DraftExpress NBA Draft Prospect Profile: Bobby Brown, Stats, Comparisons, and Outlook
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Bobby Brown
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DraftExpress: 2010 Top Vegas Summer League PERs Ty Lawson Demar Derozan Marcus Landry Russell Robinson John Wall Bobby Brown Sam Young Javale Mcgee
2013-07-17 13:24:59
DraftExpress: Every week I watch Siena's Euroleague games just to see what Bobby Brown will do next. And it keeps getting better. That was amazing.
2013-01-18 17:40:52
Lineups: Javale McGee, Amir Johnson, Nick Young, Marcus Coleman vs Julian Wright, Shaun Livingston, Brandon Jennings, Pooh Jeter,Bobby Brown
2010-08-26 20:35:25
Amir Johnson, Shaun Livingston, Julian Wright, Bobby Brown, Pooh Jeter are here now too. Good amount of talent for a pickup game I'd say...
2010-08-26 20:29:03
They are matching up with Brandon Jennings, Tyreke Evans, Demar Derozan, John Wall and Bobby Brown. Bradley Beal can't miss...Up 7-3. Wow.
2010-08-25 23:58:29
Team: Alabama State, Senior
PhysicalsPositions Misc
H: 6' 6"
W: 185 lbs
Bday: 00/00/0000
Current: F
High School: Little Springs
Hometown: Chicago, IL

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Statistical Top 25s

Basic Statistics
2012/13NCAAAlabama State2917.
2013/14NCAAAlabama State2523.
2014/15NCAAAlabama State2623.

Basic Statistics Per 40
2012/13NCAAAlabama State2917.311.74.612.
2013/14NCAAAlabama State2523.515.75.312.941.13.16.348.92.26.733.72.93.972.
2014/15NCAAAlabama State2623.013.74.713.

Basic Statistics Per 40 Pace Adjusted
2012/13NCAAAlabama State2917.311.54.512.
2013/14NCAAAlabama State2523.515.25.112.541.
2014/15NCAAAlabama State2623.012.84.412.

Efficiency Statistics
Player InfoShooting RatiosPassing RatiosDefensive Ratios
2012/13NCAAAlabama State2917.
2013/14NCAAAlabama State2523.
2014/15NCAAAlabama State2623.

Usage Statistics
Player InfoComplete MetricsPossession InfoPossession Ratios
YearLeagueTeamGPMinPEREFFEFF/40WS/40Pos/gTm Pos/g% Tm PosPts/PosFGA/PosFTA/PosAst/PosTO/Pos
2012/13NCAAAlabama State2917.312.55.312.45.45.667.38.30.910.950.220.100.19
2013/14NCAAAlabama State2523.517.79.916.98.58.468.512.31.090.900.270.100.10
2014/15NCAAAlabama State2623.013.58.314.46.38.469.412.10.940.890.210.140.17

Player Percentage of Team's Offensive Stats
Player InfoTotal PointsField Goals3 Point ShootingFree Throw Shooting
YearLeagueTeamGPMinPtsTm% TmFgTm% TmFgaTm% Tm3PtTm% Tm3PtaTm% TmFtTm% TmFtaTm% Tm
2012/13NCAAAlabama State2917.
2013/14NCAAAlabama State2523.
2014/15NCAAAlabama State2623.07.970.711.22.725.84.67.559.412.61.25.720.

Player Percentage of Team's Defensive Stats
Player InfoOffensive ReboundingDefensive ReboundingTotal ReboundingBlocked ShotsSteals
YearLeagueTeamGPMinOffTm% TmDefTm% TmTotTm% TmBlkTm% TmSTLTm% Tm
2012/13NCAAAlabama State2917.31.412.411.42.423.210.43.835.510.
2013/14NCAAAlabama State2523.
2014/15NCAAAlabama State2623.01.313.310.13.725.914.15.039.312.

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