New Pearls in the Adriatic Sea Part Two

New Pearls in the Adriatic Sea Part Two
Dec 14, 2006, 05:33 pm
With half of the Adriatic league regular season behind us, we take a look at 4 relatively new guys on the NBA radar. These 4 prospects have built up their reputation among scouts because of thier steady play this season.

New Pearls in the Adriatic Sea, Part One

STANKO BARAC 7-1 Center Siroki 1986
26.8 mpg 10.9ppg 6.2rpg 1.4 apg 1.5bpg


Stanko Barac was first noticed at the Reebok Eurocamp in Treviso a couple of years ago, stringing together a very nice performance that was especially impressive in terms of his long range shooting. As a 6-foot-10 Center with slow feet, Barac was labeled at the time as strictly a Euroleague prospect, with the NBA probably being out of his reach.

He is still not and will never be first class talent, because his athleticism is really below average by NBA standards, but Barac's stock is definitely on the rise, and he could see his name called in the 2nd round of this or next year's draft.

Stanko is very big, a legit 7-foot-1 with a good wingspan and frame. He definitely plays stronger than he looks, showing the necessary toughness and grit under the rim. Barac is a dependable defender, using his big body to put opponents into uncomfortable situations. Despite not being able to get much lift off the ground, he blocks a good amount of shots thanks to his anticipation, positioning, and willingness to alter shots.

Offensively, Barac is a smart and skilled player, possessing a reliable jump-shot with range out to the international three-point line, as well as some effective, although unpolished post moves. He is a good passer out of double teams and shows an above average basketball IQ.

Although he doesn't ooze with potential like some others, Stanko is a hard working 7-footer who will most certainly find his niche on the basketball map. It's yet to be seen if he will be able to carve out a niche in the NBA, but we are most certainly talking about a desirable Center for Euroleague teams.

25.5 mpg 10.4ppg 4.2rpg 1.3spg


This soon to be 22 year-old power forward has emerged in the last 12 months as a big man with one of the most polished face up games in the Balkans. He was very close to qualifying for Serbia's World Championship team this summer, and is putting up solid numbers for FMP in both the Adriatic league and ULEB Cup. Given that this is his first full season at this level, Erceg still has issues with consistency, and has rarely been able to string together a couple of nice performances in a row.

Erceg has very nice size and is a solid athlete with nice mobility. He possesses a reasonably quick first step, although he lacks some explosiveness, especially vertically. His best strengths lie in his ball-handling and shooting ability. Zoran has a beautiful jump-shot with smooth mechanics and great touch. He is very consistent from 18-20 feet, but his percentages drop a little when stepping behind the arc – where he is around 30% for the season. Erceg is also a good ball-handler, and doesn't have any troubles putting the ball on the floor far away from the basket and creating his own shot. His passing off the dribble has also improved considerably, and he is now regarded as an above average distributor, although he prefers to finish plays by himself.

Zoran is a typical perimeter oriented big man who spends most of the time outside of the painted area, even if he is more willing to mix it up inside then he was before. Erceg is a below average rebounder and shot-blocker for his position, and he doesn't excel guarding the perimeter either.

Being automatically eligible for June's draft, Erceg has a shot to get drafted in the 2nd round thanks to his ability to put the ball in the basket. While it is pretty clear that he will never be a force down low, Erceg could fit in the role of a sweet-shooting big man off the bench to stretch opposing defenses, and lure their big men outside of the paint.

17.3mpg 4.9ppg 1.9rpg 0.8apg

There is a lot of buzz around this very young Bosnian, who is getting consistent minutes for a solid team at the tender age of 16. This is uncommon even for the Adriatic League, where young players eventually get their chance to shine, but not this early. Nihad has put up some intriguing performances, scoring three times in double figures.

He has reportedly signed a contract already with Spanish powerhouse FC Barcelona, where he will get a chance for much more comfortable development. Djedovic will spend rest of the season with Bosna. Other teams such as Akasvayu Girona and Tau Ceramica were also interested in his services.

Djedovic is 6-foot-6 already, meaning that he already has enough size for the shooting guard position. He is a smooth athlete, not particularly explosive, but more then quick enough to get by defenders. He is quite strong for his age and shows impressive conditioning and durability.

In terms of skills, Djedovic relies mostly on his jump-shot at this phase of his career. He has good form and a smooth release, but lacks some consistency, as proven by his 34% average from the field. He is a good ball-handler and likes to put the ball on the floor, but has a lot of trouble finishing at the rim against opposition. Nihad shows great poise and ability for his age, especially on the defensive end, where he contributes more than on offense. He is a very good on ball defender, having nice lateral quickness, and looking very focused and motivated.

It is tough to evaluate a 16-year old in terms of his NBA draft potential, especially since we are talking about a European guard who doesn't have standout size or athleticism. Only time will tell how good Djedovic will become.

13.5mpg 7.2ppg 3.8rpg 0.5apg


After a slow start to the season, Andric has been very impressive for Cibona lately in both the Adriatic and Euroleague. He averages 6.6 points and 3.1 rebounds in Adriatic, while in the Euroleague he puts up 7.6 points and 4.0 rebounds per contest.

His increase in production has come in direct relation to his ability to stay out of foul trouble. He has been more careful lately in avoiding ticky-tack fouls, as well as staying stagnant while setting screens. This has enabled him to stay on the floor for longer periods of time and allows him to contribute more.
Andric is a very solid defensive player with the footwork and balance to stay in front of his man. He will occasionally make a stupid mistake by missing out on a rotation, but will show impressive ability on some plays. He is a good rebounder who positions himself well, and exhibits good hands. Andric doesn't have the greatest vertical leap necessary to finish emphatically at the rim or swat away shots, but he is solid athletically with good foot-speed, nice size, and a promising frame.

Offensively, he moves well without the ball, getting good position to receive a post entry pass, or freeing himself up for an easy lay-up. Lately he has been on fire with his jump-shot; nailing them from 18 feet out with impressive consistency. Andric has previously displayed that he has good shooting mechanics and range out to the international three-point line, so this is not really a surprise.

If he continues his play from his last 5 games and gains stability, he will have a good shot at being 2nd round pick in June's draft. Although Andric is automatically eligible for the 2007 NBA draft, he still has plenty of potential left, since he hasn't really seen all that much playing time in senior basketball at the international level.

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0.5 Assists
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