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  Thursday, December 23, 2004

Tiago Splitter video on ACB.com
By Luis Fernández

In href=/profile//> its href=/profile//> weekly href=/profile//> video href=/profile//> section, href=/profile//> this href=/profile//> time href=/profile//> ACB.com href=/profile//> gives href=/profile//> us href=/profile//> the href=/profile//> chance href=/profile//> to href=/profile//> see href=/profile//> some href=/profile//> flashes href=/profile//> of href=/profile//> Tiago href=/profile//> Splitter’s href=/profile//> last href=/profile//> weekend href=/profile//> spectacular href=/profile//> performance href=/profile//> that href=/profile//> we href=/profile//> told href=/profile//> you href=/profile//> about href=/profile//> in href=/profile//> the href=/profile//> article href=/profile//> “You href=/profile//> can href=/profile//> count href=/profile//> on href=/profile//> Tiago href=/profile//> Splitter”.

Click href=/profile//> HERE href=/profile//> and href=/profile//> scroll href=/profile//> down href=/profile//> until href=/profile//> you href=/profile//> can href=/profile//> read href=/profile//> Tiago href=/profile//> Splitter href=/profile//> (1,68 href=/profile//> MB). href=/profile//> That’s href=/profile//> the href=/profile//> link href=/profile//> to href=/profile//> the href=/profile//> video.

The href=/profile//> clip href=/profile//> shows href=/profile//> some href=/profile//> examples href=/profile//> of href=/profile//> Splitter’s href=/profile//> great href=/profile//> movement href=/profile//> without href=/profile//> the href=/profile//> ball href=/profile//> and href=/profile//> his href=/profile//> ability href=/profile//> to href=/profile//> finish href=/profile//> plays.

Enjoy href=/profile//> it!