DraftExpress NBA Draft Prospect Profile: Nenad Miljenovic, Stats, Comparisons, and Outlook
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Nenad Miljenovic
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DraftExpress: Very different look for FMP w/out the leadership of PG Nenad Miljenovic, who left for Partizan two weeks ago. Good chance to evaluate others
2011-05-05 08:09:06
DraftExpress: RT @TheHoopsMarket: Partizan and Serbian prospect Nenad Miljenovic reach an agreement http://bit.ly/hM0aal
2011-04-23 07:16:32
DraftExpress: Serbian paper "Novosti" writes that USC & Hawaii are strongly in mix for Nenad Miljenovic. Nikola Vucevic connection? http://bit.ly/gNC258
2011-04-19 10:52:17
DraftExpress: FMP played Nenad Miljenovic 16 minutes in this season's Serbian 1st divison. Not enough to help him, but just enough to screw him. Nice.
2011-04-19 10:27:06
DraftExpress: College coaches: Nenad Miljenovic is a McDonald's All-American caliber point guard. The problem is he needs to get NCAA eligible...and quick
2011-04-19 10:22:11
Team: Mega Vizura, International
PhysicalsPositionsRankings SalaryMisc
H: 6' 4"
W: 200 lbs
Bday: 04/08/1993
(22 Years Old)
Current: PG
Possible: PG
Rank 81 in Top 100 Prospects
Rank 6 in International '93
Agent: Misko Raznatovic
High School:
Hometown: Belgrade, Serbia

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Statistical Top 25s

Basic Statistics
2012/13AdriaticRadnicki KG127.
2013/14AdriaticMega Vizura2526.
2014/15AdriaticMega Vizura2431.713.34.49.646.13.97.551.

Basic Statistics Per 40
2012/13AdriaticRadnicki KG127.
2013/14AdriaticMega Vizura2526.814.54.28.847.63.36.353.30.82.533.
2014/15AdriaticMega Vizura2431.716.85.612.

Basic Statistics Per 40 Pace Adjusted
2011/12AdriaticPartizan12.097.432.565. 32.565.
2012/13AdriaticRadnicki KG127.
2013/14AdriaticMega Vizura2526.813.
2014/15AdriaticMega Vizura2431.715.

Efficiency Statistics
Player InfoShooting RatiosPassing RatiosDefensive Ratios
2012/13AdriaticRadnicki KG127.
2013/14AdriaticMega Vizura2526.
2014/15AdriaticMega Vizura2431.713.39.60.870.560.490.530.218.40.872.516.930.11.51.9

Usage Statistics
Player InfoComplete MetricsPossession InfoPossession Ratios
YearLeagueTeamGPMinPEREFFEFF/40WS/40Pos/gTm Pos/g% Tm PosPts/PosFGA/PosFTA/PosAst/PosTO/Pos
2012/13AdriaticRadnicki KG127.710.12.412.
2013/14AdriaticMega Vizura2526.819.413.419.99.19.377.712.01.040.630.510.560.23
2014/15AdriaticMega Vizura2431.721.

Player Percentage of Team's Offensive Stats
Player InfoTotal PointsField Goals3 Point ShootingFree Throw Shooting
YearLeagueTeamGPMinPtsTm% TmFgTm% TmFgaTm% Tm3PtTm% Tm3PtaTm% TmFtTm% TmFtaTm% Tm
2012/13AdriaticRadnicki KG127.71.680.72.00.328.90.51.363.
2013/14AdriaticMega Vizura2526.89.781.212.02.828.94.55.962.
2014/15AdriaticMega Vizura2431.713.382.616.14.430.66.69.666.714.

Player Percentage of Team's Defensive Stats
Player InfoOffensive ReboundingDefensive ReboundingTotal ReboundingBlocked ShotsSteals
YearLeagueTeamGPMinOffTm% TmDefTm% TmTotTm% TmBlkTm% TmSTLTm% Tm
2012/13AdriaticRadnicki KG127.
2013/14AdriaticMega Vizura2526.80.810.77.92.623.811.13.534.510.
2014/15AdriaticMega Vizura2431.70.911.18.23.726.513.84.637.612.

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