2016 DraftExpress NBA Extended Mock Draft
updated on May 17, 2015
1. Brandon Ingram
SF (Duke - Freshman)
18.7 years old | 6'9" | 196 lbs

2015-16 NCAA (36 GP)
  17.3 PPG     6.8 RPG     2.0 APG     22.9 PER  
Brandon Ingram 2016 NBA Draft Scouting Video - Strengths
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Philadelphia will look long and hard here at Ingram and Ben Simmons to determine who the best long-term prospect in this draft class might be. Ingram is clearly the better fit in terms of what the team needs on the wing. He's also a better fit alongside last year's No. 3 pick Jahlil Okafor, who desperately needs shooters around him, and Dario Saric, who is somewhat of a European version of Simmons. The red flags surrounding Simmons' lack of competitiveness and the fact that he is more than a year older than Ingram have led many to believe that Ingram has surpassed Simmons in terms of overall upside.
2. Ben Simmons
SF/PF (LSU - Freshman)
19.8 years old | 6'10" | 239 lbs

2015-16 NCAA (33 GP)
  19.2 PPG     11.9 RPG     4.8 APG     29.7 PER  
Ben Simmons 2016 NBA Draft Scouting Video - Strengths
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In a draft many consider to have a significant drop-off after the No. 2 pick, the Lakers will be happy to "settle" for whomever the Sixers decide not to draft. It will be interesting to see how the Lakers fit the non-shooting Simmons alongside the ball-dominant backcourt of D'Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson, but there really isn't much of a choice here. New head coach Luke Walton could try and mold Simmons into a bigger and more athletic version of Draymond Green, which could help quite a bit alongside as many shooters as possible.
3. Dragan Bender
PF (Maccabi Tel Aviv - International)
18.5 years old | 7'1" | 225 lbs

2015-16 Eurocup, Euroleague, Israeli (41 GP)
  4.5 PPG     2.6 RPG     0.7 APG     14.9 PER  
Dragan Bender 2015-16 Early-Season Scouting Video - Strengths
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Power forward has long been a position of need for the Celtics, and it was abundantly clear in the playoffs that Jared Sullinger is not a solution because of his struggles defensively. Enter Bender, whom many feel has a huge upside in today's NBA because of his defensive versatility, perimeter shooting and outstanding feel for the game.
4. Jaylen Brown
SF (California - Freshman)
19.5 years old | 6'7" | 223 lbs

2015-16 NCAA (34 GP)
  14.6 PPG     5.4 RPG     2.0 APG     17.7 PER  
Jaylen Brown 2016 NBA Draft Scouting Video - Strengths
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The Suns have a major hole on the wing, and Brown is an excellent candidate to fill it. He possesses the necessary size, strength and length to play small forward alongside the very promising Devin Booker. The two complement each other nicely in many ways.
5. Kris Dunn
PG (Providence - Junior)
22.2 years old | 6'4" | 205 lbs

2015-16 NCAA (33 GP)
  16.4 PPG     5.3 RPG     6.2 APG     23.5 PER  
Kris Dunn 2016 NBA Draft Scouting Video - Strengths
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Dunn could get picked a few slots higher, but he likely will have no qualms about landing with a team like Minnesota, which has an abundance of young talent. Dunn is the best point guard in the draft, and at 22 he should be polished enough to join the outstanding young core the Timberwolves have built with Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins.
6. Jamal Murray
PG/SG (Kentucky - Freshman)
19.2 years old | 6'5" | 201 lbs

2015-16 NCAA (36 GP)
  20.0 PPG     5.2 RPG     2.2 APG     22.9 PER  
Jamal Murray 2016 NBA Draft Scouting Video - Strengths
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The Pelicans' backcourt is unsettled at the moment, with a dozen different players earning a starting nod at one point or another over the course of the season. Eric Gordon, Tyreke Evans and Jrue Holiday have all struggled with injuries and none is under contract past next season, which means New Orleans will look at all of the top guards available. Murray was one of the most prolific scorers in college basketball despite being a freshman.
7. Buddy Hield
SG (Oklahoma - Senior)
22.4 years old | 6'5" | 212 lbs

2015-16 NCAA (37 GP)
  25.0 PPG     5.7 RPG     2.0 APG     29.6 PER  
Buddy Hield 2016 NBA Draft Scouting Video - Strengths
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The Nuggets have built a very promising core and will likely be attracted to the strong perimeter shooting and overall scoring of Hield. The senior should be set to contribute immediately, which helps on a roster that is already among the youngest in the NBA. His deficiencies defensively could be mitigated by playing alongside a tall and physically gifted point guard in Emmanuel Mudiay, and Hield seems to complement him offensively.
8. Skal Labissiere
PF/C (Kentucky - Freshman)
20.2 years old | 7'0" | 216 lbs

