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  Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Gelabale and Hervelle in action on acb.com
By Luis FernŠndez

As href=/profile//> usual, href=/profile//> acb.com, href=/profile//> the href=/profile//> fantastic href=/profile//> official href=/profile//> website href=/profile//> of href=/profile//> the href=/profile//> Spanish href=/profile//> ACB href=/profile//> League, href=/profile//> has href=/profile//> released href=/profile//> video href=/profile//> clips href=/profile//> of href=/profile//> the href=/profile//> last href=/profile//> game href=/profile//> broadcasted href=/profile//> nationally. href=/profile//> This href=/profile//> time href=/profile//> it href=/profile//> was href=/profile//> Real href=/profile//> Madrid href=/profile//> rolling href=/profile//> over href=/profile//> Plus href=/profile//> Pujol href=/profile//> Lleida, href=/profile//> where href=/profile//> both href=/profile//> draft href=/profile//> prospects href=/profile//> MickaŽl href=/profile//> Gelabale href=/profile//> and href=/profile//> Axel href=/profile//> Hervelle, href=/profile//> got href=/profile//> heavy href=/profile//> playing href=/profile//> time href=/profile//> and href=/profile//> both href=/profile//> delivered href=/profile//> very href=/profile//> good href=/profile//> games, href=/profile//> as href=/profile//> we href=/profile//> reported href=/profile//> here href=/profile//> on href=/profile//> the href=/profile//> DraftExpress href=/profile//> Daily href=/profile//> a href=/profile//> couple href=/profile//> of href=/profile//> days href=/profile//> ago.

Click href=/profile//> here href=/profile//> to href=/profile//> get href=/profile//> access href=/profile//> to href=/profile//> the href=/profile//> web href=/profile//> page, href=/profile//> and href=/profile//> then href=/profile//> scroll href=/profile//> down. href=/profile//> You href=/profile//> will href=/profile//> find href=/profile//> four href=/profile//> video href=/profile//> links: href=/profile//> the href=/profile//> first href=/profile//> one href=/profile//> features href=/profile//> a href=/profile//> selection href=/profile//> of href=/profile//> blocks href=/profile//> made href=/profile//> by href=/profile//> Gelabale href=/profile//> and href=/profile//> Mous href=/profile//> Sonko, href=/profile//> the href=/profile//> second href=/profile//> one href=/profile//> shows href=/profile//> the href=/profile//> impressive href=/profile//> athleticism href=/profile//> of href=/profile//> Gelabale href=/profile//> and href=/profile//> in href=/profile//> the href=/profile//> third href=/profile//> one href=/profile//> you href=/profile//> can href=/profile//> see href=/profile//> various href=/profile//> plays href=/profile//> made href=/profile//> by href=/profile//> Hervelle.

Enjoy href=/profile//> it!