Nikola Vukasovic
Team: Radnicki Basket
PhysicalsPositions Misc
H: 6' 3"
W: 160 lbs
Bday: 09/19/1991
(25 Years Old)
Current: PG
Possible: PG/SG
High School:
Hometown: Smederevo, Serbia

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2016/17AdriaticNikola Vukasovic510.
2016/17AdriaticNikola Vukasovic510.

Euroleague Final Four: Nike International Junior Tournament
May 8, 2009

Serbian Nikola Vukasovic of FMP was his team’s starting point guard until the much younger Nenad Miljenovic stole his thunder somewhat later on in the tournament, but he did show some intriguing characteristics himself. He has a good frame, long arms and appears to be a solid athlete, although his lack of strength does limited him somewhat. He’s a good ball-handler, looking very solid creating with either hand, playing pick and roll and finding the open man on the drive and dish, and is an especially solid post entry passer. He looks fairly limited as a scorer, though, being mostly relegated to shooting the ball with his feet set, and possessing fairly ugly mechanics on his jumper. He doesn’t seem to be all that interested in scoring from what we could tell, being very deferential at times and probably lacking some confidence. Still, he’s an interesting player that could develop into an interesting prospect in time.

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L'Hospitalet 2009: Mirotic Makes History
January 8, 2009

Perhaps the player with the most potential in Zeleznik is point guard Nikola Vukasovic, but it seems like he's not that interested in taking advantage of his skills. Standing somewhere between 6-3 and 6-4, blessed with an excellent wingspan and nice quickness, he shows impressive refinement in his technical gestures.

The way he dribbles or releases his jumper automatically leads you to think about a very talented guy. However he's extremely passive on the court, rarely attacks his opponent, doesn't shoot the ball much, and just defers to his teammates. Actually, it's probably on the defensive end where he steps up the most, showcasing his excellent tools to contain his opponents. He needs to unleash his game and abilities badly.

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L’Hospitalet 2008: Balkan Dominance
January 13, 2008

Sharing the backcourt in the starting five, Nikola Vukasovic looks even more intriguing standing 6-3. He’s a fairly quick and rather skinny playmaker with very long arms and a promising frame. Showing excellent ball-handling skills, he can split defenses and distribute the ball, while he usually stays under control and commits very few turnovers. With range out to the three-point line and off-the-dribble shooting ability, he’s an able scorer that probably delegated at times here to his more experienced teammates. An excellent defender thanks to his length and lateral quickness, we’re talking about a very intriguing player here.

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