Juvonte Reddic Updated Scouting Report

Juvonte Reddic Updated Scouting Report
Mar 28, 2014, 01:49 pm
Juvonte Reddic, 6-9, Senior, PF, VCU

Josh Riddell

After a very productive junior year, Juvonte Reddic saw his offensive productivity and efficiency diminish quite a bit in his senior season at VCU, which ended with a round of 64 loss to Stephen F. Austin. His scoring rate dropped from 20 points per-40 pace adjusted to 15.8, while his 2-point percentage tumbled as well, from 58% to 51.4%.

Reddic's professional potential still falls mainly upon his strong physical tools, as he is measured at 6'9” and 248 pounds with a solid frame and good athleticism for a player of his size. Additionally, he will not turn 22 until May, which makes him the fourth youngest senior in our top-100 prospect rankings.

Offensively, Reddic will be able to provide the most value to a NBA team on the offensive glass, as he averaged 4.9 offensive rebounds per 40 minutes pace adjusted which ranked fourth among all players in our Top-100 prospect rankings, and was excellent at finishing these second chance opportunities. He excels at using his body to gain position on the glass and leaping above his opponent to grab the offensive rebound. His putbacks are often wide open chances due to the initial position he earned, which is why he has so much success finishing these attempts.

There isn't much else Reddic excels at on the offensive end which will be easily translatable to the NBA. His post game needs a ton of work, as his footwork is not advanced and he doesn't have a reliable move to use to get a good look at the rim against collegiate defenders, so he will certainly struggle against NBA big men. He has some potential out of the pick and roll, but he needs to improve his jump shot to become more dangerous in these situations, which would allow him to be dangerous rolling to the rim or finding space for a mid range jumper. Synergy Sports categorized only 42 of his field goal attempts as jump shots, with Reddic converting on only 35.7% of such shots. He is not hesitant to shoot when left open, but has a slight hitch in his release which prevents him from being a more accurate shooter. His free throw percentage dropped from 71% as a junior to 55% as a senior, which raises some question marks about his potential as a shooter.

One of the reasons that Reddic's field goal percentage dropped in his senior season was his struggle to finish around the rim, shooting 54.7% around on attempts around the rim, according to Synergy Sports. On non-offensive rebound attempts, Reddic struggled to finish at the rim in traffic, which is troubling given the nature of his competition. He doesn't always appear to attack the rim with the type of aggressiveness you'd hope considering his physical tools.

Defensively, Reddic has the athletic tools necessary to become a capable defender but is still inconsistent in this area. His quickness and athleticism will help, as his 1.8 steals per 40 minutes ranked third among power forwards in our top-100 rankings.

However, he loses focus and plays too upright at times, especially when guarding the post, which allows the offensive player to get past him and to the rim. Reddic is only an average defensive rebounder, especially when compared to other power forwards in our Top-100 prospects, averaging 6.6 defensive rebounds per 40 minutes pace adjusted, which will trouble NBA scouts.

He doesn't always seem to bring the type of grit and hustle you'd hope for from a player who is relatively limited offensively, again losing his focus and not showing the type of aggressiveness you'd hope. Still, with his frame and mobility, Reddic absolutely has the tools to do many things on this end of the floor, particularly in terms of guarding the pick and roll, so there's plenty to work with here.

Looking ahead to this summer, Reddic will first need to put forth a strong showing at the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament to generate any draft buzz. He will need to show some translatable skills as a defender/rebounder and finisher to match his strong physical tools to warrant being selected in the second round.

The major step backwards Reddic took in his senior year is something NBA teams will want to research more, as it's unlikely to be due strictly to basketball reasons, and almost certainly a mental issue as well, possibly stemming from his background. It's possible that a age, maturity and a change of scenery may help improve his chances of playing up to his potential and being more consistent, so teams will likely want to follow his progress in the D-League or Europe should he not make a team on the first go-around.

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