2014 FIBA U18 Americas Championship: World Scouting Reports

2014 FIBA U18 Americas Championship: World Scouting Reports
Jun 26, 2014, 12:33 am
Scouting reports covering the top international prospects at the 2014 FIBA U18 Americas Championship held in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Montaque Gill-Ceaser, 6'6 Small Forward, Canada
Scout #38, Rivals #22, ESPN #41, 247Sports #37
Jonathan Givony

-Good size for a wing
-Long arms
-Excellent frame. Pretty chiseled
-Solid athlete
-Strong first step
-Can overpower defenders in a straight line and get to the rim
-Gets to the free throw line at a strong rate
-Has a nice floater he likes to utilize around the basket
-Will post up at times with decent results
-Shows potential as a shooter. 36% 3P% in the EYBL
-Will make an occasional pull-up jumper
-Makes free throws at a good rate
-Good potential defensively thanks to length and frame

-Doesn't create much for others
-Shows average court vision
-Basketball IQ is a work in progress
-Lacks some creativity in different parts of game
-Needs to work on advanced ball-handling skills
-Doesn't have great body control around the basket
-Only knows how to play at one speed with the ball
-Intensity level comes and goes. Gets lost in the flow of the game
-Not consistent defensively. Can improve with his ability to sit down on defense, stay in front
-Not a high flyer athletically. Operates more on strength advantage than sheer explosiveness

Outlook 6-6 small forward with some clearly defined strengths and weaknesses. Top-30 recruit who was rumored to reclassify to the 2014 class (where he belongs age wise). Not an efficient scorer at this stage due to streaky outside shot and propensity for settling for floaters rather than utilizing his strong frame to finish at the rim. Has great potential as a college player but needs to continue to polish his basketball IQ, passing ability, ball-handling and shooting to improve his NBA prospects.

Chris Egi, 6'8 F, Canada
Incoming Freshman (Harvard), RSCI #132
Jonathan Givony

-Good athlete
-Solid frame
-Long arms
-Effective finisher around the basket in catch and shoot situations
-Strong rebounder
-Shows nice quickness on offensive glass
-Plays very hard. Dives on floor for loose balls
-Very active, aggressive defender
-Hedges screens, rotates, denies post, contests shots, constantly talking
-Decent shot-blocker at this level of competition

-An undersized center at 6-8
-Skill-level remains a work in progress
-Rudimentary post-game. Needs to improve footwork
-No real outside shooting ability. Throws up bowling balls

Outlook Frame has improved over past year, but skill-level hasn't. Still mostly an undersized 5-man who lives off hustle plays. High motor and solid athleticism will make him a very effective college big man, but needs to either grow a few inches or develop some type of offensive game to emerge as a serious NBA prospect.

George Alves De Paula, 6'3 PG, Brazil
Jonathan Givony

-Great size for a point guard at 6-3
-Excellent frame
-Extremely long wingspan. Big hands
-Very good athlete
-Outstanding in transition
-Very nice first step. Can create off the dribble very effectively in a straight line
-Can finish around the basket thanks to strong frame and long arms
-Willing passer. Makes some very creative passes at times. Sees the floor fairly well. Likes to drive and dish
-Has outstanding potential defensively thanks to terrific physical tools

-Still at a very early stage of his development
-Has very ugly shooting mechanics
-Passes up wide open jumpers, doesn't appear to have much confidence in outside shot
-Average ball-handler in the half-court when game slows down. Dribble is fairly high
-Doesn't have much of a concept of how to play defense. Fundamentals are poor. Plays off his instincts, which works sometimes at this level thanks to his terrific tools
-Somewhat of a shy kid, doesn't seem to know how good he is. Still figuring out when to pick his spots
-Floats in and out of games. Needs to improve intensity level

Outlook Raw and unpolished Brazilian guards with tremendous physical tools and natural talent. Has a lot of tools that simply cannot be taught. Still has a long ways to go as a ball-handler, shooter and overall player, but has great upside long-term.

