DraftExpress NBA Draft Prospect Profile: Alex Young, Stats, Comparisons, and Outlook
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Alex Young
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Team: UC Irvine, Senior
PhysicalsPositions Misc
H: 6' 2"
W: 193 lbs
Bday: 03/28/1994
(21 Years Old)
Current: G
High School: Phoenix
Hometown: Portland, OR

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Statistical Top 25s

Basic Statistics
2012/13NCAAUC Irvine3528.
2013/14NCAAUC Irvine3329.
2014/15NCAAUC Irvine2830.
2015/16NCAAUC Irvine330.

Basic Statistics Per 40
2012/13NCAAUC Irvine3528.912.74.311.
2013/14NCAAUC Irvine3329.412.34.311.
2014/15NCAAUC Irvine2830.112.44.411.
2015/16NCAAUC Irvine330.311.

Basic Statistics Per 40 Pace Adjusted
2012/13NCAAUC Irvine3528.912.44.210.938.23.16.647.11.04.324.33.03.977.
2013/14NCAAUC Irvine3329.412.44.311.
2014/15NCAAUC Irvine2830.112.64.411.
2015/16NCAAUC Irvine330.310.93.910.936.

Efficiency Statistics
Player InfoShooting RatiosPassing RatiosDefensive Ratios
2012/13NCAAUC Irvine3528.
2013/14NCAAUC Irvine3329.
2014/15NCAAUC Irvine2830.
2015/16NCAAUC Irvine330.

Usage Statistics
Player InfoComplete MetricsPossession InfoPossession Ratios
YearLeagueTeamGPMinPEREFFEFF/40WS/40Pos/gTm Pos/g% Tm PosPts/PosFGA/PosFTA/PosAst/PosTO/Pos
2012/13NCAAUC Irvine3528.915.
2013/14NCAAUC Irvine3329.414.310.514.24.510.265.915.50.880.790.250.460.20
2014/15NCAAUC Irvine2830.115.910.714.
2015/16NCAAUC Irvine330.317.513.

Player Percentage of Team's Offensive Stats
Player InfoTotal PointsField Goals3 Point ShootingFree Throw Shooting
YearLeagueTeamGPMinPtsTm% TmFgTm% TmFgaTm% Tm3PtTm% Tm3PtaTm% TmFtTm% TmFtaTm% Tm
2012/13NCAAUC Irvine3528.
2013/14NCAAUC Irvine3329.49.068.713.
2014/15NCAAUC Irvine2830.19.466.414.13.324.46.08.354.515.30.96.314.72.816.516.61.911.316.52.516.415.0
2015/16NCAAUC Irvine330.38.372.311.

Player Percentage of Team's Defensive Stats
Player InfoOffensive ReboundingDefensive ReboundingTotal ReboundingBlocked ShotsSteals
YearLeagueTeamGPMinOffTm% TmDefTm% TmTotTm% TmBlkTm% TmSTLTm% Tm
2012/13NCAAUC Irvine3528.90.711.15.92.626.
2013/14NCAAUC Irvine3329.40.710.96.42.727.59.73.438.
2014/15NCAAUC Irvine2830.
2015/16NCAAUC Irvine330.31.711.

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