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  Monday, April 10, 2006

Heights and Wingspans of Top High School players
By Jonathan Givony

Measured href=/profile//> at href=/profile//> the href=/profile//> Nike href=/profile//> Hoop href=/profile//> Summmit. href=/profile//> Provided href=/profile//> by href=/profile//> USA href=/profile//> Basketball href=/profile//> to href=/profile//> Mike href=/profile//> Schmidt href=/profile//> of href=/profile//> DraftExpress.com

Shoes href=/profile//> usually href=/profile//> add href=/profile//> around href=/profile//> 1 href=/profile//> inch href=/profile//> to href=/profile//> 1 href=/profile//> 1/2 href=/profile//> inches href=/profile//> to href=/profile//> heights, href=/profile//> on href=/profile//> average. href=/profile//>

The href=/profile//> average href=/profile//> person's href=/profile//> wingspan href=/profile//> is href=/profile//> about href=/profile//> 2 href=/profile//> inches href=/profile//> more href=/profile//> than href=/profile//> their href=/profile//> height href=/profile//> with href=/profile//> shoes. href=/profile//>

Player href=/profile//> Name Height href=/profile//> (w/o href=/profile//> Shoes) Standing href=/profile//> Reach Wing href=/profile//> Span

Kevin href=/profile//> Durant, href=/profile//> 6-9 , 9-0.5, 7-4

Wayne href=/profile//> Ellington, href=/profile//> 6-4, 8-4, 6-7.5

Paul href=/profile//> Harris, href=/profile//> 6-3, 8-6, 7-0

Spencer href=/profile//> Hawes, href=/profile//> 6-10.5, 9-1, 7-1,

Gerald href=/profile//> Henderson, href=/profile//> 6-4, 8-6, 6-10.75

Tywon href=/profile//> Lawson, href=/profile//> 5-11, 7-9.5, 6-1

Vernon href=/profile//> Macklin, href=/profile//> 6-8.5, 9-1, 7-4

Jon href=/profile//> Scheyer, href=/profile//> 6-4.25, 8-2.5, 6-4.25

Brandan href=/profile//> Wright, href=/profile//> 6-9, 9-.05, 7-4.5

Thaddeus href=/profile//> Young, href=/profile//> 6-7, 8-8, 7-0.75