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Name Height w/o Shoes Height w/shoes Weight Wingspan Reach Body Fat Hand Length Hand Width No Step Vert No Step Vert Reach Max Vert Max Vert Reach Bench Agility Sprint Rank Drafted
Yancy Gates 6' 8.25"NA2877' 3"NANA0027.3NANANANA11.703.46NANo
Xavier Gibson 6' 9.75"NA2667' 3.5"NANA0029.3NANANANA12.323.46NANo
Herb Pope 6' 7"NA2617' 0"NANA0028.3NANANANA11.163.43NANo
Eli Holman 6' 7.5"NA2587' 4.25"NANA0023.3NANANANA12.623.45NANo
Julian Mavunga 6' 7"NA2547' 1.5"NANA0027.8NANANANA11.893.53NANo
Garrett Stutz 6' 11"NA2527' 3"NANA0025.3NANANANA11.843.68NANo
Henry Sims 6' 10"NA2517' 4"NANA0023.3NANANANA12.873.52NANo
Ricardo Ratliffe 6' 7"NA2447' 0.5"NANA0029.8NANANANA12.383.51NANo
Kyle O'Quinn 6' 8.5"NA2417' 5"NANA0030.5NANANANA11.823.54NA49
Wendell McKines 6' 4.25"NA2406' 8.75"NANA0029.8NANANANA12.463.49NANo
Gus Gilchrist 6' 9.5"NA2397' 2.75"NANA0024.8NANANANA11.583.51NANo
Stephen Idlet 6' 9.75"NA2326' 10.5"NANA0025.3NANANANA11.713.51NANo
Greg Mangano 6' 9"NA2316' 10.75"NANA0023.5NANANANA11.733.52NANo
Jarrod Jones 6' 8"NA2316' 10"NANA0028.8NANANANA12.093.43NANo
Laron Dendy 6' 7.5"NA2286' 10.75"NANA0027.3NANANANA12.253.47NANo
Rakim Sanders 6' 3.5"NA2286' 10.5"NANA0031.3NANANANA11.523.20NANo
Mike Glover 6' 6"NA2266' 9"NANA0029.8NANANANA12.413.38NANo
Kyle Weems 6' 5.5"NA2236' 10"NANA0034.8NANANANA11.803.38NANo
Cameron Moore 6' 8.75"NA2227' 1"NANA0027.3NANANANA11.563.26NANo
Mitchell Watt 6' 8"NA2207' 0"NANA0030.3NANANANA11.633.40NANo
Bakseung Lee 6' 6"NA2196' 10.5"NANA0028.3NANANANA12.053.46NANo
JaMychal Green 6' 7.5"NA2177' 2.5"NANA0030.8NANANANA10.833.29NANo
Alex Young 6' 5"NA2176' 11"NANA0026.3NANANANA10.923.30NANo
Carlon Brown 6' 3"NA2166' 6.5"NANA0031.3NANANANA11.153.39NANo
Wesley Witherspoon 6' 7.5"NA2156' 10"NANA0029.3NANANANA11.173.41NANo
T.J. Robinson 6' 6.5"NA2146' 10"NANA0029.3NANANANA11.913.27NANo
Dominique Morrison 6' 4.5"NA2136' 9.5"NANA0027.3NANANANA11.833.55NANo
Matt Gatens 6' 4.25"NA2136' 6.5"NANA0026.3NANANANA10.993.25NANo
Bradford Burgess 6' 4.75"NA2126' 5.5"NANA0027.3NANANANA11.323.33NANo
Larry Anderson 6' 3.75"NA2116' 10"NANA0027.3NANANANA11.563.25NANo
Charles Hinkle 6' 4"NA2086' 6.5"NANA0026.8NANANANA11.323.41NANo
Darryl Bryant 5' 11.5"NA2086' 5.5"NANA0025.3NANANANA11.803.41NANo
Chace Stanback 6' 7"NA2086' 6.5"NANA0026.8NANANANA113.28NANo
Ken Horton 6' 5.75"NA2046' 11"NANA0028.3NANANANA11.783.51NANo
Bryant Voiles 6' 8"NA2036' 8.25"NANA0026.3NANANANA11.333.33NANo
Eric Griffin 6' 6.5"NA2017' 0.5"NANA0029.8NANANANA12.113.25NANo
Kent Bazemore 6' 3.75"NA2016' 11.5"NANA0030.8NANANANA10.863.15NANo
Kyle Kuric 6' 3"NA2006' 4.5"NANA0030.3NANANANA11.153.19NANo
Jesse Sanders 6' 2"NA1976' 2.5"NANA0030.3NANANANA11.323.36NANo
Chris Johnson 6' 3.5"NA1976' 11"NANA0034.8NANANANA11.943.20NANo
Nick Barbour 6' 0.75"NA1966' 3.5"NANA0029.3NANANANA11.023.33NANo
Charlie Westbrook 6' 2.5"NA1966' 6.5"NANA0031.3NANANANA11.083.32NANo
Kevin Murphy 6' 6"NA1956' 7"NANA0027.8NANANANA12.093.34NA47
Lazeric Jones 5' 11.5"NA1956' 7.25"NANA0028.8NANANANA10.853.22NANo
Terrance Henry 6' 8.25"NA1956' 11.5"NANA0031.3NANANANA11.143.40NANo
Juan Fernandez 6' 3"NA1946' 3.5"NANA0026.3NANANANA11.233.49NANo
Jorge Gutierrez 6' 2"NA1946' 6"NANA0029.3NANANANA11.103.39NANo
Jet Chang 6' 3"NA1936' 6"NANA0030.3NANANANA10.303.31NANo
Kim English 6' 3.75"NA1916' 7"NANA0027.8NANANANA10.513.32NA44
Jordan Taylor 6' 0.75"NA1916' 3.25"NANA0030.3NANANANA10.723.26NANo
Ramone Moore 6' 3.5"NA1886' 9"NANA0028.0NANANANA11.553.47NANo
Kyle Fogg 6' 2"NA1836' 9.5"NANA0032.8NANANANA10.863.26NANo
Ashton Gibbs 6' 0.5"NA1836' 6.5"NANA0024.8NANANANA11.693.45NANo
Reggie Hamilton 5' 11.5"NA1806' 4.5"NANA0027.8NANANANA10.683.35NANo
Gerald Robinson 6' 0"NA1776' 3.5"NANA0030.8NANANANA10.633.21NANo
Jordan Theodore 5' 10.5"NA1776' 4"NANA0027.3NANANANA11.153.47NANo
Erving Walker 5' 7.75"NA1766' 0.25"NANA0027.8NANANANA11.563.28NANo
Devoe Joseph 6' 2.5"NA1756' 6.5"NANA0027.3NANANANA11.413.20NANo
Braydon Hobbs 6' 4.5"NA1746' 6.5"NANA0023.3NANANANA17.963.51NANo
Oscar Bellfield 6' 1.25"NA1726' 8"NANA0027.8NANANANA11.393.23NANo
Jason Clark 6' 1.25"NA1716' 8"NANA0026.3NANANANA10.483.27NANo
Zack Rosen 5' 11.75"NA1706' 1"NANA0030.0NANANANA11.103.18NANo
Measurements prior to 2000 are based on newspaper articles rather than official league documents. While the measurements reported in such articles are reported to be officially from the predraft camp, we are taking those writers at their word and can not completely verify that information.

* players marked with an * have an unofficial measurement that look reasonable.
+ Players marked with a + have an unofficial measurement that looks to possibly be inflated.
In the case of averages, private measurements are not included regardless of listed category.
In either case, non-official measurements should be viewed as such.