Jonte Flowers

Height: 6'5" (196 cm)
Weight: 186 lbs (84 kg)
Position: SG/SF
High School: Madison LaFollette High School (Wisconsin)
Hometown: Cottage Grove, WI
College: Winona St
Current Team: Sopot
Win - Loss: 12 - 10


Portsmouth Invitational Tournament: Day Four

Jonathan Givony
Jonathan Givony
Joseph Treutlein
Joseph Treutlein
Joey Whelan
Joey Whelan
Apr 14, 2008, 02:50 am
Jonte Flowers, a D2 Player from Winona State, is someone who has steadily performed well here in Portsmouth, showing some intrigue with decent athleticism, a nice, albeit streaky jump shot, and a propensity for impact plays on the defensive end. On defense, though, he cheats on his man more than anyone we’ve seen here, often going halfway across the court to try and pick off the ball from another opposing player. He shows similar tendencies in man-to-man defense, often sacrificing his position to take a swipe at the ball as his man drives by. To his credit, he shows excellent hands and timing, and makes some plays because of it, which also helps him on the boards, which he crashes very hard. On offense, his shot has some slight inconsistencies with his extension and follow through, and his arm can occasionally drift right, but he is capable of knocking down perimeter shots, with a smooth looking stroke. His dribble-drive game is decent, at least in this setting, though his handles aren’t particularly advanced. Flowers is an interesting guy, but because he doesn’t especially stand out in any one area at this stage, he’s probably not an NBA guy initially, though anything can happen a few years down the road.

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