Jose Vildoza, 6'3, Point Guard, Argentina
Jonathan Givony

-Good size for a point guard at 6-3
-Strong frame
-Has an outstanding feel for the game
-Aggressive player who plays with a lot moxy
-Terrific ball-handler with either hand. Excellent footwork. Gets low to the ground and has impressive control of the ball
-Extremely creative
-Changes speeds well and has a solid extra burst
-Tricky finisher. Uses EuroSteps well. Loves to shoot floaters with either hands
-Decent outside shooter, especially off the dribble. Makes pull-up 3-pointers when defense goes underneath
-Anticipation skills helps him rebound very well from the guard position

-Could stand to tone his frame
-Has a tendency to force the issue at times. A little overconfident in his abilities, particularly as a shooter
-Only made 27% of his 3-pointers in Colorado Springs
-Very turnover prone
-Average defender at best. Gets in the passing lanes but does not have great lateral quickness
-Didn't generate very many assists, but that's partially due to the lack of talent around him

Outlook Big, left-handed point guard who had a strong tournament, especially in the semi-finals where he single-handedly brought his team back in the game and forced overtime. Has a strong and somewhat unexpected burst off the dribble that makes him extremely difficult to stay in front, especially with his ability to stay low to the ground, handle with both hands and change speeds. Didn't show that well against US team. Will his athleticism hold up against the highest level competition, particularly defensively?

Lucas Siewart, 6'8 Power Forward, Brazil
Scout #NR, Rivals #NR, ESPN #NR, 247Sports #NR
Mike Schmitz

-Solid size for a PF. Average frame but good body for his age.
-Very good shooting stroke. Stretch 4 potential. Pick and pop threat.
-Showed the ability to knock down back shoulder fadeaways out of the post.
-Very mobile. Can put the ball down a little bit. Solid handle. Capable getting to the rim in a straight line. Shows promise shooting off the bounce (1-2 dribble pull ups).
-Moves well laterally for his size. Capable of hedging and recovering. Can keep face up power forwards in front of him. Fairly active off the ball – high steal rate.

-A bit soft. Low rebounding rate. Gets pushed around more than he should. Pursuit is average. Below average post defender. Gets moved by 1-2 dribbles.
-Gets pushed off of the block. No back to the basket game. Mostly a jump shooter at this stage. Doesn't get to the free throw line.
-Average wingspan. Low block rate. Doesn't protect the rim.
-Mobile but lacks explosiveness. Not an above the rim guy. Struggles finishing over length. Low 2P%.
-Nice touch but shoots off of the side of his hand at times. Slight side-spin on his shot.

Outlook Skilled stretch four who can space the floor and put it on the deck occasionally. Moves well for his size. Quick enough to contain the ball in the pick and roll and defend quick power forwards consistently. Needs to improve his toughness in several areas – rebounding, establishing post position, and post defense. Isn't an elite athlete or a back to basket threat but should be able to have success at the college level due to his shooting ability. Stretch bigs don't grow on trees. Siewart isn't an NBA prospect but expect him to have success at the mid-major level.

Lucas Teodoro De Souza Colimerio, 6'9 Power Forward, Brazil
Mike Schmitz

-Very good athlete. Can finish above the rim and make plays on defense. High steal and block rate.
-Solid size for a PF at 6-9.
-Not a great ball handler but can put it on the deck a little bit.
-High energy player when he's locked in. Potential as a rebounder due to energy and athleticism.
-Can finish over length. Quick jumper. Catches lobs.

-Very thin upper and lower body. Small frame. Will he be able to fill out?
-Not all that skilled. Poor shooting mechanics – elbow flying out, doesn't get his shooting hand under the ball.
-Motor runs hot and cold.
-Below average feel for the game. Gets out of control. Not a very good passer.
-Has potential on defense but lacks the strength to bang with opposing bigs.
-Doesn't handle contact well around the rim.
-Doesn't have great hands. Isn't always ready for pocket passes in the pick and roll.

Outlook Teodoro has solid potential because of his size, mobility and explosiveness. He finishes above the rim with ease and has the agility to be a face-up four once he develops better perimeter skills and a jump shot. He also has the potential to be an excellent defender given his lateral quickness and ability to make plays off the ball. Teodoro needs to work on developing an outside shot, improve his handle and overall feel for the game, and most importantly, get stronger. He has a chance to develop into an intriguing prospect because of his athleticism but he's already 18 and doesn't have a great frame. How much better can he get?

Wesley Da Silva, 6'6 Small Forward, Brazil
Mike Schmitz

-Good size and length for a wing. Frame that should fill out more.
-Very athletic. Finishes above the rim.
-Non-stop motor. Relentless on the offensive glass – 9.2 offensive rebounds per 40 in four games. Constant energy.
-Extremely competitive and emotional.
-Moves off the ball. Cuts hard after post entry passes.
-Loves to get out in transition. Fills the lanes or pushes tempo himself.
-Attacks the rim in a straight line. Isn't afraid of contact. Finishes well. Gets to the free throw line at an extremely high rate.
-Very good defender. Can get a little hunched over but pressures the ball, moves his feet. Makes plays off the ball.
-Some potential as a shooter. Good looking free throw stroke.