2015-16 NCAA (36 GP)
  6.6 PPG     3.1 RPG     0.3 APG     18.8 PER  
Skal Labissiere 2016 NBA Draft Scouting Video - Strengths
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Sacramento has a glaring hole at the power forward position, and will likely give a long look at the highly skilled Labissiere, who looks like the perfect type of player to plug in alongside DeMarcus Cousins in terms of his style of play. He also has the added benefit of being able to play alongside Willie Cauley-Stein in other lineups, which is exactly the type of versatility the Kings could use in their frontcourt. While Skal, or any other player in this draft for that matter, won't solve many of the myriad of issues the team has, he could be a nice building block for the team moving forward.
9. Deyonta Davis
PF/C (Michigan St - Freshman)
19.4 years old | 6'11" | 237 lbs

2015-16 NCAA (35 GP)
  7.5 PPG     5.5 RPG     0.7 APG     24.2 PER  
Deyonta Davis 2016 NBA Draft Scouting Video - Strengths
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The Raptors look fairly set at almost every position except power forward and will likely consider Davis, who may be able to offer some of the shooting range and rim-protection they currently lack at the position next to Jonas Valanicunas. Once he bulks up, he can also spend some minutes at center, which could be handy with backup Bismack Biyombo likely in line for a significant raise on the free-agent market. after a terrific playoff series.
10. Jakob Poeltl
C (Utah - Sophomore)
20.6 years old | 7'1" | 239 lbs

2015-16 NCAA (35 GP)
  17.3 PPG     9.1 RPG     1.9 APG     31.3 PER  
Jakob Poeltl 2015-16 Preseason Scouting Video - Strengths
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Greg Monroe has been somewhat of a disappointment since signing as a free agent last summer, which could prompt the Bucks to explore alternative options at the position. Poeltl is considered the best center in this draft and has plenty of upside physically and skill-wise.
11. Marquese Chriss
PF (Washington - Freshman)
18.9 years old | 6'10" | 233 lbs

2015-16 NCAA (34 GP)
  13.8 PPG     5.4 RPG     0.8 APG     22.0 PER  
Marquese Chriss 2016 NBA Draft Scouting Video - Strengths
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Orlando desperately needs to find a big man who can play alongside Nikola Vucevic and Aaron Gordon in different lineups, and Chriss is a strong candidate. He's one of the best athletes in this draft, and has to shooting range to play on the perimeter at times.
12. Denzel Valentine
SG (Michigan St - Senior)
22.5 years old | 6'6" | 210 lbs

2015-16 NCAA (31 GP)
  19.2 PPG     7.5 RPG     7.8 APG     30.0 PER  
Denzel Valentine 2016 NBA Draft Scouting Video - Strengths
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Seven players in Utah's rotation this past season were under the age of 25, which means the Jazz might like the idea of adding someone who was arguably the most productive player in college basketball last season, rather than another project. A big, multi-positional guard who can play alongside and in between the likes of Dante Exum, Alec Burks and Gordon Hayward could make sense, which could lead them to look at the versatile, high IQ Denzel Valentine.
13. Henry Ellenson
PF (Marquette - Freshman)
19.3 years old | 6'11" | 242 lbs

2015-16 NCAA (33 GP)
  17.0 PPG     9.9 RPG     1.8 APG     21.2 PER  
Henry Ellenson 2016 NBA Draft Scouting Video - Strengths
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After unloading Markieff Morris at the deadline, the Suns are likely in the hunt for a starting power forward and could be attracted to the size, skill level and upside of Ellenson. He can score from all over the floor, and despite being somewhat of a tweener defensively, has the talent to be picked higher than this with strong workouts and interviews.
14. Timothe Luwawu
SG/SF (Mega Leks - International)
21.0 years old | 6'7" | 205 lbs

2015-16 Adriatic, Serbia (33 GP)
  14.5 PPG     4.6 RPG     2.8 APG     16.9 PER  
Timothe Luwawu 2015-16 Early Season Scouting Video - Strengths
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The Bulls had somewhat of a rotating door at the wing position this season alongside Jimmy Butler, starting Tony Snell, Mike Dunleavy, Kirk Hinrich and Justin Holiday, none of whom was overly effective. The Bulls will have to take a long look at the Frenchman, who offers good size for the position, length, athleticism, perimeter shooting and defensively versatility.
15. Furkan Korkmaz
SG (Anadolu Efes - International)
18.8 years old | 6'7" | 185 lbs

2015-16 Euroleague, Turkish (51 GP)
  4.5 PPG     1.3 RPG     0.6 APG     12.2 PER  
Furkan Korkmaz 2015-16 Early-Season Scouting Video - Strengths
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With three first-round picks, the Nuggets will likely be looking for one or two players they can stash in Europe for another year or two. Adding too many young players at the same time doesn't make a great deal of sense for a team that is already among the youngest in the league. Korkmaz is only 18, but has some good experience playing in the Euroleague over the past two seasons. He's also one of the best shooters in the draft and could develop into a major asset with some more seasoning at the highest levels of Europe.
16. Taurean Prince
SF (Baylor - Senior)
21.7 years old | 6'8" | 220 lbs

