Milan Majstorovic

Milan Majstorovic profile
Height: 6'10" (208 cm)
Weight: 240 lbs (109 kg)
Age: 36
Position: PF
Jerseys: #0, #32, #10, #7, #17, #13
Hometown: Novi Sad, Serbia
Current Team: Szombathely
Win - Loss: 2 - 4


Milan Majstorovic NBA Draft Scouting Report

Jun 26, 2005, 03:51 am
Milan Majstorovic is mobile European power forward, who enjoys good length and solid athletic ability.

At 6-10. Majstorovic has good size for the PF position, with a nice wingspan to compliment that. One of Majstorovic’s best assets is his footspeed, he is really good running up and down the court for a big man, while also showing good footwork in the post, especially on the defensive side of the floor.

While his body strength should improve in order to become an NBA caliber player, Milan is built better than most international prospects. He seems to have a good frame and should be able to put on good amount of weight.

Offensively, Majstorovic prefers to play with his face to the basket. He knows how to put the ball on the floor and take his man of the dribble. He has a very solid jumpshot with range out to the international three point line.

Still, most of Milan’s points came from putbacks, where he shows good anticipation skills and a nose for rebounds. Majstorovic uses his good footwork and length to play very solid if not good defense.

Majstorovic seems to be good teammate and hard-worker, who is eager to improve.

When you look at Milan, you will not see anything that stands out to you as being particularly special in his game. He most certainly doesn’t blow you away with the talent level he shows.

While his overall athleticism seems to be decent in the Adriatic League, he doesn’t enjoy a great vertical leap and sometimes has trouble finishing in traffic. Majstorovic also isn’t a very strong player, so he suffers against more powerful opponents.

Milan’s jumper is quite accurate, but his shooting mechanics are awkward and you sometimes wonder how well his shooting ability will translate against tougher defenders and competition. His release point is low, and he is unable to shot when he is being guarded closely.

He is able to take his man off the dribble only when his defender is off balance. His first step is not fast, and his ball-handling is rather limited.

One of biggest knocks on Majstorovic is his non-existent back to the basket game. Majstorovic struggles to perform anything but basic moves around the basket. He probably considers himself a small forward for the NBA, but is lacking in many critical areas to make the transition to that position and doesn’t show enough potential at the power forward spot either.

Milan is far from being a dominant force on the defensive glass. He is a poor defensive rebounder and his man-to-man defense could stand to improve. He simply gets out-muscled in the post. His mobility and foot-speed help him here to some degree, but it is questionable if he could guard some of the stronger NBA power forwards.

Majstorovic also has a bad habit of picking up unnecessary fouls, mostly because he uses his hands too much. His court vision and passing ability are below average, generally lacking a great feel for the game.

Milan was never more than a role player on second or third tier teams on the European level, so he doesn’t ask for the ball too much and appears to be satisfied being the 4th or 5th offensive option on his team.

He started playing basketball in Spartak Subotica. This past season Majstorovic competed with Reflex in the Adriatic league and averaged 9.9 points, 3.9 rebound and 0.7 assists per game.

His best game of the season came against Buducnost, where he posted 27 points and 10 rebounds in 35 minutes.

Majstorovic was a member of the Serbia & Montenegro U-20 team, and won the gold medal at the 2003 World University Games.

His last trophy came in 2004, when he won Adriatic league with his current club - KK Reflex.

Milan Majstorovic is a 1983 prospect, so he is automatically eligible for this year’s draft. He has a chance of being drafted in the 2nd round if some team in the latter portion of the draft is looking for a player to stash overseas for a few years. However, most likely we won’t see him on an NBA roster next season due to some major weaknesses that Milan has to address right now.

Majstorovic was never considered a big time European prospect and it’s hard to imagine that he will be anything more than a decent NBA backup at the peak of his career. More likely he will be a fine Euroleague player.

The Adriatic League's Final Eight

Kristian Hohnjec
Kristian Hohnjec
May 03, 2005, 03:29 pm
Majstorovic probably hurt his chances of being drafted in 2nd round with the way he played here in front of so many NBA teams. He does everything solid, but it's still unclear whether he has what it takes to do that at the next level and play in the NBA. He showed very good mobility, but that was perhaps the only good thing he displayed at this tournament. He knows how to get offensive rebounds, but on the defensive glass he is really lacking. He is a solid defender, but he suffers against stronger players. Offensively, his game is built around jumpers and put-backs after offensive rebounds. His jump-shot is accurate, but he takes too long to get it off and he can only shoot it from a stationary position. He is a 1983 prospect and is automatically eligible for draft, but the fact that he probably won't be able to make it for workouts leaves the impression that he will have to end the season in a huge way to get drafted.

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