Vedran Vukusic

Height: 6'8" (203 cm)
Weight: 245 lbs (111 kg)
Position: SF/PF
Hometown: Split, Croatia
College: Northwestern
Current Team: Northwestern
Win - Loss: 8 - 23


Vedran Vukusic NBA Draft Scouting Report

May 24, 2006, 03:29 pm
Vukusic is a highly skilled offensive player whose main virtues lie in his perimeter scoring ability. He has an odd-looking release on his jump-shot, but it’s effective enough to allow him to score 19 points per game in the Big 10 on decent shooting percentages despite his team’s very deliberate pace. He can put the ball on the floor and go left or right equally well, either to pull-up off the dribble for a jumper or make his way to the basket for a layup. He is very smart coming off screens and clearly understands the little nuances of the game.

Vukusic lacks quickness and explosiveness, which will likely relegate him to a one-dimensional role in the NBA as a spot-up shooter. It’s not clear if he’s quite good enough a shooter to warrant that, as he only shot 36% from behind the arc in each of the last two seasons, and possesses a fairly slow release with plenty of wasted motion due to his odd shooting mechanics. He also doesn’t get much lift on his jump-shot. Defensively, he lacks length and lateral quickness, which makes it difficult for him to stay in front of his man. Although he was named first-team all Big 10, his percentages and overall numbers dropped when going up against NCAA tournament caliber competition. Turning 24 later this year, he doesn't appear to have a huge upside to continue to improve.

Vukusic made the odd decision of not attending the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament, which could cost him an invite to the Orlando pre-draft camp and therefore a chance to show off his skills in front of the many NBA GMs who never came out to see him at Northwestern. He’s likely to return to Europe where his passport will come in quite handy and he should be able to make a very decent living.

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