Abbreviation: BUD
Country: Montenegro
Domestic League: Adriatic
W-L: 19-10
04/04/2017 59 - 82 at Red Star Red Star
03/28/2017 63 - 57 vs Red Star Red Star
03/19/2017 67 - 82 at Red Star Red Star
03/13/2017 66 - 82 at Red Star Red Star

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    [c]Joakim Noah reminds us why we liked him so much to begin with last March[/c]
    A look at the prospects who helped themselves the most in the second day of games at the NCAA tournament.

    J.R. Reynolds, Chris Lofton and Sean Singletary started off the day right from the guards department as far as dominating offensive performances go, while Carl Landry, Joakim Noah, and Craig Bradshaw dominated the inside from the frontcourt. That and much much more in what turned out to be a phenomenal day of college basketball.

    Final Update
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  • NCAA Tournament: NBA Draft Stock Watch (Elite Eight, Sunday Games)

    Mar 26, 2006, 11:09 pm
    A look at the prospects who helped and hurt themselves the most in the eighth day of action in the NCAA tournament.

    Joakim Noah comes up with another monster stat-line leading his team to the Final Four. Marcus Williams loses, but continues to make a case to be the first point guard off the board. Al Horford shows that he?s not the only Florida big man with a wide array of skills. Hilton Armstrong teases once again but comes up short in the end. Allan Ray appears to be intent on shooting himself out of the draft. Those and much more in our eighth installment of the NCAA Tournament stock watch.
  • NCAA Tournament: NBA Draft Stock Watch (Sweet Sixteen, Friday games)

    Mar 25, 2006, 03:35 am
    A look at the prospects who helped and hurt themselves the most in the sixth day of action in the NCAA tournament.

    Marcus Williams establishes himself as the frontrunner for MVP of the NCAA tournament with yet another fantastic scoring and passing display. Joakim Noah shows off his half-court skills this time in a physical grind it out setting. Randy Foye carries his team to victory and shows why he might be the most talented shot-creating guard in the country at the moment. Rudy Gay and Allan Ray come up flat when their teams need them him the most. Those and much more in our sixth installment of the NCAA Tournament stock watch.
  • Marcus Williams (UConn) NBA Draft Scouting Report

    Mar 21, 2006, 04:39 am
    Williams has excellent size for an NBA point guard at 6-3, with a very well built body that allows him to take contact and maintain his poise and balance in tough situations. He has huge hands that help him both control the ball masterfully as well as make impossible passing angles look simple. Williams’ steering paws combined with his peripheral vision allow him to whip the ball using impossible angles to the sides or behind him with a quick swoop and great accuracy when other point guards would struggle getting the ball off their finger tips.

    Many consider Williams to be the best pure point guard in the country because of the poise he shows running UConn’s offense as well as his unselfishness, outstanding court vision and passing ability. He easily tops the point guard prospect rankings in assist to turnover ratio with a 2.42 average, coming in at 8.5 assists per game compared with 3.5 turnovers despite the fact that he was not available for the usually cupcake non-conference schedule that most point guards use to pad their stats.

    Williams sees things on the floor in half-court sets that most point guards don’t and reacts to them instantaneously rather than waiting for plays to develop. He’s perfected the art of the ideal pass down to a science, showing a wonderful assortment of styles and outstanding creativity in the process. The lost art of the post-entry pass is absolute cake for him, using quarterback to wide-receiver style lobs, fundamental bounce passes, full-court heaves or the more modern and ballsy two-handed alley-oop chest pass right to the rim.

    Williams loves to push the tempo of the game, so naturally in transition is where his stripes as a point guard really come out, as he organizes the break wonderfully, makes spectacular passes to his incredibly athletic frontcourt look easy, and knows how to put the ball in the cup himself if the pass isn’t there. He rarely gets rattled and usually makes the best possible decision available to him here.

