Abbreviation: MAN
Country: Spain
Domestic League: Spain - ACB
W-L: 5-27
05/14/2017 51 - 84 at Canarias Canarias
05/10/2017 94 - 91 vs Zaragoza Zaragoza
05/07/2017 66 - 100 at Joventut Joventut
05/04/2017 80 - 91 vs Real Madrid Real Madrid

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    Luksa Andric is a raw big man with intriguing potential who showed flashes of brilliance in his rookie season in the Euroleague, Adriatic and Croatian Leagues.

    Andric has decent physical attributes, listed at 6-10 (209cm) with a pretty good wingspan for the power forward position. Luksa is a very agile player who runs the floor pretty fast and moves his feet well on defense. Andric also has the ability to get off the floor and finish strong around the hoop. Luksa already has better body strength than most players his age in Europe and his frame looks very good, so adding more weight shouldn’t be a problem for him.

    Offensively, Andric was a non-factor in his team’s game for most of the season, but is showing some intriguing skills lately by being Cibona’s best scorer in the first three games of the Croatian championship. He has a nice jumper with the range out to the international three-point line and is able to hit it on a good clip when given time and space. His mechanics look rather solid, but he doesn’t get the opportunity to show it off much in the game since he is strictly a utility player in the team concept at this point. Occasionally Andric shows the ability to score with his back to the basket, exhibiting a nice spin move and half-hook shot.

    On defense, Andric has all the tools to become a very good defender at least at the European level. As mentioned, he has quick feet and good length, but also shows great intensity and aggressiveness, something that is usually not in common with European bigs. He is very active as a help defender often switching on smaller players on the perimeter and being able to disrupt them from getting into the lane. Andric shows the tenacity and willingness to go after balls in the paint, making him along with his athletic ability a capable rebounder, especially on the offensive end where he has a nose for the ball and often gets a rebound or tip-in by just being in the right place at the right time.

    Andric is an energy player; a hustler, always giving everything he has on the floor and earning coach Anzulovic’s praise for his attitude more often than any of his teammates. He is a hard worker and solid citizen on and off the court.
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    Balkan Scout Kristian Hohnjec provides us with a thorough update on what has traditionally been the most intriguing International league in the world for European draft prospects--the Goodyear Adriatic League.

    Hohnjec explains the struggles the league is going through at the moment and breaks down the top NBA draft prospects that are found here, including Ante Tomic, Goran Dragic, Uros Tripkovic, Yotam Halperin, Damir Markota and many others.
  • Zagreb Prospects Old and New Make Early Impact

    Oct 11, 2005, 01:46 am
    Yesterday a very interesting game draft-wise was seen at Trnsko in Croatia as Cibona Zagreb easily beat KK Zagreb 87:73 in the first round of the Adriatic league. Damir Markota played perhaps his best game ever in a Cibona jersey and was the team?s best player on the floor along with former Ohio State star Scoonie Penn. Ante Tomic opened in the starting lineup for Zagreb?s senior team for the first time ever in his young career. Three new guys on the block also introduced themselves in Kruno Simon, Luksa Andric and Ivan Papac, all showing that they have a lot to improve on before they'll get serious consideration for a draft spot, but displayed some intriguing size and potential regardless. Aleksandar Ugrinoski didn?t get off Cibona?s bench.
  • The European Junior (U-18) Championships: The Centers

    Sep 05, 2005, 05:30 pm
    We finally arrive to the most prized pieces, the seven footers. The object of the biggest desires for many teams, but at the same time, a frequently risky proposition. Everybody wants the next Gasol, but nobody wants to mix up with the next Frederic Weis. Indeed we?ve seen some great kids in Belgrade in terms of potential, but none of them is free from serious concerns. Only time will tell, we can just guess.

    We?ve addressed every player in the neighborhood of seven feet in this ?centers? article, even if some may end up playing power forward. The bunch featured in this chapter enjoys easily the biggest NBA draft potential among the positions dealt in this articles series. Take a look, and you?ll see why?
  • L'Hospitalet Tournament: Searching for New Talent

    Jan 09, 2005, 07:35 pm
    L'Hospitalet Tournament is back. The junior competition that has recently hosted the likes of Sergio Rodríguez, Rudy Fernández, Josh Smith, Rajon Rondo or Erazem Lorbek, added last week another edition to its bright history, while bringing up new names to take into account for the future. Draftcity's Luis Fernández was there.

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