Abbreviation: CIB
Country: Croatia
Domestic League: Croatia - A-1 Liga
W-L: 10-4
02/11/2018 87 - 86 vs Igokea Igokea
02/05/2018 73 - 79 at Zadar Zadar
02/02/2018 97 - 80 at Split Split
01/30/2018 119 - 76 vs Jazine-Arbanasi Jazine-Arbanasi

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    Group B consists of Lithuania, Croatia, Turkey and Bulgaria, headlined by Utah Jazz big man Memo Okur, and former and future NBA draftees Roko Leni-Ukic, Cenk Akyol and Marko Tomas.
  • Marko Tomas NBA Draft Scouting Report

    Apr 22, 2005, 06:06 am
    (Kristian Hohnjec, April 2005):

    Tomas is very good all-round player with solid athletic abilities, and should be considered one of the best shooting prospects in this years draft.

    Marko has very good size for the SG position and is not undersized for the SF spot either at 6-7 3/4. He is a fluid player who enjoys a good vertical leap and is rather quick running the floor.

    As of right now, the best thing about Tomas as far as the NBA is concerned is his shooting ability, being considered one of the best shooters this part of the world has to offer for his age. He has great shooting mechanics and a very quick release on his jumper. He has good range and shouldn't have any problems adjusting to the NBA three point line, because he has shown many times this season that he can shoot the ball from well behind the European arc. His shot off the dribble is pretty accurate and he uses it quite often. The best part about his stroke is the fact that he needs very little space and time to get it off.

    He has shown some versatility this year in creating shots for himself as well as for his teammates at this level, as during the season he was forced to play the PG position at times and showed very decent, if not good court vision and passing skills. Although Tomas is the first offensive option on his team, he has very good shot selection and rarely forces bad shots.

    Tomas showed very solid defensive footwork and can be a very aggressive defender and rebounder on occasion. He is aggressive on the offensive glass and gets a few offensive rebounds every night. Thanks to his vertical leap he is able to block some shots from the weak side as well.

    Marko is a player who possesses great knowledge of the game and a high basketball IQ. The development that he has shown over last two seasons should tell you everything about his attitude and work ethic. Tomas is a pretty consistent player at this point who has shown that he can provide leadership on the court on a young team and take responsibility when the game is on the line, despite his young age.


    (Ivo Krka, May 2004): He's already a good basketball player at his young age. Has good size and quick feet. He's a good shooter, with a nice jump shot, which he can shoot either static or off the dribble. He can also put the ball on the floor. He has very good ball control, dribbles really well and causes lots of problems for the man defending him. His leaping abilities are quite good, he can dunk the ball in an attractive way, but he uses his dunks mainly on fast breaks. He's usually the first to run from one end of the court to the other in transition. His rebounding is excellent for an outside player, especially his offensive rebounding timing which is very good. His perimeter defense is OK, he has good footwork, but his defense in the passing lanes is what makes him a potentially very good defender, he anticipates opponent's passes well. He rarely causes turnovers, is very concentrated during the game and is a great teammate. He is a very gutsy player who doesn't give up.
  • Top NBA Prospects in the Adriatic League

    Apr 11, 2005, 07:45 pm
    It's no secret that the Balkans is the most prolific basketball talent pool outside of the United States, and the Adriatic League (or Goodyear League) hosts almost every serious draft prospect in the area. With the regular season recently finished, Kristian Hohnjec takes a look at the most promising players seen this year.

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