    No point guard in the country knows his teammates’ strengths better than Williams does. He distributes the ball exactly the way Coach Jim Calhoun would want him to, rewarding his teammates after a strong rebound or nice defensive play with an easy bucket the next time down the floor to ensure they remain happy, keeping the morale of the team high in the process by making sure that everyone puts in maximum effort for every second they are on the court. That’s not easy when you have as much talent as UConn does this year, but Williams does a great job making sure everyone gets involved, particularly when it comes to his big men, who might otherwise starve for touches on most NCAA teams.

    No legit point guard prospect would be complete without outstanding ball-handling skills, and this is a part of his game that he’s improved remarkably in over the past few years. The left-handed Williams dribbles the ball confidently with either hand, always under control, averaging a surprisingly low number of turnovers considering the number of high risk passes he makes, largely due to the fact that he does not make many unforced errors handling the ball.

    Williams possesses a strong crossover that he uses to break down defenses, get his man off-balance and give himself space to get into the lane, a move that he executes wonderfully when his team’s half-court offense breaks down. In these instances he rarely gets fazed, being very patient making his way into the lane, taking his time, always with his head up surveying everything around him and doing a fantastic job of getting the ball to his athletic teammates approaching the rim for the easy two points. He has some shiftiness to his game here, changing gears, utilizing hesitation moves, throwing head-fakes or using screens to get by his man, which is a bit tougher for him considering his average first step.

    As the season has progressed he’s done a better job at going all the way to the rim (particularly going left) and finishing himself using his excellent strength, something that was absolutely necessary since some teams will prefer to play him this way rather than rotate and let Williams find the open man on the drive and dish, which as noted he is brilliant at.

    In other facets of his offensive game, Williams has shot the ball pretty well from 3-point range over the last two seasons, although this is something GMs will want to look more closely at in private workouts considering his limited amount of attempts. As a sophomore he shot a little over 40% from behind the arc on only two attempts per game, and as a junior he sits at 38% on about 2.5 attempts at the time of this report heading into the Sweet 16.

    At the free throw line Williams is excellent, being exactly the type of player you want to have with the ball in his hands in late-game situation. He’s improved his free throw shooting from 72% as a sophomore to 84.5% as a junior, being especially impressive in clutch/pressure-packed circumstances.

    In terms of his intangibles, we find mostly a mixed bag. On one hand Williams appears to be an extremely crafty player who understands the game, realizes his role, follows instructions and is an outstanding teammate both on and off the court. Experience-wise, he has competed and played well at the highest level of college basketball for the past three years despite the fact that he’s been ineligible for large chunks of that time. He has noticeably improved throughout his three years at UConn, actually being closer to playing only two full seasons because of academic and off the court issues.
  • NCAA Tournament: NBA Draft Stock Watch (round of 32, Sunday games)

    Mar 20, 2006, 02:55 am
    A look at the prospects who helped and hurt themselves the most in the fourth day of action in the NCAA tournament.

    Patrick O?Bryant announced his presence to the national audience with a career high 28 points and an unlikely Sweet 16 berth. Two players by the name of Marcus Williams help their draft stock out with terrific individual performances, one in a winning effort and one for the losers. Rajon Rondo likely finishes up his career at Kentucky with a solid all-around performance concluding in a loss. LaMarcus Aldridge comes up extremely flat for Texas but still sees his team win emphatically without him. Those and much more in our fourth installment of the NCAA Tournament stock watch.
  • In Case You Missed It...the Top Weekly Performers, 2/20-2/27

    Feb 28, 2006, 03:19 am
    Another edition of the Top Weekly Performers, which means another batch of under the radar and slightly controversial NBA draft prospects.

    Shawn James of Northeastern is on pace to break the single season NCAA shot-blocking record; Alan Daniels is toiling in obscurity in Texas, but is still finds a way to score 40+ points for the second time this season; Marcus Williams puts up the first UConn triple-double since Emeka Okafor on his way to a massive week for his team; Daniel Horton is doing his best to make the scouts forget about his inconsistency and off the court problems with an impressive 39 point performance; and Glen Davis continues to make his case for first team All-America honors by helping his team wrap up the SEC regular season championship in style.

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