Abbreviation: PMS
Country: Greece
Domestic League: Greece - GBL
W-L: 10-16
04/13/2017 62 - 66 at Koroivos Koroivos
04/10/2017 53 - 72 vs Olympiakos Olympiakos
04/01/2017 81 - 57 vs Kymis Kymis
03/25/2017 75 - 78 at PAOK PAOK

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    While the teams from Europe, South America, Asia and Canada surely added to the level of competition and made this camp all the more intriguing, the focus of the week definitely seemed to be on the American high schoolers. With the rather pedestrian 2009 class not represented all that well, the much more naturally talented 2010 class (reinforced by two 2011 players) was able to knock them off in the final game, showcasing better team spirit and chemistry and looking to have far more future NBA talent at its disposal. For the 09 group, Derrick Favors was here, largely in spirit only, which allowed us to take a more in-depth look at Dexter Strickland than we’ve previously been able to. We also throw in our two cents on Peyton Siva, Christian Watford, G.J. Vilarino and Junior Cadougan.
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    DraftExpress got a chance to sit in at the Spalding HoopHall Classic this past weekend and got a glimpse of some of the finest High School level players in the country. There were some excellent performances turned in by a number of players, certainly some future professional talent amongst the participants.

    The following breakdown will list out the top 15 performances in terms of overall production and pro potential. While there were some players who produced statistically superior games than others, the skill set used to accomplish those numbers and the overall physical attributes/limitations of each player factor heavily into this analysis. The First Team is a list of the players that appeared most ?pro-ready? with the Second and Third Teams rounding out the rest of the field in order.

    Obviously, the structure and developmental training at the collegiate level may drastically increase of decrease the learning curves of these players. This is just a synopsis of where they stand now.
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    May 18, 2006, 02:31 am
    DraftExpress spent the past weekend traveling up the beautiful west coast of Florida to visit two of the most prestigious NBA draft training facilities in America, IMG academy in Bradenton and Five Star Pro Training in Clearwater.

    We had the chance to take an in-depth look at many prospects for this draft, weeks before the NBA will, including Patrick O'Bryant, Kyle Lowry, Alexander Johnson, Guillermo Diaz, Yemi Nicholson, Rashad Anderson, and others. This report will focus on the second gym we visited, IMG Academy, where we watched one day of workouts.
  • Rashad Anderson NBA Draft Scouting Report

    May 10, 2006, 03:00 am
    Anderson is a catch and shoot offensive specialist. He is very effective at coming off screens, catching the ball and getting his shot off, all in one quick, fluid motion. He knows how to use screens properly to free himself for open jump shots. He is very smart at running the wings aggressively on the break and can be very dangerous in transition because of it. His off the ball movement is absolutely superb.

    Anderson has one of the prettiest jump shots in this year’s draft. Even though a majority of his shots will come from behind the 3-point line, after you see his jumper you can see why that is the case. Anderson gets great elevation on his jump shot, jumping higher than most shooters off the ground and because of that his release point is higher and thus becomes more difficult to block. His footwork is superb, allowing him to hit step-back threes, short pull-ups, and other jump-shots that make him more than just a threat on the catch and shoot. He also has a lightning quick release; really not needing that much room to get himself free. Even though he has a quick release, his technique does not get decreased when he quickly shoots the basketball. Simply put, Anderson is a deadly outside shooter that has picture perfect form on his jump shot.

    When he puts his mind to it he can be a decent perimeter defender. He moves his feet well from side to side and has the smarts to stay in front of most SGs at the college level. Although he does have some trouble in other areas on defense, he has the potential to at least not be a liability as on the ball defender at the next level.

    What makes Anderson an interesting prospect is that fact that he has a long history of hitting very clutch jump shots in very big games. If he was just a jump shooter that has had success over the years, it would be doubtful of him having any chance of being drafted. However, with team he played for and the resume of hitting big shots he has put together in the past few seasons, his stock is higher than it normally would be for a player with his skill level because of his recognizability. He is a big time role player in that regard, as everyone in the country knows that he has great potential to come off the bench and hit big shots in important games.

    Another feather in Anderson’s camp as far as the pros should be concerned is the fact that over the years he has basically been a 6th man off the bench--rarely did he consistently start—and to his credit he never really complained about that role. He took it on, embraced it, and was a team player for a very talented UCONN basketball team that won a huge amount of games in his four years there. He was the leading 6th man scorer in the entire country this past season.

    Mental toughness is one of his biggest strengths. Although he is comfortable being a role player, his mentality and confidence is that of a star’s. His belief in himself to be able to knock down big shots never wavers, and the possibility of an extended shooting slump is simply not an option for him. He will take any shot at any time, fully believing that every single one will go in for him.
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    Apr 11, 2006, 01:47 am
    An overview of the year's first pre-draft camp, including the handing out of awards and an analysis of the tournament's draft implications.
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    Mar 25, 2006, 03:35 am
    A look at the prospects who helped and hurt themselves the most in the sixth day of action in the NCAA tournament.

    Marcus Williams establishes himself as the frontrunner for MVP of the NCAA tournament with yet another fantastic scoring and passing display. Joakim Noah shows off his half-court skills this time in a physical grind it out setting. Randy Foye carries his team to victory and shows why he might be the most talented shot-creating guard in the country at the moment. Rudy Gay and Allan Ray come up flat when their teams need them him the most. Those and much more in our sixth installment of the NCAA Tournament stock watch.
  • NCAA Tournament: NBA Draft Stock Watch (round of 32, Sunday games)

    Mar 20, 2006, 02:55 am
    A look at the prospects who helped and hurt themselves the most in the fourth day of action in the NCAA tournament.

    Patrick O?Bryant announced his presence to the national audience with a career high 28 points and an unlikely Sweet 16 berth. Two players by the name of Marcus Williams help their draft stock out with terrific individual performances, one in a winning effort and one for the losers. Rajon Rondo likely finishes up his career at Kentucky with a solid all-around performance concluding in a loss. LaMarcus Aldridge comes up extremely flat for Texas but still sees his team win emphatically without him. Those and much more in our fourth installment of the NCAA Tournament stock watch.
  • NCAA Tournament: Washington Bracket NBA Draft Prospects

    Mar 12, 2006, 10:51 pm
    A breakdown of all the NBA draft prospects scouts will be watching in the Washington bracket of the NCAA tournament.

    This particularly loaded bracket in terms of potential NBA draft picks features a potential #1 overall pick in Rudy Gay, numerous future lottery picks and first and second round prospects galore.

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