Team: Southern,
PhysicalsPositions Misc
H: 5' 9"
W: 0 lbs
Bday: 00/00/0000
Current: SF
High School:
Hometown: , Brazil

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Recent Tweets
DraftExpress: Full 2016 NBA Draft results including trades. Handy spot to do all your post-draft research https// https//
2016-06-24 10:48:44
DraftExpress: Looks like Isaia Cordinier will end up signing a one year deal in France possibly with his hometown team Antibes. Will join Atlanta in 2017
2016-06-24 10:30:20
DraftExpress: @SlipperyVitch I had him at 31. He went 33. That's a stretch.
2016-06-24 10:24:48
DraftExpress: Even told other teams not to pick him because he was guaranteed to be brought to NBA right away. Had to scramble last minute to get picked
2016-06-24 10:23:27
DraftExpress: Isaia Cordinier had a promise to be picked by a team drafting in the late 30s\/early 40s but team reneged at the last minute. Ugly story.
2016-06-24 10:21:52