Abbreviation: MTY
City: Monterrey
Country: Mexico
Domestic League: Mexico - LNBP
W-L: 43-7
04/03/2017 82 - 68 vs Mexicali Suns Mexicali Suns
03/31/2017 70 - 90 at Mexicali Suns Mexicali Suns
03/29/2017 73 - 68 at Mexicali Suns Mexicali Suns
03/28/2017 86 - 84 at Mexicali Suns Mexicali Suns

Team Stats

Team GP Pts 2pt 3pt FT Rebounds Ast Stl Blk TO PF
M A % M A % M A % Off Def Tot

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    Akindele possesses an outstanding body for an NBA center. He has great size for the position at around 7 feet tall, a fantastic wingspan and a picture perfect frame. In terms of physical attributes, and on first glace, he looks the part of a legit NBA center. He's a bit skinny at the moment, but that shouldn't be a concern at all since he has wide shoulders and plenty of room to add lots of strength once he starts hitting the NBA weight rooms.

    Beyond that, Akindele is simply a fantastic athlete for a player his size. He is extremely quick off his feet and is a very good leaper, which, combined with his outstanding reach, makes him an excellent shotblocking threat. He is an extremely fluid player who gets up and down the floor with ease and moves from side to side effortlessly. He has no coordination problems at all in terms of the way he moves and reacts to things. On top of that, his footspeed is excellent, and he is extremely quick to get to whichever spots he wants to on the floor (from the post to the perimeter in the blink of an eye for example) and when he wants to, can beat most Mid-Con guards down the floor on the break.

    Because of the physical attributes noted above, Akindele can (sometimes) catch a pass in the post, receive and dunk in one quick and fluid motion, get off the floor to sky for rebounds, and really intimidate opponents around the rim, especially in the conference he plays in.

    Defensively, his lateral quickness is excellent, and he is extremely quick to rotate and make slashers think twice about putting up something soft that he can just swat away.