DraftExpress NBA Draft Prospect Profile: Mike Brown, Stats, Comparisons, and Outlook
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Mike Brown
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DraftExpress2: Byron Scott loved Dion Waiters Mike Brown loved Anthony Bennett. Interesting dynamic in Cleveland front office.
2013-06-27 19:45:25
DraftExpress: You're right. I'm shocked. RT @kojotppp You said that firing a coach after one week only happens in Europe. Mike Brown disagrees D
2012-11-09 14:30:40
DraftExpress: RT @DuranSports New look on Lakers bench. Coaching consultant Ettore Messina next to Mike Brown. Usually behind bench
2012-04-18 08:39:14
DraftExpress: Pastner might have to next year. RT @SebastianPruiti: I fully expect to see Mike Brown sprinting into the arena just to bench Shaq Goodwin
2012-03-28 10:12:45
RT @rodgerbohn: Mike Brown in the building watching his son Elijah, who has a chance to be a really nice pg in the class of 2013.
2010-03-10 23:18:06
Team: Western Carolina, Junior
PhysicalsPositions Misc
H: 6' 3"
W: 175 lbs
Bday: 00/00/0000
Current: G
High School: West Charlotte
Hometown: Charlotte, NC

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Statistical Top 25s

Basic Statistics
2012/13NCAAWestern Carolina3116.
2013/14NCAAWestern Carolina3116.
2014/15NCAAWestern Carolina1734.614.24.910.845.93.56.653.

Basic Statistics Per 40
2012/13NCAAWestern Carolina3116.
2013/14NCAAWestern Carolina3116.511.33.89.640.22.86.444.
2014/15NCAAWestern Carolina1734.616.45.712.445.94.17.653.61.64.833.

Basic Statistics Per 40 Pace Adjusted
2012/13NCAAWestern Carolina3116.
2013/14NCAAWestern Carolina3116.510.
2014/15NCAAWestern Carolina1734.613.14.610.

Efficiency Statistics
Player InfoShooting RatiosPassing RatiosDefensive Ratios
2012/13NCAAWestern Carolina3116.
2013/14NCAAWestern Carolina3116.
2014/15NCAAWestern Carolina1734.614.210.80.960.550.520.400.391.60.150.82-2.580.70.93.1

Usage Statistics
Player InfoComplete MetricsPossession InfoPossession Ratios
YearLeagueTeamGPMinPEREFFEFF/40WS/40Pos/gTm Pos/g% Tm PosPts/PosFGA/PosFTA/PosAst/PosTO/Pos
2012/13NCAAWestern Carolina3116.713.15.513.16.13.466.
2013/14NCAAWestern Carolina3116.515.
2014/15NCAAWestern Carolina1734.618.313.515.65.912.586.

Player Percentage of Team's Offensive Stats
Player InfoTotal PointsField Goals3 Point ShootingFree Throw Shooting
YearLeagueTeamGPMinPtsTm% TmFgTm% TmFgaTm% Tm3PtTm% Tm3PtaTm% TmFtTm% TmFtaTm% Tm
2012/13NCAAWestern Carolina3116.73.468.
2013/14NCAAWestern Carolina3116.54.673.06.41.625.22.73.959.
2014/15NCAAWestern Carolina1734.614.285.916.54.930.27.310.867.715.91.48.616.

Player Percentage of Team's Defensive Stats
Player InfoOffensive ReboundingDefensive ReboundingTotal ReboundingBlocked ShotsSteals
YearLeagueTeamGPMinOffTm% TmDefTm% TmTotTm% TmBlkTm% TmSTLTm% Tm
2012/13NCAAWestern Carolina3116.71.312.610.01.721.57.82.934.
2013/14NCAAWestern Carolina3116.51.713.213.01.521.
2014/15NCAAWestern Carolina1734.61.913.513.93.526.213.25.439.713.50.75.911.

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