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Draft Results
YearPickDrafted ByTraded toNameHeightWeightCollegeBirthdayCommentRSCI
19991.1Bulls Elton Brand6'8275Duke1979-03-11  
19991.2Grizzlies Steve Francis6'3195Maryland1978-02-21  
19991.3Hornets Baron Davis6'3209UCLA1979-04-13  
19991.4Clippers Lamar Odom6'10220Rhode Island1979-11-06  
19991.5Raptors Jonathan Bender6'11202none1981-01-30From Denver as part of Chauncey Billups three team trade.9
19991.6Timberwolves Wally Szczerbiak6'7244Miami (OH)1977-03-05From New Jersey as part of Stephon Marbury three team trade. 
19991.7Wizards Richard Hamilton6'6185Connecticut1978-02-14  
19991.8Cavaliers Andre Miller6'2200Utah1976-03-19From Boston as part of the Vitaly Potapenko trade. 
19991.9Suns Shawn Marion6'7220UNLV1978-05-07From Dallas as part of the Steve Nash trade. 
19991.10Hawks Jason Terry6'2176Arizona1977-09-15From Golden state as part of the Mookie Blaylock / Bimbo Coles trade. 
19991.11Cavaliers Trajan Langdon6'3197Duke1976-05-13  
19991.12Raptors Alek Radojevic7'3242Barton County CC1976-08-08  
19991.13SupersonicsMagicCorey Maggette6'6218Duke1979-11-12Traded along with Dale Ellis, Billy Owens, and Don MacLean to Orlando for Horace Grant and two future second round picks.17
19991.14Timberwolves William Avery6'2197Duke1979-08-08  
19991.15Knicks Frederic Weis7'2248 6-22-1977  
19991.16Bulls Ron Artest6'6244St. John's1979-11-13From Phoenix as part of the Luc Longley trade. 
19991.17Hawks Cal Bowdler6'10245Old Dominion1977-03-31From Sacramento via Detroit (Olden Polynice trade) as part of the Stacey Augmon trade. 
19991.18Nuggets James Posey6'8215Xavier1977-01-13From Milwaukee via Phoenix (Elliot Perry trade) as part of the Antonio McDyess three team trade. 
19991.19Jazz Quincy Lewis6'7215Minnesota1977-06-26From Philadelphia as part of the Nazr Mohammed trade. 
19991.20Hawks Dion Glover6'5228Georgia Tech1978-10-22From Detroit as part of the Stacey Augmon trade.24
19991.21WarriorsPacersJeff Foster6'11236Southwest Texas State1977-01-16From Atlanta as part of the Mookie Blaylock / Bimbo Coles trade. Traded to Indiana for the rights to Vonteego Cummings (#26) and a future first round pick. 
19991.22Rockets Kenny Thomas6'7261New Mexico1977-07-25  
19991.23Lakers Devean George6'8220Augsburg (MN)1977-08-29  
19991.24Jazz Andrei Kirilenko6'9210None1981-02-18From Orlando as part of the Felton Spencer trade. 
19991.25Heat Tim James6'7212Miami (FL)1976-12-26  
19991.26PacersWarriorsVonteego Cummings6'3185Pittsburgh1976-02-29Traded along with a future first round pick to Golden State for the rights to Jeff Foster (#21). 
19991.27Hawks76ersJumaine Jones6'8218Georgia1979-02-10From Portland via Detroit (Bonzi Wells trade) as part of the Christian Laettner / Scot Pollard trade. Traded to Philadelphia for a future first round pick. 
19991.28Jazz Scott Padgett6'9240Kentucky1976-04-19  
19991.29SpursMavericksLeon Smith6'10235None1980-11-02Traded to Dallas for the rights to Gordan Giricek (#40) and a future second round pick. 13
19992.1Lakers John Celestand6'4178Villanova1977-03-06From Vancouver as part of the Anthony Peller trade. 
19992.2Clippers Rico Hill6'5247 2-14-1977  
19992.3Bulls Michael Ruffin6'9246Tulsa1977-01-21  
19992.4Nuggets Chris Herren6'2197Fresno State1975-09-27  
19992.5Nets Evan Eschmeyer6'11255Northwestern1975-05-30  
19992.6Wizards Calvin Booth6'11230Penn State1976-05-07  
19992.7Mavericks Wang ZhiZhi7'0255Bejing (China)1977-07-08  
19992.8Grizzlies Obinna Ekezie6'9270Maryland1975-08-22From Boston as part of the Roy Rogers deal. 
19992.9Magic Laron Profit6'5204Maryland1977-08-05From Golden State as part of the Rony Seikaly trade. 
19992.10Cavaliers A.J. Bramlett6'10227Arizona1977-01-10  
19992.11MavericksSpursGordan Giricek6'5210None1977-06-20From Toronto as part of the Popeye Jones trade. Traded along with a future second round pick to San Antonio for the rights to Leon Smith (#29). 
19992.12Nuggets Francisco Elson6'11231California2-28-1976From Denver as part of the Dalle Ellis trade. 
19992.13TimberwolvesMagicLouis Bullock6'1182Michigan5-20-1976Bought from Minnesota. 
19992.14Hornets Lee Nailon6'8241TCU1975-02-22  
19992.15Rockets Tyrone Washington6'8261Mississippi State9-16-1976From Phoenix as part of the Charles Barkley trade. 
19992.16Kings Ryan Robertson6'5190Kansas1976-10-02  
19992.17Knicks J.R. Koch6'10225Iowa9-10-1976  
19992.1876ers Todd MacCulloch7'0280Washington1976-01-27  
19992.19Bucks Galen Young6'5210Charlotte10-16-1975  
19992.20Bulls Lari Ketner6'9277Massachusetts1977-02-01From Detroit via Atlanta (Stacey Augmon trade) as part of the Shammond Williams trade. 
19992.21Rockets Venson Hamilton6'10241Nebraska8-11-1977  
19992.22Grizzlies Antwain Smith6'6213St. Paul's5-1-1975From the Lakers as part of the Anthony Peeler trade. 
19992.23Trailblazers Roberto Bergersen6'5208Boise State1-6-1976Bought from Atlanta. 
19992.24Heat Rodney Buford6'5189Creighton1977-11-02  
19992.25Pistons Melvin Levett6'3202Cincinatti4-25-1976From Indiana as compensation for Dick Versace resolution. 
19992.26Celtics Kris Clack6'4235Texas7-6-1977From Orlando via Denver (Eric Washington trade) as a part of Eric Williams trade. 
19992.27Warriors Tim Young7'0220Stanford1976-02-06From Portland as part of the Lamont Strothers trade. 
19992.28Spurs Emmanuel Ginobili6'6210None1977-07-28  
19992.29Jazz Eddie Lucas6'7204Virginia Tech7-14-1975  
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