Brian Oliver
Team: A's
PhysicalsPositions Misc
H: 6' 4"
W: 210 lbs
Bday: 06/01/1968
(48 Years Old)
Current: G
NBA:   G
Possible: G
High School: Wills
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Drafted:  Pick 32 in 1990 by 76ers

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Recent Tweets
DraftExpress: Iman Shumpert still doesn't realize that he can't shoot. Keeps jacking up terrible shots when he should be getting the ball to Brian Oliver.
2010-11-27 08:08:45
DraftExpress: My three "first round prospects" from earlier had a combined two pts in 1st half. Brian Oliver has 26. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong guys?
2010-11-27 07:59:16
DraftExpress: Paul Hewitt has reportedly been telling NBA scouts how much he likes Brian Oliver. He's backing him up so far. Iman Shumpert, not so much...
2010-11-27 07:14:59