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  Wednesday, May 18, 2005

ACB videos: Tiago Splitter in action
By Luis Fernández

This href=/profile//> week href=/profile//> only href=/profile//> Tiago href=/profile//> Splitter href=/profile//> appears href=/profile//> in href=/profile//> the href=/profile//> ACB.com href=/profile//> video href=/profile//> section href=/profile//> among href=/profile//> the href=/profile//> draft href=/profile//> prospects href=/profile//> that href=/profile//> take href=/profile//> part href=/profile//> in href=/profile//> the href=/profile//> Spanish href=/profile//> League. href=/profile//> He href=/profile//> gets href=/profile//> the href=/profile//> second href=/profile//> position href=/profile//> in href=/profile//> the href=/profile//> Top5 href=/profile//> with href=/profile//> a href=/profile//> spin href=/profile//> move, href=/profile//> not href=/profile//> particularly href=/profile//> brilliant, href=/profile//> but href=/profile//> followed href=/profile//> by href=/profile//> a href=/profile//> nice href=/profile//> reverse href=/profile//> layup.

Click href=/profile//> here href=/profile//> to href=/profile//> access href=/profile//> to href=/profile//> the href=/profile//> link.

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