Abbreviation: KAL
Country: Estonia
Domestic League: Estonia - KML
W-L: 4-0
04/23/2017 95 - 98 vs Zenit St Petersburg Zenit St Petersburg
04/16/2017 75 - 86 at Kuban Kuban
04/06/2017 68 - 67 at Tartu Ulikool Tartu Ulikool
04/03/2017 68 - 100 at CSKA Moscow CSKA Moscow

Team Stats

Team GP Pts 2pt 3pt FT Rebounds Ast Stl Blk TO PF
M A % M A % M A % Off Def Tot

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  • NBA Scouting Reports: Filling in the Blanks- the Centers

    Aug 20, 2009, 08:00 pm
    With these scouting reports, we take a look at players moving into their fourth year in the NBA as well as some others that gained experience elsewhere before coming to the NBA. As we found when we identified which players from the 2005 draft were still in the NBA, the trajectory of a players career is often unpredictable, which is why we opted to wait until these players were transitioning out of their rookie contracts to gauge their progress.
  • Josh Boone NBA Draft Scouting Report

    Jun 19, 2006, 11:46 pm
    Boone is an athletic big man who runs the floor extremely well and possesses very good quickness and footspeed. He moves well for a player his size in all directions, especially laterally. He is a very good leaper off one foot, but is just average off two feet. Physically, he has an excellent frame that will carry about as much weight as needed, with broad shoulders, strong legs and an excellent wingspan. His wide body and low base allows him to establish position deep in the post for rebounds or occasional garbage points around the hoop. He is not a soft player and does not seem to have too much of a problem throwing his body around. He has solid fundamentals and is generally a very intelligent player with a good court demeanor when things are going well.

    Offensively, he is limited, but his length, strength and hands allows him to score some points on occasion inside the paint, and especially in transition with how hard he runs the floor. From baseline to baseline, there are few big men who are quicker than Boone in this draft, and it wasn’t rare at all to see him get out in the open floor and beat guards down the court. He is also a solid interior passer who knows how to make the simple pass to give his teammate the easy bucket. All in all, he is an unselfish player who doesn’t mind living on scraps and doesn’t need to be a focal point of his team’s offense to be effective.

    As a rebounder is where he is likely most attractive initially. He has all the physical tools to become a factor here, including an above average wingspan, outstanding hands, quickness, timing, and an excellent knack for anticipating where the ball will end up next. The offensive glass is where he shines the most; as almost 50% of his rebounds over his three year college career have come from there.

    Boone is also an excellent defender, featuring terrific footwork, a fundamentally sound defensive stance and imposing positioning immediately when his man gets the ball. He will bump his chest right into him and glide quickly laterally from left to right. He has a good understanding of the game here, showing very well on the pick and roll and knowing when to rotate on help defense inside the paint. His quick hands and feet along with his length make him a threat to disrupt the post entry pass and come up with the steal on any given possession.

    In terms of intangibles, Boone is intelligent both on and off the court, being both an excellent student and a solid citizen. He will do the little things in order to win, and does not have much of an ego like some top NCAA players from large programs too. In terms of his resume, it’s hard to argue with his credentials. He’s won about as many games as any junior in this draft, was a three year starter at arguably the best college basketball program in America, played under an outstanding coach, and has numerous accolades under his belt.
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    A look at the prospects who hurt themselves the most or didn't do anything to their stock in the third day of action in the NCAA tournament.

    Dee Brown finishes his college career on a sour note in a loss to Washington. Ron Steele exits but not before he shows the entire country that one of the best PGs in America will be playing for Alabama next season. Adam Morrison struggles badly from the field but still manages to advance to the Sweet 16. Marco Killingsworth is eliminated from the tournament after not disappointing in his last game against Gonzaga.
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  • Marco Killingsworth NBA Draft Scouting Report

    Mar 03, 2006, 10:15 pm
    The wide-bodied and skilled big man is a load to handle in the post at the NCAA level.

    Killingsworth’s physical attributes land mostly in the “weaknesses” section of this scouting report, but he does have excellent strength and a very strong base that he uses extremely well to accomplish what he does at the college level.

    Offensively, Killingsworth is a man amongst boys in the NCAA. He establishes good, deep position on the block, and has extremely soft hands to make tough catches, as well as terrific footwork and a very soft touch around the basket. When he gets the ball in position to go to work with his back to the basket, he usually gets the job done for his team, to the tune of 17 points a game on 55% shooting. Killingsworth is left-handed which makes him very tough to contain when he has his man pinned around the hoop. He gets very low to the ground, showing great balance, and uses his rock-solid trunk to create space for himself, being able to spin to either shoulder and finish with a wide array of moves and with either hand off the glass, particularly with a beautiful jump-hook or sky-hook shot. He’s smooth, confident, smart, very patient, fundamentally sound and always knows exactly where he is in the post.

    In terms of rebounding, Killingsworth gets the job done reasonably well mainly because of his ability to box-out his man effectively and make tough catches thanks to his terrific hands. He is a tough player who is not afraid to stick his nose in and make the extra effort to come away with a rebound.

    Killingsworth is generally a smart player who appears to know his limitations, showing a solid understanding of the game and knowing how to maximize his ability at the collegiate level. He displays nice skills passing out of the post to find the open man when he’s committed to playing a team game.