Abbreviation: DZU
Country: Lithuania
Domestic League: Lithuania - LKL
W-L: 6-13
01/14/2018 80 - 84 vs Nevezis Nevezis
01/06/2018 87 - 98 at Lietkabelis Lietkabelis
12/30/2017 74 - 85 vs Lietuvos Rytas Lietuvos Rytas
12/23/2017 60 - 72 at Zalgiris Zalgiris

Team Stats

Team GP Pts 2pt 3pt FT Rebounds Ast Stl Blk TO PF
M A % M A % M A % Off Def Tot

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    It’s pretty easy to realize about what Ciukinas brings to the table at first sight. He’s a tall and rather long player that enjoys great mobility. He has quite a good motor, and is capable of running the court almost like a deer, while enjoying pretty nice explosiveness and reactivity. His frame is not bad, even if he needs to work on his body.

    Beyond that, things get complicated. It’s not easy to find too many assets in his game beyond his physical attributes. On the offensive end, he looks for spaces to score near the basket, where he easily dunks in a very quick leap that shows his good reactivity. He performs pick & roll movements rather well, being quick in the process. He has an unorthodox semi-hook shot that helps him score in the paint against opposition. He can also hit the mid-range jumper, although without consistency at this point. Finishing fastbreaks is another option for him, given how well he runs the floor.

    On defense, he has quite good lateral movement for a paint player, and given his size, he displays some very nice tools to become reliable in this department. That size and his athleticism allow him to grab a decent amount of rebounds.