Abbreviation: NZN
Country: Russia
Domestic League: FIBA Europe Cup
W-L: 10-5
03/21/2018 76 - 86 at Venezia Venezia
03/18/2018 79 - 78 vs Astana Astana
03/14/2018 71 - 61 vs Keravnos Keravnos
03/07/2018 77 - 62 at Keravnos Keravnos

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  • An American Perspective on Europe: The Big Men (Part One)

    Jun 25, 2006, 02:44 am
    In part one of our four part article about the top International prospects in this year?s draft, we?ll look at three power forwards who are projected in various spots in our mock draft. Andrea Bargnani is a name that has become well known to NBA draft fans everywhere over the past two years, and he carries the torch as far as European prospects in this draft are concerned. Joel Freeland was unknown to most NBA scouts up until two weeks ago, but he too might end up cracking the first round if the buzz from his latest batch of workouts is any indication. Vladimir Veremeenko is probably the one that NBA GMs heard first of any player on this list, but as is all too often the case, waiting too long to enter the draft has hurt him in the eyes of scouts when considering the lack of significant improvement he?s shown since he first emerged.
  • Vladimir Veremeenko NBA Draft Scouting Report

    Feb 02, 2005, 02:15 pm
    The arrival of Dirk Nowitzki to the NBA has brought an increasing demand and expectation for similar shooting ability from any European big man who has followed him since. And while this pattern is frequently false, as good of a stroke of many of those guys might have, in the case of Vladimir Veremeenko we're talking about a true sniper. The Russian enjoys one of the quickest releases amongst forwards you will find anywhere; it's automatic and very reliable from mid-range distances. He can make it off the dribble, while squaring himself for a balanced shot, and almost never in a wild fashion.

    Fortunately, Veremeenko is not just a one-dimensional player. Standing 6-11, he takes advantage of his great mobility and coordination from the power forward position.

    He runs the court very well, and enjoys a very good first step and nice handles that allow him to penetrate, giving him the ability to punish his defender with his superior quickness. He can also produce from the low post, although he usually looks for a turnaround jumper in those situations.

    Veremeenko understands the game pretty well. You can feel it while watching him pass the ball, quickly and to the right place, or just by observing his efficient movement without the ball while looking for room to operate.

    He's quite a nice team defender, careful with rotations and sometimes even energetic while trying to come up with a block from the weak side, showing a nice vertical leap and good timing. He has good lateral quickness for the power forward spot as well.
  • 2004 Reebok Euro Big Man Camp

    Jun 03, 2004, 01:00 am
    This year's edition of the Euro Big Man Camp took place in the La Ghirada Sporting Complex in Treviso. The camp brought together some of the most promising young big men in Europe from ages 16-24 for a three day training session with some of the best coaches in the world. Every single NBA team was represented, and many of the sessions were taught by NBA personnel like Nuggets GM Kiki Vanderweghe, Dallas VP of Basketball Operations Donnie Nelson, and former Cleveland and San Antonio player Danny Ferry, among others. Scouts and GMs were on hand along with DraftExpress to watch these young big men show their skills and to analyze their NBA potential.

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