2015-16 NCAA (33 GP)
  16.0 PPG     6.0 RPG     2.3 APG     21.0 PER  
Taurean Prince 2016 NBA Draft Scouting Video - Strengths
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With Evan Turner entering free agency, the Celtics could be in the hunt for a versatile, defensive oriented small forward in his mold. Prince can guard three positions and is a solid outside shooter, which may be attractive for a team that struggled from the perimeter at times last year. With five draft picks from the last two years on their roster, and many more potentially on the way, the Celtics might like the idea of adding a college senior who should be ready to contribute right away.
17. Wade Baldwin
PG (Vanderbilt - Sophomore)
20.1 years old | 6'4" | 202 lbs

2015-16 NCAA (33 GP)
  14.1 PPG     4.0 RPG     5.2 APG     20.8 PER  
Wade Baldwin 2016 NBA Draft Scouting Video - Strengths
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Incumbent starting point guard Mike Conley is an unrestricted free agent, and considering the amount of roster upheaval likely in store, drafting Baldwin may not be a bad plan. Baldwin has the length to guard multiple positions, was an excellent shooter in his two years of college (something the Grizzlies are sorely lacking) and also has significant upside to grow into, which could come in handy depending on the direction the franchise decides to go.
18. Domantas Sabonis
PF/C (Gonzaga - Sophomore)
20.0 years old | 6'10" | 231 lbs

2015-16 NCAA (35 GP)
  17.5 PPG     11.8 RPG     1.8 APG     29.5 PER  
Domantas Sabonis 2016 NBA Draft Scouting Video - Strengths
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The Pistons were looking for help at power forward and center at the trade deadline before their deal for Donatas Moteijunas fell apart and could continue to look to fortify those positions. Sabonis has the type of toughness Stan Van Gundy covets and could contribute immediately with his rebounding prowess in different lineups as a traditional power forward or small-ball center.
19. Demetrius Jackson
PG (Notre Dame - Junior)
21.7 years old | 6'2" | 194 lbs

2015-16 NCAA (35 GP)
  15.8 PPG     3.5 RPG     4.7 APG     21.7 PER  
Demetrius Jackson 2016 NBA Draft Scouting Videos - Strengths
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Point guard isn't really a position of need after drafting Emmanuel Mudiay, but the Nuggets would likely be pleasantly surprised to see Jackson here, and are the type of team that would snatch up the best talent available regardless of what they already have on their roster. Jackson has NBA-caliber athleticism, but is also a good enough shooter to play off the ball as well, which is handy alongside a physically gifted point guard like Mudiay.
20. Tyler Ulis
PG (Kentucky - Sophomore)
20.4 years old | 5'10" | 149 lbs

2015-16 NCAA (35 GP)
  17.3 PPG     3.0 RPG     7.0 APG     24.1 PER  
Tyler Ulis 2016 NBA Draft Scouting Video - Strengths
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The Pacers are looking to "score more points" next season, according to team president Larry Bird, and part of that initiative likely starts at point guard. Incumbent George Hill is a tremendous defender and perimeter shooter, but he is not the most creative ball-handler or distributor. That could lead the team to look at a player like Ulis, at least in a backup role. He was the engine of one of the most efficient offenses in college basketball last season.
21. Damian Jones
C (Vanderbilt - Junior)
20.9 years old | 7'0" | 244 lbs

2015-16 NCAA (33 GP)
  13.9 PPG     6.9 RPG     1.2 APG     23.5 PER  
Damian Jones 2015-16 Preseason Scouting Video - Strengths
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With Al Horford an unrestricted free agent and Tiago Splitter hampered all season because of injuries, the Hawks could very well look to add some bulk inside. Jones might be the most physically gifted big man in this class, with an NBA-ready frame and outstanding athleticism. He underachieved in college, but might find more success in the NBA in a more compact role with a better player-development system.
22. Ivica Zubac
C (Mega Leks - International)
19.2 years old | 7'1" | 265 lbs

2015-16 Adriatic, Serbia (11 GP)
  10.3 PPG     4.2 RPG     0.6 APG     23.7 PER  
Ivica Zubac 2015-16 Early-Season Scouting Video - Strengths
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Al Jefferson is an unrestricted free agent and may be on the downside of his career after an injury plagued season. Zubac is cut from the same cloth as Jefferson, possessing long arms, a strong frame and a solid skill level with his back to the basket.. He could very well have gone 10-15 spots higher had he waited another year. He simply isn't very well known due to changing clubs and being ineligible to play for most of the season. His size, toughness and budding skill make him a project worth investing in long term.
23. Ante Zizic
C (Cibona Zagreb - International)
19.4 years old | 6'11" | 240 lbs

