Spain
Domestic League: Spain - ACB
W-L: 23-12
05/28/2017 61 - 71 at Malaga Malaga
05/26/2017 73 - 67 vs Malaga Malaga
05/21/2017 65 - 79 at Malaga Malaga
05/14/2017 84 - 51 vs Manresa Manresa

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    Apr 23, 2005, 02:43 pm
    Possesses good size for an NBA point guard (if he can make the transition), with a strong upper body. Has good enough quickness to get to where he wants to get to on the floor. Possesses a solid handle which is good enough to make him a capable ball-handler in the NCAA.

    Dean's biggest strength at the NBA level is that he's a great shooter with excellent range and a quick release. He
    s also a good free throw shooter. When his jumpshot is on he is easily one of the top five shooters in America. He gets good lift on his jumpshot which allows him to get his shot off against virtually any guard in the college game.

    Dean is a competitive player who understands the game, although his feel is not one of a true point guard, but rather understands how to come off screens and manipulate his defender to get open looks at the basket.

    He flashes the ability to break his man down off the dribble, although nowhere nearly consistent enough to project him at the PG or SG position in the NBA. Shows the athletic ability to defend point guards and has the size and strength to defend the position at the next level. Has improved as a shooter in every season. Shows tremendous heart and desire as evidenced by his play in the regional final battling injuries to his ankle and leg.
  • 2005 Spanish King's Cup

    Feb 23, 2005, 01:40 am
    Another edition of the Spanish King's Cup, this time played in Zaragoza, and again a crowd of NBA scouts were there to check out some of the better international draft prospects and over-22 players. Luis Fernandez is here to tell us what they saw.
  • Euroleague: Youngsters Fighting for a Place Under the Sun

    Feb 18, 2005, 09:56 pm
    The Euroleague's regular season has just ended, and this is a good moment take a look back and see which draft prospects have performed the best over these last months at the highest level of European competition.
  • Fran Vazquez NBA Draft Scouting Report

    Jan 30, 2005, 07:25 pm
    Fran Vázquez is an athletic paint player who displays great speed and mobility, nice coordination and very good leaping ability. He's gifted with very long arms and decent strength despite his skinny appearance.

    On the offensive end, he takes advantage of his superior speed to beat the defense by running the break or using screens to get an open position. He plays quite well without the ball, particularly in pick and roll situations. He's a pretty explosive finisher: he can receive the ball and dunk it in a second. Perhaps his best offensive weapon is his jumper out to 12-14 feet, being able to deliver it with a slight fade-away movement, which, combined with his wingspan and vertical, makes his shots very difficult to stop. He also displays a semi-hook shot, which is very reliable and helps him to produce in the low post. He's also consistent from the free-throw line.

    On defense, he can be a good intimidator. Using his long arms and leaping ability with perfect timing, he gets a good amount of blocks on a regular basis. He has the physical tools, such as wingspan or quickness, and shows the right attitude to become a reliable defender. He's also a nice rebounder, getting many defensive boards thanks to his athleticism.

    Vázquez is a natural-born worker, always trying to get better, always improving on his weaknesses, and pretty intense on the floor. He's really serious about the game and shows great maturity and character; he doesn't hesitate if he's needed to lead his team. He knows his current limitations and plays under control.

    Given his physical profile and attitude, he still has lots of potential.

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