Abbreviation: NZN
Country: Russia
Domestic League: VTB United
W-L: 8-16
04/16/2017 52 - 77 at Minsk Minsk
04/09/2017 76 - 72 vs Astana Astana
04/02/2017 90 - 99 vs Khimki Khimki
03/26/2017 84 - 75 at Parma Parma

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    [c]Greece celebrates its triumph (Photo: rhein-neckar-sport)[/c]

    DraftExpress spent a few days in Mannheim enjoying the Albert Schweitzer Tournament, a sort of unofficial world junior championship. However, this description couldn't be further from reality this time, there was just too much missing talent, both in terms of teams and players. Regardless, Greece won the competition and Nikos Pappas a well-deserved MVP. And we take a look at some of the most interesting players seen there.
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    The top two high school prospects in the state of Florida met up this past weekend when District 14-3A rivals American Heritage and Pine Crest clashed in an intriguing matchup in the city of Fort Lauderdale. Brandon Knight, considered by some to be the top sophomore in the entire country, and Kenny Boynton, a top-10 ranked junior according to Scout and, went at it in front of a packed gym of rowdy Pine Crest students and fascinated high school hoops junkies.
  • L’Hospitalet 2008: Balkan Dominance

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    FMP Zeleznik came up victorious in the L’Hospitalet Tournament for the second year in a row, this time an excellent edition pretty much dominated by Balkan players. Indeed, the semifinals were composed of the Serbian champions FMP, Cibona Zagreb, and two Balkan-led Spanish teams: Nihad Djedovic’s F.C.Barcelona and Nikola Mirotic’s Real Madrid. Mirotic himself was named MVP, emerging in the process as one of the most intriguing young prospects in Europe. In this first article we’ll take a look at the most interesting players from the former Yugoslavia seen in the competition.
  • U-18 European Championship: The Wings

    Aug 31, 2007, 11:58 am
    [c]Edwin Jackson (Photo: FIBA Europe)[/c]
    Although two of the players featured here, Edwin Jackson and Dairis Bertans, were rightfully rewarded with all-tournament-team honors, you won?t find any clear-cut top NBA prospects on this list. The superb streak of small forward projects seen in the 1987 and 1988 classes hasn?t found continuity in the 89/90 age groups. It?s mostly a collection of promising shooters that should be able to feed the European ranks with firepower for years to come.
  • L’Hospitalet 2007: Reflections of A Poor Class

    Jan 11, 2007, 05:37 pm
    For the third straight season, has attended the very prestigious L?Hospitalet Tournament, one of the most important youth events in Europe. This has been well reflected by the increasing number of NBA teams following the competition. By our fallible accounts, no less than seven NBA franchises were represented.

    Unfortunately, this hasn?t resulted in a particularly interesting edition; actually, it probably qualifies as the poorest in several years. However, an excellent final, where FMP Zeleznik brilliantly beat Real Madrid, came to rescue the tourney from mediocrity and left a final sweet taste.
  • U-16 European Championship: Rubio Rules

    Aug 19, 2006, 12:20 pm
    DraftExpress took in four days of competition this past week at the U-16 European Championship. We?re talking about a terrific chance to make first contact today with kids who might eventually become the stars of tomorrow. Like last summer, we?ve decided to apply a restrictive criteria when talking about these young guys, although spreading a little bit around the amount of players featured. Seven teenagers are highlighted here, but it?s important to stress that every single of them is currently just about potential, and nothing else. Hard work, humbleness, good attitude, that?s the way to keep improving and fulfilling that potential.

    Leading the pack is the very hyped Ricky Rubio, who is in the pole position for the MVP award after what?s so far been an amazing performance in this tournament. Also deserves special mention is the amount of quality big guys seen this year, contrary to what happened last summer. And we don?t want to forget the improved organization from the past edition, likely due to the more active presence of FIBA Europe.
  • Dijon Thompson NBA Draft Scouting Report

    Apr 16, 2005, 05:34 pm
    Dijon Thompson has a very nice overall offensive package, including length, athleticism, and scoring tools.

    The most appealing thing about Thompson's game is his ability to create his own shot. While he's always shown the raw tools of a go-too scorer, this was the season that Thompson really began to make things happen for himself. He has a beautiful mid-range jumper that he will utilize in a variety of ways, whether it's a dribble-drive and pull-up, or backing his man down and turning around from 15 feet. He also uses his length to float the ball into the basket a bit closer to the rim.

    Overall, Thompson just knows how to get his shot off, and is just as comfortable shooting the ball fading away or on the move as he is from a set position. This is the skill that could potentially make Thompson some money in the NBA.

    Nonetheless, Thompson also has a very nice outside jumper. He will hit it when spotting up open on the wing, or with a man in his face. When he hits a few jumpers early, Thompson can really light it up, as a 39-point outburst on 13-18 shooting against Arizona State will attest. He can really put points up in a hurry this way, as he can be cold for large portions of a game but will then hit several in a row over the course of just a few plays.

    Physically, Thompson has ideal size for an NBA wing, coming in at a fairly solid 6'7. He's not going to blow you away with a dynamite first step, but he is very crafty off the dribble and has that smooth athleticism that many great scorers utilize. Given his length, he certainly has the athletic tools to get by in the NBA.

    While Thompson has often been derided for a lack of focus and effort (especially on the defensive end), this is an area where he has dramatically improved. Last season's attempt to enter the draft didn't go so well, and Thompson must have taken it to heart. As one of the few seniors on the team and one of the last remnants of the Steve Lavin era, Thompson picked up his consistency and intensity on both ends of the floor this season, and was a veteran leader on an NCAA tournament team. Not many people would have expected that from Thompson coming into the year.

    One area where this really shows up is his rebounding, where he went from averaging 4.9 per game to 8.3 per game in roughly the same amount of playing time. While he can be considering anything but a good defender, Thompson at least put it some effort on that end of the floor as well.

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