Abbreviation: TIV
Country: Russia
Domestic League: VTB United
W-L: 22-9
05/31/2017 66 - 74 vs CSKA Moscow CSKA Moscow
05/28/2017 71 - 84 at CSKA Moscow CSKA Moscow
05/26/2017 95 - 101 at CSKA Moscow CSKA Moscow
05/12/2017 84 - 79 at UNICS UNICS

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  • Mardy Collins NBA Draft Scouting Report

    Mar 21, 2006, 05:42 pm
    A legit 6-6 point guard. Mardy Collins has great size for the position, and unlike many converted wing to point prospects, really plays like one too. He is not a spectacular athlete, but is highly fluid in his movements, has extremely quick feet and outstanding instincts.

    Collins is a highly unselfish player that controls tempo and plays the game with tremendous poise and patience. He’s a coach’s dream since he always plays within himself, never forces things and rarely makes unforced errors. Being smart and fundamentally sound, he seems to have a great understanding of the game; knowing when to look for his shot and when to get his teammates involved.

    He has very good playmaking skills, running his team's halfcourt offense to perfection and executing extremely well. His court vision is excellent, utilizing his height to see the entire floor and being able to make passes that most shorter point guards just can’t, particularly into the post. His passing skills aren’t particularly flashy, as he’s more of your fundamental bounce pass-type who just gets the job done effectively. Typically strict Hall of Fame coach John Chaney appears to trust him with eyes closed.

    Collins is an excellent ball-handler as well, dribbling the ball low to the ground with an array of hesitation moves and great confidence. Despite having just an above average first step, he is able to create his shot with ease at the college level thanks to all the many tricks he has in his arsenal, by using his head more than he does his feet. His ability to change gears and keep his man on his heels thanks to his assortment of head and body fakes helps him out greatly in this area. He has a strong crossover that he likes to use to get defenders off balance and either slash to the hoop, possibly using a spin-move, or pull up for the jump shot from mid-range, especially right around the free throw line. Once he gets to the rim he finishes creatively, utilizing his strength and toughness as well as his craftiness to usually score with a layup off the glass, and being just as effective after taking contact.

    Collins loves to post up his man right on the edge of the paint or starting at the free throw line. His strength, footwork and overall intelligence help him out greatly here, being able to either find the open man if the double team comes, pull up for a turnaround jumper, or make his way all to the way to the basket.

    Even though his perimeter shot is not particularly effective, it isn’t because of flawed mechanics or anything of that nature. Collins gets nice elevation on his jump shot, has a pretty high, albeit slow, release and looks smooth delivering his jumper. He is more effective from mid-range at the moment than he is from long-range, but considering his mechanics and his excellent work-ethic, it wouldn’t surprise anyone to see him become an acceptable shooter from behind the arc in the NBA down the road. Right now he is forced to take too many tough, contested perimeter shots at the end of the shot-clock because of Temple’s archaic style of offense, something that obviously hurts his shooting percentages. Being the type of player who doesn’t seem to give a damn about his stats, this doesn’t appear to really bother Collins since that’s just what his coach asks him to do.

    Another attractive part of his game is his defensive ability. Collins plays at the top of John Chaney’s trademark matchup zone, and has established himself as one of the top ball-hawks in the country over the past four years. He has superb hands and outstanding anticipation skills, and his excellent footwork, wingspan and lateral movement do the rest. He gets his hands on a huge amount of deflections every game, coming up with steals, blocks and igniting the fast break for his team and often finishing it himself. He's also a solid rebounder for his position, averaging just under 5 per game on the year.

    Collins is a very experienced basketball player, starting in every game for Temple since he stepped on campus. He keeps himself in fantastic shape, playing the full 40 minutes for his team more often then not, even as a Sophomore, but especially as a Junior and Senior, usually looking as if he isn't breaking a sweat.

    Collins’ intangibles are outstanding, possessing fine leadership skills and an excellent demeanor on the floor. He’s an intelligent player both on and off the court who does exactly what’s asked of him by his coaches.
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