2015-16 Adriatic, Croatia (35 GP)
  14.7 PPG     9.1 RPG     0.7 APG     26.9 PER  
Ante Zizic 2016 Mid-Season NBA Draft Scouting Video - Strengths
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With their third first-round pick, the Celtics could be looking for a player they can stash in Europe for another year or two to continue to develop. Zizic has tremendous size to go along with excellent hands, nice toughness and a budding skill level that could easily get him selected 10 spots higher had he waited another year to raise his prospect profile.
24. Malik Beasley
SG (Florida St - Freshman)
19.5 years old | 6'5" | 190 lbs

2015-16 NCAA (34 GP)
  15.6 PPG     5.3 RPG     1.5 APG     21.0 PER  
Malik Beasley 2016 NBA Draft Scouting Video - Strengths
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With their second first-round pick, the Sixers could look to add some firepower on the wing, where they've really struggled to find consistency, particularly in terms of perimeter shooting. Beasley doesn't have great size, but has a beautiful stroke from the perimeter, is a willing defender and shows the kind of basketball IQ you want to see from a developing young player.
25. Cheick Diallo
PF/C (Kansas - Freshman)
19.7 years old | 6'9" | 219 lbs

2015-16 NCAA (27 GP)
  3.0 PPG     2.5 RPG     0.0 APG     21.6 PER  
Cheick Diallo 2016 NBA Draft Scouting Video - Strengths
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The Clippers will need to find some rotation big men to play behind DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin, especially because Cole Aldrich has probably outplayed his $1.2 million team option. Diallo is a project, but has a tremendous motor and could contribute in the not-too- distant future simply his physical tools as a defender and rebounder on a team that doesn't really need more scoring.
26. Zhou Qi
C (Xinjiang - International)
20.3 years old | 7'2" | 218 lbs

2015-16 China (42 GP)
  15.8 PPG     9.8 RPG     1.5 APG     23.4 PER  
Zhou Qi 2015-16 Early-Season Scouting Video - Strengths
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With their third first-rounder, Philadelphia can afford to swing for the fences on a high-upside player like Zhou. He has one of the biggest wingspans in the draft at 7-6, is a strong rim protector and even shows some potential facing the basket and making 3-pointers. His body is on the frail side, but with strong player development and strength-and-conditioning plans, he could easily exceed his draft slot.
27. Juan Hernangomez
SF/PF (Estudiantes - International)
20.6 years old | 6'9" | 220 lbs

2015-16 ACB (34 GP)
  9.7 PPG     5.7 RPG     0.6 APG     16.8 PER  
Juan Hernangomez 2015-16 NBA Draft Scouting Video: Strengths
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With their second first-rounder, the Raptors could be looking to pick a player they can stash in Europe for another year or two. Hernangomez has nice upside as a highly competitive face-up power forward who has been very productive in the competitive ACB league this season.
28. Petr Cornelie
PF (Le Mans - International)
20.8 years old | 6'11" | 220 lbs

2015-16 Eurocup, French (49 GP)
  8.2 PPG     5.2 RPG     0.3 APG     17.1 PER  
Petr Cornelie 2015-16 Early-Season Scouting Video - Strengths
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With their third first-rounder, the Suns could be looking for a player they can draft and stash rather than adding another developing player to an already young roster. Cornelie's size and perimeter shooting make him a player potentially worth investing in.
29. Brice Johnson
PF (North Carolina - Senior)
21.9 years old | 6'11" | 209 lbs

2015-16 NCAA (40 GP)
  17.0 PPG     10.5 RPG     1.5 APG     35.3 PER  
Brice Johnson 2016 NBA Draft Scouting Video - Strengths
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With a decent chunk of their frontcourt rotation either entering free agency or on the back end of its career, the Spurs could look to address power forward. Players at this draft slot come with tiny guarantees relative to the exploding salary cap and little risk, so taking a flier on an ultra-productive college player like Brice Johnson could make a lot of sense. If he pans out, he'll be producing for four years on a very valuable contract.
30. DeAndre Bembry
SF (Saint Joseph's - Junior)
21.9 years old | 6'6" | 207 lbs

2015-16 NCAA (36 GP)
  17.4 PPG     7.8 RPG     4.5 APG     22.6 PER  
DeAndre Bembry 2015-16 Preseason Scouting Video - Strengths
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The Warriors have a great deal of talent, and finding a player who can contribute this late in the draft is challenging. Shoring up their guard and wing rotation with a heady and versatile player like Bembry makes sense. He does a little bit of everything with his ball-handling, passing and athleticism, and if he can become a more consistent shooter he will be a longtime NBA player.