-Below average ball handler. Palms the ball almost every time. High, loose dribble.
-Not going to create offense off the dribble.
-Isn't a consistent threat from three. Shot is a little slow. No in-between game. Pushes the ball to the rim.
-Not a very good passer. Gets out of control. Forces the issue too much at times.
-Emotions can work against him. Technical-prone.
-Good frame but needs to get stronger.

Outlook (Also called Wesley Alves Da Silva). Da Silva isn't the most skilled player but his size, athleticism and relentless motor make him an intriguing prospect. He needs to improve his perimeter skills – namely ball handling and his perimeter jump shot – to make it at the next level but he possesses intangibles that can't be taught. It will be interesting to see if Da Silva can develop his perimeter skills and turn himself into more than just an energetic athletic.

Dillion Brooks 6'7 Small Forward, Canada
Scout #NR, Rivals #NR, ESPN #69, 247Sports #133
Mike Schmitz

-Excellent body. Extremely strong upper body. Thick. Great size for a wing.
-Non-stop aggression. Always in attack mode. Lives at the free throw line.
-Finishes very well through contact.
-Loves to handle in transition. Grabs defensive rebounds and goes coast to coast.
-Solid rebounder for his position.
-Plays hard. Willing to give up his body and take a charge.
-Potential to improve as a shooter. Low release point but compact. Very good free throw shooter.
-Can pass a little bit. Not the most willing passer but has solid court vision.
-Low-post threat.
-Makes plays off the ball. High steal rate. Good instincts and anticipation.

-Very strong but isn't a great athlete. Doesn't change direction or speeds. Could slim down a bit to help his quickness.
-Short arms.
-Doesn't move all that well laterally. A bit of a tweener on defense.
-Somewhat limited range as a shooter. Not all that comfortable from three. Not the most traditional mechanics. Low release point.
-Average ball handler. Lacks creativity as a creator.
-Very turnover prone. Forces the issue.
-Overly emotional. Yells at his teammates. Loses his cool.
-No left hand. Loves bringing the ball low for scoop shots.

Outlook Brooks is a very intriguing prospect because of his size, strength and power at the wing position. His aggression going to the rim on the offensive end is going to be extremely tough for opposing teams to stop at the college level. Expect Brooks to put up big numbers at the college level in an efficient way because of his superior physical tools. In terms of playing at the next level, however, Brooks is going to need to improve his shooting range, overall perimeter skills and defense to make it. While using his size and strength to bully his way to the rim will work at the college level, it's not enough to be a contributor at the NBA level. If Brooks is able to improve his perimeter skills and defense, as well as control his emotions, he has a real chance to make it.

Corey Johnson, 6'5 Shooting Guard, Canada
Scout #NR, Rivals #NR, ESPN #NR, 247Sports #NR
Mike Schmitz

-Very good size, length and frame for a shooting guard.
-Can really shoot it. Excellent mechanics. Smooth release. Best spotting up and coming off of screens but is capable off the bounce.
-Good on ball defender. Works hard. Solid lateral quickness. Can get over screens.
-Good awareness and instincts off the ball. Understands positioning and where to be.
-Does a little bit of everything. Potential to be more than just a shooter. Solid passing instincts. Passes ahead in transition.

-Smooth athlete but lacks explosiveness.
-Struggles with anything inside the arc. Very low 2P%.
-Average ball handler. Not a liability but doesn't have much shake with the ball.
-Struggles finishing through contact and over length.
-Plays hard overall but loses focus at times.
-Needs to get stronger.

Outlook Johnson isn't the most flashy player but he has a chance to be a really solid college player because of his size and shooting ability at the shooting guard position. There aren't a ton of 6-5 two-guards who can both shoot it and defend. Johnson also has potential to become more than just a shooter given his smarts and potential as a passer. For Johnson to improve his NBA prospects he'll need to become a better ball handler and shot-creator as well as improve his body.

Jhery Matos, 6'3, Shooting Guard, Dominican Republic
Mike Schmitz

-Explosive athlete.
-Finishes above the rim with ease.
-Capable shooter.
-Potential on defense due to athleticism and solid length.
-Good anticipation in the passing lanes. Quick hands.
-Excellent in transition.
-Combo potential due to solid passing instincts.

-Undersized for a 2-guard at 6-3.
-Very thin.
-Doesn't handle contact well at the rim.
-Has potential on defense but struggles on the ball against stronger guards.
-Slow release on his shot. Inconsistent.
-Turnover prone.
-Average feel for the game.

Outlook Matos is an intriguing prospect due to his elite athleticism at the two-guard spot. Although he's not the most polished player at this stage, Matos has some upside on both ends of the floor. He may not be an NBA prospect, but if Matos figures out how to use his athleticism the right way he could develop into a nice college player.

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