Abbreviation: MOUNT
Country: USA
Arena: Knott Arena ( Emmitsburg , MD )
Domestic League: NCAA D-I
Conference: Northeast
W-L: 14-13
02/17/2018 74 - 69 at Sacred Heart Sacred Heart
02/15/2018 79 - 80 vs Fairleigh Dickinson Fairleigh Dickinson
02/10/2018 77 - 79 at Bryant Bryant
02/08/2018 71 - 57 at CCSU CCSU

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    Sep 01, 2004, 05:56 pm
    As a low-post scorer, Gomes already has NBA-caliber footwork on the low block, enabling him to make up for a lack of height among the trees. And when he's clearly outsized, he possesses the ability to back out and hit the tough bank shot or the midrange jumper. He's much like Wayne Simien of Kansas in that regard. Gomes' low-post positioning is second to none among forwards in the college game. Aggressive on the boards, it is his footwork and positioning that gives him the edge boxing out bigger foes. This ability to find where the ball is going gives him better angles down low. This, in turn, allows him to get offensive rebounds, which he did at better than a three-per-game clip this season. Gomes is an even better defensive rebounder, and is extremely consistent for a guy listed at 6'7, averaging over six a game.

    Gomes has great touch on both the midrange jumper and the bank off the glass. His range, while not to NBA-three range yet, is improving. He hit 33% of his threes this season (29 total) after hitting none his sophomore year.

    Finally, NBA scouts no doubt notice that Gomes lives at the free throw line. This year, he hit 87% of his free throws, knocking down a whopping 134, more than double the number made by any of his Providence teammates. For good measure, Gomes also led his team in scoring, rebounding and steals.

    While some draft prospects might have better natural athleticism, few will outwork Gomes on the low block. He's a hard worker who makes defenses stay on task the whole game.

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