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  Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Sabonis talks about Andriuskevicius
By Luis Fernández

Arvydas href=/profile//> Sabonis, href=/profile//> the href=/profile//> European href=/profile//> basketball href=/profile//> legend, href=/profile//> answered href=/profile//> questions href=/profile//> from href=/profile//> the href=/profile//> fans href=/profile//> at href=/profile//> the href=/profile//> Euroleague's href=/profile//> official href=/profile//> web href=/profile//> page. href=/profile//> Among href=/profile//> many href=/profile//> other href=/profile//> really href=/profile//> interersting href=/profile//> issues, href=/profile//> he href=/profile//> was href=/profile//> asked href=/profile//> about href=/profile//> Martynas href=/profile//> Andriuskevicius, href=/profile//> his href=/profile//> teammate href=/profile//> in href=/profile//> Zalgiris href=/profile//> and href=/profile//> one href=/profile//> of href=/profile//> his href=/profile//> pupils href=/profile//> at href=/profile//> the href=/profile//> Arvydas href=/profile//> Sabonis href=/profile//> School, href=/profile//> and href=/profile//> the href=/profile//> chances href=/profile//> the href=/profile//> kid href=/profile//> may href=/profile//> have href=/profile//> during href=/profile//> this href=/profile//> season href=/profile//> due href=/profile//> to href=/profile//> the href=/profile//> injury href=/profile//> plague href=/profile//> Zalgiris href=/profile//> is href=/profile//> suffering.

"He href=/profile//> has href=/profile//> a href=/profile//> lot href=/profile//> of href=/profile//> talent, href=/profile//> and href=/profile//> he href=/profile//> is href=/profile//> now href=/profile//> a href=/profile//> professional href=/profile//> player, href=/profile//> so href=/profile//> now href=/profile//> everything href=/profile//> depends href=/profile//> on href=/profile//> him href=/profile//> and href=/profile//> his href=/profile//> head. href=/profile//> He href=/profile//> has href=/profile//> all href=/profile//> the href=/profile//> possibilities. href=/profile//> When href=/profile//> I href=/profile//> was href=/profile//> his href=/profile//> age, href=/profile//> there href=/profile//> was href=/profile//> not href=/profile//> so href=/profile//> many href=/profile//> opportunities href=/profile//> to href=/profile//> consider, href=/profile//> for href=/profile//> political href=/profile//> reasons, href=/profile//> so href=/profile//> that href=/profile//> makes href=/profile//> it href=/profile//> a href=/profile//> little href=/profile//> different href=/profile//> now href=/profile//> for href=/profile//> him. href=/profile//> But href=/profile//> it href=/profile//> all href=/profile//> depends href=/profile//> on href=/profile//> him. href=/profile//> Everyone href=/profile//> has href=/profile//> to href=/profile//> begin href=/profile//> someday. href=/profile//> I href=/profile//> did href=/profile//> when href=/profile//> I href=/profile//> was href=/profile//> 16, href=/profile//> and href=/profile//> he href=/profile//> starts href=/profile//> now. href=/profile//> We'll href=/profile//> see href=/profile//> how href=/profile//> he href=/profile//> does href=/profile//> game href=/profile//> to href=/profile//> game, href=/profile//> season href=/profile//> to href=/profile//> season. href=/profile//> But href=/profile//> he href=/profile//> will href=/profile//> see href=/profile//> more href=/profile//> and href=/profile//> more href=/profile//> minutes href=/profile//> in href=/profile//> order href=/profile//> to href=/profile//> progress."

Andriuskevicius href=/profile//> played href=/profile//> yesterday href=/profile//> in href=/profile//> the href=/profile//> Euroleague's href=/profile//> opener href=/profile//> between href=/profile//> Zalgiris href=/profile//> Kaunas href=/profile//> and href=/profile//> Maccabi href=/profile//> Tel href=/profile//> Aviv. href=/profile//> He href=/profile//> only href=/profile//> played href=/profile//> 4 href=/profile//> minutes, href=/profile//> but href=/profile//> still href=/profile//> managed href=/profile//> to href=/profile//> score href=/profile//> 2 href=/profile//> points href=/profile//> and href=/profile//> grab href=/profile//> 2 href=/profile//> rebounds.

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