Abbreviation: PRN
Country: Argentina
Domestic League: Argentina LNB
W-L: 21-39
05/18/2016 67 - 73 vs Lanus Lanus
05/16/2016 79 - 83 vs Lanus Lanus
05/12/2016 84 - 80 at Lanus Lanus
05/10/2016 78 - 85 at Lanus Lanus

Team Stats

Team GP Pts 2pt 3pt FT Rebounds Ast Stl Blk TO PF
M A % M A % M A % Off Def Tot

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    Defense is Jones' forte as of right now. He is a terrific shot blocker, thanks to his strength, wingspan and outstanding vertical leap, and can block shots with either hand which is a nice skill to have from a player his size. Weak-side shot blocking is where he excels the most right now, he is very quick to rotate over and elevate for an emphatic rejection. His timing is extremely impressive and this leads you to believe that this is certainly a skill that will translate over to the NBA.

    Thanks to his body, timing and athletic ability, Jones is a terror on the offensive glass. This is where he scores most of his points, as getting touches offensively are very hard for him to come by in St. Joe's extremely perimeter oriented offense. That, along with setting picks seems to be his main role right now in St. Joe's offense. Occasionally he will get the ball after sealing off his man, and Jones is always sure to finish strong around the basket with an emphatic dunk.