Abbreviation: MOG
Country: Brazil
Domestic League: Brazil - NBB
W-L: 11-3
01/17/2018 82 - 73 vs Sorocabana Sorocabana
01/09/2018 71 - 77 at Flamengo Flamengo
01/07/2018 82 - 65 at Minas Minas
01/03/2018 80 - 84 vs Paulistano Paulistano

Team Stats

Team GP Pts 2pt 3pt FT Rebounds Ast Stl Blk TO PF
M A % M A % M A % Off Def Tot

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  • Caio Torres NBA Draft Scouting Report

    May 22, 2005, 08:29 pm
    Caio Torres is a true big man; just a hair under seven feet, surprisingly strong given his age, coordinated, and with some really nice budding skills to compliment that package.

    Caio is a pretty good scorer. He can be a force both in the low post or from mid-range area. Near the basket, he shows a pretty good post-up game. He takes advantage of his body to establish position and receive the ball, then moves rather well around the post thanks to his decent footwork, while making good use of his big body. He is able to put the ball on the floor if needed, often to release a one-handed shot over his rival thanks to a soft touch (using both hands if he's not close enough to the basket), even with a slight fade-away movement if necessary. He feels rather comfortable there and doesn't force the issue, so if he doesn't see a clear option, he'll prefer to swing the ball out again. Indeed, he's not a bad passer at all from the post. So we're talking about a player with the ability to play consistently from the post for himself and for his team, which is quite a valuable characteristic these days.

    Facing the basket, his weapon of choice is the mid-range jumper. He has range out to close to the international three-point line, and shows decent mechanics and quickness in the process. Of course, it's strictly a static shot, typical of a player his size.

    Thanks to his size, bulk, and 7-3 wingspan, he has the potential to become a nice defensive presence in the paint.

    Caio seems to be a smart kid. He shows a quick mind, the ability to make good decisions, whether to pass the ball or to look for his own scoring option, and an understanding of the game. He doesn't feel intimidated if he plays against older players, being rather mature for his age.